Backstage By The Entrance Way:
A limo pulled up to the arena. Chris Candido, Tammy and Vader all stepped out of the limo. Candido said tonight, DDP was going to pay for his trangressions against Candido and Tammy tonight.

In-Ring Interview with Edge and Chastity:
"You Think You Know Me! You Think You Know Me!" Edge and Chastity arrived into the ring. Edge said that he wasn't going to be held back tonight. Sure, he might just have to go through Raven, Ash Eversoll, Steve Austin and Dave Williams to even reach Booker T and the Universal title match, but if he did, and indeed he would make it that far, you could be one thing, the Universal title would come around the waist of the only wrestler that could ever truly be called the Knight of Wrestling. The title was his destiny. Chastity jumped in and said that Booker was going to bleed tonight. And bleed quite well. He would bleed for cheating Edge at Purgatory, he would bleed for her and bleed because he wasn't as good as Edge.

"Don't Hate The Player, Hate The Game!" Booker T made his way out with the Universal title strapped over his shoulder. Booker said it was true that Edge had indeed gone through a lot of guys to get the Knight of Wrestling title. And it was also true that Edge had made the Bookerman bleed. But there was one thing that was also true, no matter what Edge had done, no matter what games he had played, the Bookerman was still standing as the Universal Champion! Booker told Edge if he wanted some, he'd better be big enough, bad enough to come get some.

"Mr. Perfect Theme" ICW Commissioner Curt Hennig came down with a bag in his hand. Curt said that there could stop right there because no one was fighting until the matches went down. Hennig entered the ring and asked Edge to pull an envelope from the bag. Edge reached in and opened the enevlope. Hennig said to keep the number a secret and said that that was his entry number in the Silver tournament. Edge said that would be just fine. Edge informed Booker T to be ready because he was going to be losing the strap tonight!

Backstage Interview with Vampiro:
Vampiro was back for one reason. There was only one reason. That was to take home an amount of respect that had been stolen by ICW management. He was back and tonight in the Hardcore Fest, not only would he take home the ICW Raw title, but he would also leaving everyone laid out.

In-Ring Interview with Billy Kidman:
"Don't Fall Away by Fuel" Kidman made his out to ringside. Kidman said that everyone had seen the promos, and he was here to call out that guy. If he had the guts, he'd come out to face Kidman right now!

"Switch Off The Lights... And Close Your Eyes... Feel The Energy Inside... Chilly Bone... Chilly Bone... Chilly.... FIRE!!!!"

"Fire by Scooter" The man from the promos made his way down to the ring and stared at Kidman from the outside. Kidman went over and opened the ropes for the man to enter the ring. The man entered the ring and asked for a microphone of his own. Kidman asked exactly who the guy thought he was. The man informed Kidman he could call him... Inferno. Not to be confused with that idiot Disco Inferno from whatever piece of crap federation he was coming out of now. Unlike Disco, Inferno had a fire that was lit under him and was ready to show everyone in the ICW it. Kidman said that he'd love to see it and then DECKED Inferno! Inferno got up and walked right into a Kid Krusher from Kidman. Kidman celebrated completely unaware that Inferno had sprung back up to his feet. Kidman turned around and was drilled with a jump swinging DDT. Inferno picked Kidman up off the floor and got him up for a powerslam and then dropped him out into an Ace Crusher. Kidman came back with a big tackle and attacked Inferno with several punches and kicks. Kidman went for a clothesline and Inferno back flipped over Kidman. He hit Kidman square in the back with a dropkick sending Kidman into the ropes and then hooked Kidman up for an inverted DDT. Inferno lifted him up and dropped him down with a Michinoku Driver like move. Infero grabbed the mic and told Kidman the Fire had just started. If he wanted more, Inferno would be around.

Inferno left as "Fire by Scooter" played.

Backstage By The Entrance Way:
Dave Williams, Taylor Eversoll, Ash Eversoll and Amy Lin-Eversoll all arrived at the arena together. ICW Commissioner Curt Hennig met them at the doorway. Hennig said he was here to distribute the numbers. Ash was asked to select but Ash said Dave could go first. Dave told Taylor to grab a number because it really didn't matter. Taylor picked an envelope and handed it to Dave. Amy reached in and handed another to Ash. Ash and Dave looked at their numbers said nothing. The two continued to their separate locker rooms with their respective ladies following behind.

ICW Raw Title Hardcore Fest:
Ken Shamrock (c) vs Big Vito vs Matt Hardy vs Test w/Stacey vs Vampiro vs Taz
The match was completely brutal during the opening moments. Taz and Matt went to work on Shamrock with chairs while Test and Big Vito began to work over Vampiro. Test quickly turned on Vito dropping him with a Big Boot. Vampiro quickly drilled Vito with the Vampiro Spike and eliminated him from the match. Vampiro and Test started to work over Matt Hardy until Vampiro missed a spin kick on Hardy and hit Test. Vampiro wasted no time and hit Test with a Vampiro Spike and put Test out of the contest. Vampiro and Matt Hardy took turns attacking Ken Shamrock, as Taz was recovering from an Ankle Lock in the corner. Taz blind-sided Matt with a suplex. Taz came running in at Matt and got hit with a big kick and then the Twist of Fate. Matt hooked the leg and got the win. Shamrock managed to toss Vampiro to the floor and came after Matt. Shamrock took Matt to the top rope and went for a belly to belly superplex. Matt blocked the move and shoved Shamrock off the ropes. Matt then came off with a moonsault bodyblock putting Shamrock down to the mat. Matt made the cover and was unaware that Vampiro was helping him by holding Shamrock's leg down. Shamrock snapped and took out the referee with a belly to belly suplex and then drilled Matt upside the head with a garbage can lid. Vampiro took the chance and power bombed Matt on the trash can. Vampiro went for the cover but couldn't get the 3 count. Vampiro climbed to the top and nailed Matt with a shot from a Signapore Cane from the top. Again Vampiro went for the cover and got only a 2 count. Vampiro said it was all over and went for the Vampiro Spike. As Vampiro lifted Matt up, Matt escaped out the back. Vampiro turned around, kick, Twist of Fate! Matt hooked the leg and the referee laid down the count 1... 2... 3!!!

Hardcore Fest:
Matt Hardy won Hardcore Fest:
         x Vampiro defeated Vito after the Vampiro Spike in 0:04:01
         x Vampiro defeated Test after the Vampiro Spike in 0:07:11
         x M. Hardy defeated Taz after the Twist of Fate in 0:09:13
         x M. Hardy defeated Shamrock after a moonsault bodyblock in 0:11:09
         x M. Hardy defeated Vampiro after the Twist of Fate in 0:17:49
(Matt Hardy won the ICW Raw Title.)

Post Match:
Matt Hardy celebrated until Vampiro attacked him from behind with the cane. Vampiro then dropped Matt on a chair with a Vampiro Spike. Vampiro told Matt he had one a battle, but their was far from over. Vampiro left the ring as "Take it by ICP" played.

Backstage By The Entrance Way:
Stephanie Bellars, formerly Gorgeous George arrived at the arena. The crew was in shock at her appearance. What exactly was she doing here in the ICW? Stephanie made her way into the backstage area.

Backstage Inside Raven's Locker Room:
Raven and Beulah were discussing the upcoming Silver tournament when Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra barged in. Austin said he wasn't here to kick Raven's ass or to turn on Raven. He did that to teach Raven a little listen that he couldn't trust anybody. Austin said he was here for one thing, to make sure Raven was aware of one thing. It was absolutely imperative that neither little Mr. Goodie Ash Eversoll or that idiot Dave Williams who thought he was tough to make it to face Booker T. If by some stretch of the imagination Raven or Austin got eliminated, he was going to make that... Austin stopped talking as Commissioner Curt Hennig entered the room. Hennig gave Austin one envelope and Raven the other. Hennig said those were their order of entry and left. Austin looked at his and left with Debra. Raven had Beulah look at his and she slightly shook her head.

ICW American Title Match:
John Cena (c) vs Mike Sanders w/James Outlaw
Before the match began Sanders taunted Cena with the belt saying it was his. Sanders locked up with Cena and backed him into a corner and began wailing away with chops and punches. Sanders quickly went for a quick kick but missed and was caught in the ropes. Cena grabbed Sanders up and climbed to the 2nd rope and hit a powerslam. Cena hooked the leg but only got a 2 count. Cena came back with a big bicycle kick to Sanders but this too was not enough to keep Sanders down. Sanders gave a nod to Outlaw and Outlaw started waving to the back. Cena hit Sanders with a big release german suplex. Rhino came rushing into the ring. Cena side-stepped a Gore and Rhino drilled Sanders to the mat. Rhino left the ring and headed to the back as Outlaw was yelling. Cena hit the Prototype and hooked the leg for the win.

John Cena pinned Mike Sanders w/James Outlaw with the Prototype in 0:09:42.
(John Cena retained the ICW American Title.)

Post Match:
Cena posed on the ropes with the American Title. Cena left to the crowd's cheers as Outlaw was in shock that Sanders had lost the match.

Backstage In Edge's Locker Room:
Chris Kanyon arrived and nodded to Chastity. Edge said that Kanyon was going to go out there tonight and take home the Global gold. Kanyon said that was almost guaranteed with that little evil Lita in a steel cage at ringside. Kanyon smiled a bit and said that tonight it appeared that the same moves would bring in a changing of the guard. The Flatliner and the Downward Spiral. Kanyon said down the line he and Edge could go one on one, Flatliner vs Downward Spiral, Global Champion vs Universal Champion! Kanyon left as Edge said he really liked Kanyon's attitude. Chastity agreed and said they were both going to be celebrating tonight.

Backstage Interview with Diamond Dallas Page:
DDP said that tonight he was looking forward to beating Chris Candido tonight. The cage was going to be very unforgiving for Candido. DDP wasn't out for a victory tonight, he was out to prove a point to Candido and that was simply that he was going to feel the Bang tonight!

It was announced that the cage could be won by either pinfall, submission or by escaping the cage.

Cage Match:
Diamond Dallas Page vs Chris Candido w/Tammy
Candido started off quickly with a low blow on DDP and tossed him into the cage. Candido held up DDP and punched the side of his face saying that was because of him, because of what he had done to DDP way back when. Candido tossed DDP head first into the cage and then into the opposite cage wall. Candido called for the Blond Bombshell but DDP backdropped Candido into the cage. DDP came back with strong fists and then the spin around clothesline. DDP called for a Diamond Cutter when all of a sudden Vader rushed the cage. Vader came in and was taken down by a big flying clothesline by DDP. DDP nailed Vader with a Diamond Cutter and then got to his feet. Candido had gotten up and DDP dropped him with a huge Diamond Cutter square in the ring. DDP grabbed Candido off the ground and hooked him up into a fireman's carry and then down into a 2nd Diamond Cutter! DDP brought Candido over and yelled at Tammy and said the next one was for her. DDP shot Candido off the ropes and DDP caught him with a 3rd Diamond Cutter! DDP dragged Candido out to the cage door and tossed him through the door to the floor. The bell rang, Candido had won the match!

Cage Match:
Chris Candido w/Tammy beat Diamond Dallas Page by escaping the cage in 0:10:47.

Post Match:
DDP stepped out of the cage and stood over Candido. DDP made the sign of the Diamond Cutter as "Self High Five" played in the background.

Backstage By In The Hallway:
Stephanie Bellars ran into HHH and Lita. Lita wanted to know if Stephanie had been the one attacking her. Stephanie admitted that while she had been training for the ring, she certainly wasn't up to par with Lita and couldn't have done what the masked lady had done to her. HHH wanted to know what she was doing here. Stephanie said she had just gotten her contract and was going to start to evaluate the talent that was availible to manage. Stephanie said she wished Lita and HHH luck and then scurried off. HHH said he wouldn't trust her as far as he could throw her. Lita said she didn't think she had the ability to hit the hurricanna off the ring steps anyways. They walked off together as in the background the masked woman sat on a box not far behind them.

Silver Tournament:
Participants: Dave Williams w/Taylor Eversoll, Ash Eversoll w/Amy Lin-Eversoll, Steve Austin w/Debra, Edge w/Chastity, Raven w/Beulah
The match was officially started as the bell rang and the first two participants were ready to be announced.

"CAW CAW, CAW CAW" Raven made his way down to the ring and awaited his opponent.

"F**K The World by ICP" Dave Williams made his way down and rushed the ring.

Williams started off strong against Raven. Williams took Raven down with a gutwrench power bomb and then followed things up with a moonsault from the top rope but wasn't able to keep Raven down. Raven came back with a bulldog and several shots to the gut. Beulah tripped Williams up in the ropes and Raven hit a big back drop on Williams. Raven hit a kick and went for the Even-Flow DDT but Williams blocked the move. Williams back dropped Raven and then brought him up for a huge Insane Bomb. Williams made cover and got the 1... 2... 3!!!

Dave Williams w/Taylor Eversoll pinned Raven w/Beulah with the Insane Bomb in 0:05:07.

Williams awaited his next opponent as Raven snuck up behind him and hit an Even-Flow DDT. Raven left the back as the next opponent came out.

"You Are Completely Pathetic *Glass Shatters*" Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra made their way to ringside and Austin went the attack.

Austin attacked Williams with fists and then came off the ropes with a big elbow drop across the face. Austin with for the cover but Williams was able to kick out. Austin climbed the second rope and then dropped another big elbow but still wasn't able to keep Williams down. Austin shot Williams off the ropes but was dropped by a huge clothesline by Williams. Williams climbed up to the top rope and went for a moonsault but Debra pulled Austin out of the way. The referee was distracted as Taylor attacked Debra. Austin reached into his tights and clocked Williams upside the head with a set of brass knux. Austin then dropped Williams with the Stunner and hooked the leg. The referee return his attention to the ring and laid down the 3 count on Williams.

Steve Austin w/Debra pinned Dave Williams w/Taylor Eversoll with the Stone Cold Stunner in 0:07:50.

Austin hid the brass knux in his tights again and waited for his next opponent on the turnbuckle.

"You Think You Know Me! You Think You Know Me!" Edge rushed to the ring with Chastity just behind. Edge and Austin then hooked up as the bell rang.

Austin had control early on using Edge's hair to keep him down on the canvas during a tight headlock. Edge powered his way back up and back suplexed Austin to bring the hold. The crowd was slightly behind Edge as he went to the top and hit a big cross body block. Edge hooked the leg but could only get a 2 count on Austin. Austin hit a big low blow on Edge and then a delayed vertical suplex. Austin recovered and then dropped a knee over Edge. Austin worked Edge over in the corner with a choke and kicks to the guts. Austin hooked Edge up for a superplex and dropped him down to the canvas. Austin went for the cover and then got pissed when he didn't get the 3 count from the referee. Edge came back and hit the Edge-o-Matic on Austin but he too couldn't keep Austin down. Austin reached into his tights and hooked up the brass knux. Austin swung wildy at Edge but Edge ducked the move and hit Austin with an atomic drop sending him into the nearby turnbuckle. Austin came back into a Downward Spiral from Edge and Edge went for the cover. The referee made the count 1... 2... 3!!!

Edge w/Chastity pinned Steve Austin w/Debra with the Downward Spiral in 0:09:39.

Austin rolled out to the floor as Edge knew exactly who his opponent and so did the crowd.

"Come On Feel The Noise By Quiet Riot" Ash Eversoll flanked by Amy Lin-Eversoll made their way down to the ring. Edge taunted Ash as Ash entered the ring. The bell rang and the last match of the Silver tournament was on.

Edge started off throwing punches at Ash and then hit a vertical suplex. Edge immediately went for the cover and the crowd felt the sense of urgency that Edge had. Edge hit Ash with an Implant DDT but still couldn't keep Ash down for the 3 count. Edge went for the Edge-O-Matic but Ash blocked it and hit a big dragon suplex on Edge. Ash went to the top rope and put Edge down with a big missile dropkick. Ash climbed back to the top rope and went for a 450 splash but missed and crashed hard into the canvas. Edge picked up Ash and hit the Downward Spiral. Edge immediately went for the pin got the 1... 2... NO! Foot on the rope by Ash. Edge rolled off and slammed the mat hard pissed he couldn't get the win. Edge waited for Ash to get his feet and went for a spear but missed Ash and drilled the referee. Ash hit a big jumping DDT on Edge and everyone in the ring was down. Edge and Ash fought to get back to their feet as the crowd noticed that Austin was still at ringside. Austin slide in the ring and waited for the moment to strike. Austin rushed over and kicked Ash and immediately hit the Stunner! Austin then hit Edge with a shot from the brass knux and rolled to the back. Austin taunted the two competitors as he knew he had decided the outcome not them. The referee got to his feet and slowly administered the 10 count. Edge was the first to his feet with Ash just slightly behind. Edge hit Ash with the spear and went for the cover. 1... 2.. NO! KICKOUT AGAIN!! Edge lost it and went after the referee. Edge cooled down just in time to get hit by an Attitude Adjuster from Ash. Ash went for the cover and got 1.... 2... Chastity pulled out from the ring! Amy quickly rushed over and dove off the ring steps with a big clothesline taking Chastity down. Amy slapped Chastity around the ringside area as the referee rolled to the floor to stop the two. Chris Candido??!!!! came from the back and tossed a chair to Edge. Edge grabbed the chair as Ash returned to the ring. Edge caught Ash in the gut and then drilled him with a Downward Spiral on the chair. Candido pulled the chair from out of the ring and left through the crowd. The referee saw the pin and slide back in to the make the count. 1.... 2.... 3!!!

Edge w/Chastity pinned Ash Eversoll w/Amy Lin-Eversoll with the Downward Spiral in 0:11:09.
(Edge won the Silver Tournament.)

Post Match:
Edge rolled to the floor and helped Chastity to the back. Ash was out cold in the ring as Amy attended to him as the arena was in shock as to what just happened.

Backstage In The Hallway:
ICW Commissioner Curt Hennig ran into Booker T. Hennig informed that Edge had won the Silver tournament. Booker said that was fine by him he had beaten Edge before. Booker had no problem doing it again. Hennig said there was one other thing. The championship committee had decided that the title match had to have a special stipulation. Booker said that was fine, he was aware of it. Hennig said they decided exactly what it was. The match was going to be a ladder match. Booker looked at Hennig. Booker said that Edge might have more experience in ladder matches, but there was thing that he lacked, he wasn't the Universal champion. Booker had brought the gold to the arena and was going to do everything to ensure he walked out with it!

At Ringside Interview with Crowbar, Sting and Daffney:
Crowbar said that it was nice to be back on TV again. He said that he had missed the fans a lot and had recovered from some injuries that had hampered him, but he was going to be back in full force after tonight. Sting said that he had retired from active competition for a bit and was going to bring Crowbar through the ranks along with Daffney. Crowbar would be the next Franchise in the ICW.

"Dead Souls By NIN" Draven Corvin and Debbie came down to the ringside area. Draven said that Sting had retired from active competition. How convenient of him to do so. Draven hadn't forgotten about Sting's attempt to cost Draven his career. Draven pushed Sting and told him he was still marked. Debbie just stared at him while she was holding a kendo stick in her hand. Crowbar told Draven that Sting was done with it and Sting apologized for making a mistake. Daffney sat in complete silence intimidated by Corvin. Corvin said he could forgive him and turned around. Sting said he was glad about it. Draven turned around and slammed Sting square in the head with the kendo stick. Draven dragged Sting into the ring and began to to work him over with the kendo stick. Crowbar entered the ring and tried to get Draven to back off. Draven did and sat in a corner. Crowbar looked over Sting and was clocked from behind by Draven! Draven then planted Crowbar in the center of the ring with a Claw Sweep. Daffney rushed the ring but was clotheslined from behind by Debbie. Debbie sent her off the ropes and hit her with a Claw Sweep of her own. Draven dragged Sting to his feet and hoisted him up with a Clawhold and then slammed him down with it aka the Claw Slam! Draven got the microphone. Draven said he was sick and tired of living by everyone else's rules, that there was no reason he should have to wait around to have it be his time again. The fans had done nothing for him, the management had done nothing for him, and they could all kiss his ass!

Draven and Debbie smiled at the carnage in the ring and left as "Dead Souls by NIN" played.

Backstage In The Outlaws' Locker Room:
James Outlaw was talking to Double J, Awesome and Sanders as Rhino and Austin walked in. Austin said he had talked with Rhino and they were all ready for the Street Fight against the Maniacs and Lance Storm. Tonight, the Outlaws would get one.

Street Fight Match:
Lance Storm w/Maia Eversoll and Mixed Maniacs (Jeff Hardy/Kwee Wee) w/Lamar Larkin vs Outlaws (Jeff Jarrett/Mike Awesome/Rhino) w/James Outlaw and Missy
The match started off and quickly broke down into 3 individual fights. Rhino quickly left Kwee Wee and looked over at James Outlaw. Outlaw gave Rhino a quick order to attack and he did.... GORING JAMES OUTLAW!! Rhino then quickly walked off to the back. Kwee Wee and Jeff Hardy attacked Awesome as Missy tossed the guitar to Double J. Jarrett went to hit Storm but Storm ducked and Jarrett hit Maia! Storm forgot all about Double J and went to check on Maia but was nailed from behind with the Slapnuts Drop! The referee came over and made the 1... 2... and 3 count!

Street Fight Match:
Outlaws (Jeff Jarrett/Mike Awesome/Rhino) w/James Outlaw and Missy defeated Mixed Maniacs (Jeff Hardy/Kwee Wee) w/Lamar Larkin and Lance Storm w/Maia Eversoll when Jarrett pinned L. Storm with the Slapnuts Drop in 0:06:08.

Post Match:
Double J was helping up Outlaw and saw the replay. Double J called for Awesome to help him but Awesome just simply walked off on his own. Double J and Missy then left to the back with Outlaw as the Maniacs, Larkin and Storm attended to Maia.

Backstage By The Entrance Way:
Draven Corvin and Debbie got into a limo but were stopped by Ash Eversoll. Ash asked Draven what the hell was up with his attack on Crowbar and Daffney. Ash said he could understand a bit about Sting but why he bothered to attack Crowbar and Daffney. Draven said that of all people, Ash should understand what it was like to be held back by someone. Draven said he was just making sure he got what was rightfully his. Draven stepped into the limo and closed the door. The limo drove off leaving Ash completely mystified by the situation.

Video Package:
The fans got a look back at Oriental Explosion and The Tigers road to the finals of the Universal tournament. Clips were also shown of Goku's win at Terror and the post match attack on Sean O'Haire.

Universal Tag Team Tournament Final:
The Tigers (Chuck Palumbo/Sean O'Haire) vs Oriental Explosion (Jinsei Shinzaki/Goku) w/Kimona
Palumbo and O'Haire started off working over the smaller Goku in the corner. O'Haire drilled Goku with a huge clothesline and then karate kick. O'Haire planted Goku with a huge powerslam and went up top for the Seanton Bomb. Shinzaki quickly rushed over and crotched O'Haire on the ropes. Shinzaki then sprung off the ropes and hit a hurricanna sending O'Haire to the mat. Palumbo quickly entered and sent Shinzaki to the floor. Palumbo followed him out as Kimona jumped up on the apron distracting the referee. O'Haire was picking up Goku and Goku dropped to his feet and sprayed Mist right into O'Haire's eyes. Goku slammed O'Haire to the mat and then hit the Oriental Legdrop. Goku hooked the leg and the referee turned around and laid down the count 1... 2... 3!!!

Match for the vacant ICW Universal Tag Team Titles:
Oriental Explosion (Jinsei Shinzaki/Goku) w/Kimona defeated The Tigers (Chuck Palumbo/Sean O'Haire) when Goku pinned O'Haire with the Oriental Legdrop in 0:08:55.
(Oriental Explosion won the ICW Universal Tag Team Titles.)

Post Match:
Kimona handed the tag titles to Shinzaki and Goku as Palumbo argued with the referee about the Mist. The referee said he didn't see anything and couldn't put forth a DQ. Oriental Explosion had gotten the belts their way!

Backstage By The Entrance Way:
The Rock had finally arrived at the arena. The Rock grabbed a crew member and asked if he knew where Rokuru's locker room was. The crew member said he wasn't sure but he thought the guy down by the vending machines knew. The Rock walked down the hallway and met another crew member by the vending machines. He asked the crew member if he knew where Rokuru's locker room was and the crew member said he thought that Stephanie Bellars might know and she was just down the hall. The Rock asked who the hell Stephanie Bellars was. The crew member said the blonde that used to be Randy Savage's girlfriend, used to be called Gorgeous George or something. The Rock continued down the hall way and bumped into Stephanie. Stephanie started to talk but the Rock told her to shut up and answer the Rock's question. The Rock asked if she knew where Rokuru's locker room was and Stephanie answered yes. And the Rock then asked which direction. Stephanie said there was a sign that was giving directions. The Rock asked if she knew where the sign was and Stephanie pointed over his shoulder. The Rock glared at her with annoyance and then looked at the sign. The sign read: "All hot ladies looking for a little bit of action, this way to Plushie Paradise" it also had a picture of Teddy on it. The Rock began following the signs.

Backstage Interview with Chris Kanyon:
Kanyon said that there were 2 mistakes that Lita had made. Number 1, she had interfered in Kanyon's business and that was never ever a good thing. That's why she was lucky to be locked in a cage. Number 2, she had apparently pissed some one off or else she wouldn't be getting attacked. So things were kind of going to work out for her tonight. On the other hand, things were not going to work out for HHH. HHH was going to step into the ring as Global Champion as leave as the former Global Champion. Kanyon simply said he would walk out with the gold one way or another and besides that, WHO BETTER THEN KANYON?

The referee locked Lita into the cage and put the key into his pocket.

ICW Global Title Match:
Hunter Hearst Helmsley (c) vs Chris Kanyon
Kanyon started off with a flurry of offense, sending HHH's head into the ring post. Kanyon dragged HHH to the outside of the ring and tossed him into the ring steps near Lita. Kanyon smashed HHH's head into the ring steps and then taunted him right in front of Lita. Kanyon dragged HHH into the ring and went for a spinning fisher man but HHH blocked it and suplexed Kanyon to the mat. HHH came off the ropes with a big flying knee and put Kanyon to the floor. HHH came down after Kanyon and Kanyon quickly sent HHH head first into the ring post. HHH was woosy and Kanyon tossed him into the ring. Kanyon went over to the cage and started to taunt Lita by batting at her hands and feet. The referee left the ring and tried to get Kanyon back into the ring. With the referee distracted, the masked woman struck but not at Lita. HHH had gotten to his feet when the masked woman came off the ropes with a hurricanna. She then climbed to the top pointed in Lita's direction and drilled HHH with a top rope moonsault. The lady exited the ring and came over by the cage. Kanyon re-entered the ring and the referee followed. The masked woman taunted Lita while Kanyon grabbed HHH and drilled him with the Flatliner. Kanyon hooked the leg and counted the count on his fingers as the referee laid down the 3!

[Lita Locked In Cage At Ringside]:
Chris Kanyon pinned Hunter Hearst Helmsley with the Flatliner in 0:09:44.
(Chris Kanyon won the ICW Global Title.)

Post Match:
Kanyon grabbed the Global Title and put it around his waist. The masked woman taunted Lita and then tossed her mask at Lita. The fans finally saw who it was... Victoria, the former Ho of the Godfather and OVW trainee! Victoria told Lita that she had all of Lita's moves and Lita wasn't one of a kind any more and in fact, Lita was out of date! Kanyon dragged HHH over and slapped him around in front of Lita, who was helpless to do to anything. Victoria and Kanyon left as the referee finally unlocked Lita. Lita attended to HHH as "WHO BETTER THEN KANYON!" played.

Backstage In The Hallways:
The Rock finally made it to Rokuru's locker room. The Rock stared at a sign that said Rokuru's Locker Room... If You Smell What The Plush Is Cookin'! The Rock ripped down the sign and entered the locker room. It was empty of Rokuru and Teddy. The Rock saw nothing but big blown up pictures of Teddy dropping the Plush's Elbow on the Rock, and Rokuru hitting the Roku Driver on The Rock! The Rock began ripping down the pictures when Rokuru rushed in to attack the Rock. Rokuru dragged The Rock to the ring tossed him off the hallway walls and into things along the way. Rokuru tossed the Rock into the ring where "Teddy was sitting in a corner". The bell rang and the match was on.

Rokuru w/Teddy vs Rocky Maivia
Rokuru hit The Rock right off the bat with a huge spinning heel kick and then came off the ropes with an Asai moonsault. Rokuru went for the cover and got the 1... 2.. but no 3 as the Rock kicked out. Rokuru dropped The Rock with a big slam and went up top for a moonsault. Rokuru dove and The Rock rolled out of the way. The Rock wasted no time hitting a DDT and then dropping Rokuru with a Rock Bottom. The Rock was going to get a cover but caught the sight of Rokuru's plush teddy bear in the corner. The Rock grabbed Teddy and brought him over by Rokuru. Rock slapped Teddy around in front of Rokuru and then dropped him to the ground. The Rock picked up Rokuru who drilled the Rock with the hardest low blow seen in the ICW in some time. The Rock double over but Rokuru picked him up and hit the Roku Driver! Rokuru hooked the leg on the Rock and the referee laid down the count 1... 2... 3!!!

Rokuru w/Teddy pinned Rocky Maivia with the Roku Driver in 0:07:30.

Post Match:
Rokuru celebrated with Teddy as the Rock was rolling around in the ring in pain. The crowd chanted "Teddy, Teddy" and several people lifted up foam finger type things shaped like Teddy!

Backstage Interview with Booker T:
Booker T said he had only a few things to say. Edge had gotten to the title match and sure it was a ladder match but that wasn't going to stop Booker T or make him scared. The only thing that matter was when it was all said and done, "Don't Hate The Player, Hate The Game!"

ICW Universal Title Ladder Match:
Booker T (c) vs Edge w/Chastity
The ladder was quite tall and Booker and Edge were up high on their attempts to get the belt. Booker dropped Edge off the ladder with a big back suplex and both men recovered. Booker started to ascend the ladder but Edge came from underneath Booker and planted him with a face buster off the ladder. Booker got control and hit Edge with an jumping side kick sending Edge to the floor. Chris Candido rushed the ring and attacked Booker. Booker sent Candido into the ladder hard and then drilled Candido with the Bookend! Edge surprised Booker with a huge spear into the ropes and began to climb to the ladder again. Booker came back and dropkicked the ladder sending Edge over the ropes and down to the floor. Booker set the ladder up again and when Mike Awesome came down! Booker dove off the ladder and hit Awesome with a clothesline. Booker dropped Awesome with a Bookend as well and sent him over the security railing into Chris Candido. Booker started to reascend the ladder when another person entered the ring and knocked the ladder over. It was Vader! Vader grabbed Booker T and hit the Vader Bomb! Vader went outside and revived Edge as the referee could do nothing as all ladders matches were no DQ. Edge got back in the ring and began to ascend the ladder again. Edge was within reach of the title but Booker again got to his feet and dropkicked the ladder. Edge fell from the ring onto Vader sending Vader into the security railing. Booker rolled out and smashed Vader upside the head with a chair. Booker then went over where Mike Awesome and Chris Candido were and smashed them with the chair as well. Booker threatened Chastity and Chastity headed up the rampway. Booker returned to the ring where Edge was and dropped his opponent square in the ring with a Bookend! Booker set up the ladder and began to climb again. Edge was able to follow Booker up and as Booker was near the title Edge got in a low blow. Edge then hit the Downward Spiral from the ladder on Booker T!!! Both men were out cold as were Vader, Candido and Awesome. Chastity was screaming from the rampway. Kanyon appeared from the curtain with Victoria. Victoria brushed off Chastity as Kanyon walked down to the ring. Victoria sat at ringside as Kanyon surveyed Edge and Booker. Edge got to his feet first and Kanyon pointed at him and pointed to his Global title as to remind Edge that he wanted a shot at Edge. Edge flipped off Kanyon and started to climb the ladder. Kanyon entered the ring and revived Booker T and told him to go get the title. Booker scaled the the other side of the ladder and was a bit quicker and caught up with Edge. The two were near the top of the ladder and within reach of the Universal title belt and started to exchange blows. Edge was holding on barely as Booker started to get up towards the top. All of sudden Booker fell to ground from a huge impact. The crowd was stunned, Kanyon had dropkicked Booker off the ladder!!!! Edge recovered as he looked down at Kanyon. Kanyon gave Edge a thumbs up and Edge returned it!!! Edge grabbed the title off it's holder and the bell rang!!!!

Ladder Match:
Edge w/Chastity defeated Booker T in 0:14:12.
(Edge won the ICW Universal Title.)

Post Match:
The announcer came on the microphone.. "The winner and NEWWWW ICW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION... EDGE!!!" It was true, Edge had somehow stolen the victory and the title from Booker T! Edge came down from the ladder with the gold and hugged Kanyon. Victoria and Chastity were joined by Tammy at ringside. Vader, Candido and Awesome got up and joined Edge in the ring. Edge shook Vader and Awesome's hands and gave Candido a high-five. The ladies at ringside engaged in a quick group hug. Edge was handed a can of spray paint by Chastity. Awesome and Vader dragged Booker T over and dropped him at Edge's feet. Edge took the blue technic color spray paint and sprayed N... E... O on Booker T's back. NEO?

Edge called for a microphone. Edge announced that tonight was the dawning of a new era in the ICW. No longer would we see groups called the Elite, the System that couldn't get the job done. Besides, they all failed because no one respected each other. Everyone in the ring respected each other on too many levels. Tonight was the dawning of the NEO era!