Universal Championship:
Wrestler: Match: Opponent(s): Event: Date:
Rob Van Dam 8 Man Tournament Final Draven Corvin Title Clash (untelevised)  Dec 2001
Vampiro Regular Rob Van Dam Collision PPV Feb 2002
Rocky Maivia Fatal Four Way, Falls Count Anywhere, Guest Referee Rob Van Dam Draven Corvin, Vampiro, Chris Kanyon Purgatory PPV Apr 2002
Ash Eversoll Special Ringside Enforcer Sting, Guest Referee Brandon Eversoll Rocky Maivia Night Rage PPV May 2002~
Rocky Maivia (2) 8 Man Tournament Final, Triple Threat Match, Guest Referee Rowdy Roddy Piper Ash Eversoll, Draven Corvin Slam PPV June 2002
Dave Williams Special Ringside Enforcers The System, Guest Referee Taylor Eversoll Rocky Maivia Monday Mayhem Aug 2002
Booker T. TLC In A Cell Match Ash Eversoll, Rocky Maivia, Dave Williams Estpolis PPV Dec 2002
Edge Ladder Match Booker T Silver PPV Apr 2003
Shawn Michaels Regular Edge Rising Fire PPV Aug 2003
Ash Eversoll (2) Ladder Match Shawn Michaels Estpolis PPV Dec 2003
Wone Triple Threat Match Ash Eversoll, Shawn Michaels New Year's Revolution Jan 2004
~= Ash Eversoll was stripped of the title after a controversial decision as Draven Corvin attacked Sting and Brandon Eversoll from underneath the ring. All talent had been banned from ringside and Corvin had potentially broke the rules. Taylor Eversoll, ICW Vice President and Lita, ICW Comissioner, announced that a 8 man tournament would be held to determine a new champion.
Global Championship:
Wrestler: Match: Opponent(s): Event: Date:
Ash Eversoll Four Corner  Ric Flair, Mike Awesome, Raven Title Clash (untelevised) Dec 2001
Diamond Dallas Page Regular Ash Eversoll Purgatory PPV Apr 2002
Lance Storm Regular Diamond Dallas Page Monday Mayhem May 2002
Diamond Dallas Page (2) Regular Lance Storm Monday Mayhem July 2002
Simon Diamond Regular Diamond Dallas Page Clash  Sept 2002
Hunter Hearst Helmsley Title Change Hands on DQ or Countout Simon Diamond Estpolis PPV Dec 2002
Chris Kanyon Lita Locked In A Cage Hunter Hearst Helmsley Silver PPV Apr 2003
Rokuru Regular Chris Kanyon Mayhem July 2003
Rocky Maivia Regular Rokuru Rising Fire PPV Aug 2003
Vampiro Regular Rocky Maivia Monday Mayhem Sept 2003
Moy Lazzario Regular Vampiro New Year's Revolution Jan 2003

American Championship:
Wrestler: Match: Opponent(s): Event: Date:
Lance Storm Battle Royal Perry Saturn, Chris Candido, Edge, Kurt Angle, Shane Douglas Title Clash (untelevised) Dec 2001
Chris Candido Regular Lance Storm Terror Jan 2002
Lance Storm (2) Regular Chris Candido Collision PPV Feb 2002
Jeff Hardy Regular Lance Storm Terror Apr 2002
Simon Diamond Triple Threat Lance Storm, Jeff Hardy Purgatory PPV Apr 2002
Kurt Angle Cage Simon Diamond Slam PPV June 2002
Mike Sanders Regular Kurt Angle Clash Sept 2002
Ken Shamrock Regular Mike Sanders Mayhem Dec 2002
Matt Hardy Four Corner, 2 Titles On The Line, Winner Picks The Belt Ken Shamrock, Test, Kurt Angle Purgatory PPV Feb 2003~
Test Regular Matt Hardy Mayhem Mar 2003
John Cena Regular Test Power Mar 2003
Amy Lin-Eversoll Regular John Cena Power June 2003
Chuck Palumbo Regular Amy Lin-Eversoll Rising Fire PPV Aug 2003
Billy Kidman Regular Chuck Palumbo Power Sept 2003
Chuck Palumbo (2) Triple Threat Billy Kidman, Mike Awesome Mayhem Oct 2003
Mike Awesome Regular Chuck Palumbo Night Rage PPV Oct 2003
John Cena (2) Regular Mike Awesome New Year's Revolution Jan 2004
~= This was a four corners match in which the participates wrestled for both the ICW American Title and ICW Raw Title. The winner of the match chose his belt and the second place took the other. Matt Hardy won the match and took the American title. Ken Shamrock retained the Raw Title by virtue of his being last eliminated.
Cruiser Championship:
Wrestler: Match: Opponent(s): Event: Date:
Jeff Hardy 15 Man Battle Royal Several Terror May 2002
Matt Hardy Regular Jeff Hardy Slam PPV June 2002
Mike Sanders* Triple Threat Matt Hardy, Christopher Daniels Monday Mayhem Aug 2002
Jeff Hardy (2)** Super 7 Match Many Night Rage PPV Oct 2003
*= Title was vacanted after Mike Sanders defeated every competitor in the division. The belt was officially retired by Sanders at the Rising Fire PPV (2002).
**= Title was revived and renamed Cruiser Championship at Night Rage PPV.
Universal Tag Team Championships:
Team: Match: Opponents: Event: Date:
The Hardys (Jeff /Matt Hardy) Four Corner Young Lions, The Misfits, Latino Heat Title Clash (untelevised) Dec 2001
The Brood (Christopher Daniels/Christian) Regular The Hardys Collision PPV Feb 2002
Strange Brew (Kwee Wee/Al Snow) Regular The Brood Monday Mayhem Mar 2002
Team Extreme (Chris Candido/Perry Saturn) Regular Strange Brew Purgatory PPV Apr 2002
Aerial Assault (Billy Kidman/Shane Helms) Regular Team Extreme Slam PPV June 2002
The Blondes (Chris Candido (2)/Shane Douglas) Four Corner Aerial Assault, Ladies Night Out, The Dudleys Rising Fire PPV Aug 2002
The Dudleys (D-Von/Bubba Ray Dudley) Elimination Table Match The Blondes Night Rage PPV Oct 2002
The Extremists (Mike Awesome/Rhino) Regular The Dudleys Monday Mayhem Nov 2002
Mixed Maniacs (Kwee Wee (2)/Jeff Hardy) Triple Threat Table The Extremists, The Dudleys Estpolis PPV Dec 2002
Harlem Doom (Faarooq/Ahmed Johnson)* Steel Cage Mixed Maniacs Purgatory PPV Feb 2003
Oriental Explosion (Goku/Jinsei Shinzaki) Tournament Final The Tigers Silver PPV Apr 2003
Dark Storm (Bishop/Magus)** Regular Oriental Explosion Power July 2003
Naturally Modest (Mike Sanders/Michael Modest) Tournament Final Tough Enough Night Rage PPV Oct 2003
Twin Tigers (Sengoku/Kawajiri Takahashi) Four Corner Elimination Naturally Modest, Tough Enough, Northern Exposure New Year's Revolution Jan 2004
*=Titles were vacanted after Ahmed Johnson suffered an injury.
**= Titles were vacanted after Bishop left ICW.

Defunct Titles:

Raw Championship*:
Wrestler: Match: Opponent(s): Event: Date:
Test Four Corner Chris Candido, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Jinsei Shinzkai Monday Mayhem Nov 2002
Ken Shamrock Six Pack Test, Chris Candido, Ernest Miller, D-Lo Brown, Kurt Angle Estpolis PPV Dec 2002
Matt Hardy Hardcore Fest Ken Shamrock, Vampiro, Big Vito, Test, Taz Silver PPV Apr 2003
Vampiro** Barbwire Matt Hardy Collision PPV June 2003
*= Title is contested under varying rules. Generally title is defending against 2 or more opponents. This is a memorial title to celebrate the honor and privilege the ICW had to call Derek Thorell, TNM7.com agent (R.I.P.), a friend and colleague.
**=Title was stopped being defended after Rising Fire PPV in August of 2003. Vampiro was the last champion to hold the title.