The Western States Wrestling Alliance is the official developmental league for the ICW. WSWA stars consist of independent talent along with ICW contracted stars working in the federation for numerous reasons. WSWA's stars are featured on ICW's Clash show on a monthly basis. The federation heads are Steve "Sting" Borden and Leon "Vader" White. The federation has 3 titles and you can read more information about that in the champions and title history section.

Current Champions:
National Champion: Rhino
Intermountain Champion: Jason Jett
National Tag Team Champions: Harlem Doom

Current WSWA Talent
*= ICW Contracted Wrestler

Name: Finisher: Alignment: Manager:
Alex Wright Last Reich Heel None
C.W. Anderson Spinebuster Face None
Donovan Morgan Superkick Heel None
*Ernest Miller Feliner Face None
Flash Flanagan Flash Buster Heel None
*Hugh Morrus No Laughing Matter Heel None
*Inferno  Firestarter Face Nikita
Jamie Noble German Suplex Face None
Jason Jett Crash Landing Heel None
*John Cena Prototype Face None
*Kwee Wee K.W. Bomb Face None
*Mike Sanders 3.0  Heel Miss Delicious
Reno Roll Of The Dice Heel None
*Rhino Rhino Gore Face None
Shane Helms Vertebreaker Face None
*Simon Diamond Simonizer Heel Dawn Marie

Tag Teams:
Team Name: Member 1: Finisher: Member 2: Finisher: Alignment: Manager:
Air Strike A.J. Styles Styles Press Air Paris Tiger Driver Face None
*Harlem Doom Ahmed Johnson Pearl River Plunge Faarooq Dominator Heel None
Ladies Night Out Shane Eden Edensteiner Shannon Moore Mooresteiner Heel None
Rising Suns Sho Funaki Fisherman Buster Yang Gory Special Face None
Team T.E. Josh Mathews 450 Splash Maven Fatal Strike Face None
Young Lions Christian York Nomadsault Joey Matthews Futurecarrana Heel Hellena Heavenly