August 2003

Backstage By The Entrance Way:
Ash Eversoll made his way into the arena alone. HHH appeared from behind Ash and drilled him in the gut with a sledgehammer. HHH proceeded to drop Ash on the floor with the Pedigree, not once, not twice, but 3 times.

HHH: Don't mess with the Game!

HHH walked off into the background as crew members called for someone to attend to Ash.

Backstage Interview with Vampiro:
Vampiro said that it really didn't matter who came out on top during the hardcore royale. No one was going to be good enough to take down the only hardcore man in the ICW. Tonight, RVD would go through a flaming table and the next weakling that tried to take his title would receive even worse treatment.

Backstage In NEO's Locker Room:
Edge stared down at Chris Kanyon, Victoria, Chris Candido, Tammy, and the Big Bombs, Mike Awesome and Vader.

Edge: NEO has always been about being elite, about being above the cuff, above the bar. Tonight, I'm making a decision for NEO's future. Chris Candido, you are first. You have DONE absolutely nothing to help my cause as Universal Champion. Your live-in wife and fiancee is just in the way, and sorry to say, you're DONE! Get out of my locker room you waste! Get out now!!!!!

Candido and Tammy leave out the door way very quietly.

Edge: Now, onto other matters, Vader and Mike Awesome. You guys are big, and you are the masters of the power bomb as far as I'm concerned, however, where are you tag team titles? None? Have you even bothered to win? Have you really even tried? No! Kanyon and I have decided that we will no longer be needing your services for NEO.

Awesome: Not that you can fit anyone past your big ego Edge. Take the BJ Queen and go be a leader, you're not worth following!

Mike Awesome leaves out the door. Vader stares at Kanyon and then leaves behind Awesome.

Edge: Good, now that it down to the two truly elite members of NEO, things will take shape. Kanyon and Victoria get ready for your match with HHH inside the cage. Chastity and I will assure I walk out of tonight as the Universal champion!

Chris Kanyon and Victoria make their way out the door as Edge shoots a smile at Chastity.

Chastity: All starting to take shape isn't it?

Edge: You have no idea. *Edge grabs Chastity and pulls her close to him* Is it taking shape for you too?

Chastity: Mmmhmmm!

Hardcore Royale
Winner Will Be The #1 Contender To The ICW Raw Title:
Participants: Alex Kruger, Faarooq, Ahmed Johnson, Hugh Morrus, Kwee Wee, Moy Lazzario, Taz, Inferno, Big Vito, Norman Smiley
The match was hot and furious with every wrestler wielding some sort of weapon against the other. Faarooq was the first to go. Alex Krueger nailed Faarooq with his ascentral shield and laid him out after the Germanic Superplex. The match continued with Krueger dominating part of the ring and Hugh Morrus taking control in the other. Taz surprised Krueger off the ropes and locked in the Tazmission. Krueger eventually tapped and went to the back. Taz and Kwee Wee went to work on Ahmed Johnson, while Moy Lazzario dashed underneath the ring. Kwee Wee hit the K.W. Bomb and got the pinfall eliminating Ahmed Johnson. Hugh Morrus would go on a big roll taking down Inferno with the No Laughing Matter and getting another elimination on Kwee Wee by slamming him hard down through a table with a power bomb. Norman Smiley, who was surprisingly still in the contest, locked in the Norman Conquest on Morrus and Morrus tapped after being in the hold for about 2 minutes. Smiley then proceeded to lock Big Vito into the Norman Conquest, while Taz dragged Moy Lazzario out from underneath the ring. Vito tapped and Taz went into the ring after Smiley. Smiley avoided a Tazplex and hit the Big Wiggle Slam on Taz. Smiley went for the Norman Conquest but Taz blocked the move and locked in the Tazmission. Norman struggled but eventually tapped out to the hold. Taz got to his feet and Moy blasted him square in the head with a chair. Moy then dropped Taz on the chair with a piledriver, busting Taz open. Taz's blood spilled to the canvas, Moy lifted him up and completed the Moy Buster. The referee came over and laid down the count for the 1.... 2.... and 3!!!

Hardcore Royale:
Moy Lazzario won a Hardcore Royale:
         x Krueger defeated Faarooq after the Germanic Superplex in 0:00:44
         x Taz defeated Krueger after the Tazmission in 0:02:49
         x Kwee Wee defeated A. Johnson after the K. W. Bomb in 0:04:53
         x Morrus defeated Inferno after the No Laughing Matter in 0:07:17
         x Morrus defeated Kwee Wee after a power bomb in 0:08:21
         x Smiley defeated Morrus after the Norman Conquest in 0:11:41
         x Smiley defeated Vito after the Norman Conquest in 0:13:35
         x Taz defeated Smiley after the Tazmission in 0:15:22
         x M. Lazzario defeated Taz after the Moy Buster in 0:16:10

Post Match:
Moy celebrated his victory as his theme blasted over the arena speakers. Moy headed to the back with a huge smile on his face.

Backstage In A Locker Room:
Medics were attending to Ash Eversoll, who was bleeding from his head, and had a few scrapes on his body as well. Shawn Michaels, Crowbar and Amy Lin-Eversoll made their way into the room.

Shawn: Ash, you look bad, I can't believe HHH attacked you the way he did, what are you going to do about it?

Ash: Nothing as of right now, but you can trust me, HHH and anyone that sides with him in the future will definitely pay.

Shawn: I thought you might say that. Anyways, I gotta go see Commissioner Hennig, I'll see you all later!

HBK leaves the locker room as Crowbar and Amy look on. Raven and Beulah make their way into the locker room as well.

Amy: What the hell are you two doing here? Especially you, Beulah. You'll bi---

Ash: I told you why they're here. I trust Raven. And hopefully Raven can make Crowbar believe what I had to say about Daffney and Lita.

Raven: Crowbar, you're a brother in blood. We're the same, trust me, forget about Daffney, she isn't worth the effort, especially not from what Ash has had to say about them.

Crowbar: Look I appericiate you guys trying to look out for me, I can handle it myself though. I'll see you all later, Ash take care.

Crowbar leaves as Amy stares at the cut on Ash's forehead.

Amy: You don't look good.

Ash: Don't worry about it, besides you've got Chuck Palumbo and the American title match to worry about. Get going and get ready.

Amy: You sure you'll be okay? *she gives a look at Beulah and Raven*

Ash: I'll be fine, just go.

Amy exits the locker room and heads down the hallway.

ICW Raw Title Flaming Table Match:
Rob Van Dam vs Vampiro (c)
RVD worked Vampiro over in a corner early and got in the first shots with Vampiro's singapore cane. RVD planted Vampiro with a Van Daminator and attempted to power bomb Vampiro through the flaming table but Vampiro slide out and hit RVD with a series of kicks. Vampiro planted RVD with the Vampiro Spike. Vampiro attempted to scoop slam RVD through the firey table but RVD managed to block it and plant Vampiro with a DDT. RVD sprung to the top rope and hit a 5 Star Frog Splash but couldn't manage to to recover quickly enough to avoid a spin kick from Vampiro. Vampiro placed RVD up on the ropes and appeared ready to superplex RVD through the table. RVD and Vampiro began to exchange blows as Moy Lazzario came to ringside. Moy dragged a second table into the ring and set it on fire. Vampiro and RVD continued exchanging blows as Moy jumped to the top rope and attacked both men. Moy managed to bulldog both men off the ropes and through the flaming tables! The bell rang and the referee had to announce a draw!

Flaming Table Match:
Rob Van Dam and Vampiro battled to a draw in 0:09:00.
(Vampiro retained the ICW Raw Title.)

Post Match:
Moy left to the back with a very satisified look on his face as the fans booed his actions.

Backstage Interview with Chuck Palumbo:
Palumbo said that he was the master of the Jungle Kick and no one could deny that. Tonight, Amy Lin-Eversoll was walking into a jungle. A jungle in which Palumbo was the king. Tonight, the American Title would go around the waist of the greatest wrestler in the ICW, Chuck Palumbo!

Palumbo made his way out to "Welcome to the Jungle" as the fans booed his appearance.

Amy came out with the American Title and Lita and Daffney behind her. They all had a group hug and walked to the ring as "Come on Feel The Noise" played.

ICW American Title Match:
Amy Lin-Eversoll (c) w/Lita and Daffney vs Chuck Palumbo
Palumbo managed to keep Amy on the mat early on with a variety of suplexes, slams and power bombs. Palumbo would come off the top and miss a clothesline allowing Amy to plant him with a variety of kicks. Amy hit a standing moonsault and then went for the cover but managed only to get a 2 count out of the situation. Amy went for a hurricanna but Palumbo blocked it and brought her down to the canvas with a power bomb. Lita and Daffney cheered Amy on from the outside of the ring. Palumbo went up for a superplex but Amy shoved him off the ropes and into the referee. Lita jumped on the apron and yelled at the referee. Amy looked ready to come off the ropes on Palumbo but no! Daffney jumped to the ropes and sprung off them bringing Amy down to the mat with a springboard hurricanna!!!! Lita entered and planted Amy with the Feminine Twist and rolled to the outside. Palumbo was unaware of what happened as he got the referee to his feet. Amy got up and Palumbo drilled Amy in the face with the Jungle Kick!!! Palumbo hooked the leg and the referee laid down the 1... 2.... and 3!!!

Chuck Palumbo pinned Amy Lin-Eversoll w/Lita and Daffney with the Jungle Kick in 0:09:37.
(Chuck Palumbo won the ICW American Title.)

Post Match:
Palumbo walked to the back with American title draped over his shoulder. Amy was out as Lita and Daffney got into the ring to a big amount of boos from the crowd.

Lita: Should have trusted your husband, you stupid blonde. Of course Daffney and I were up to something. All the guys stared at us even more thanks to your Triple Treat idea. Men always want what they can't ever have and well they can't me!

Daffney walked over to Lita and the two exchanged a deep and passionate kiss!!!! The fans were stunned.

Daffney: That's right, we play both sides as we feel like and only those worthy enough get to be with us. None of you fans are worthy enough. Amy, we thought about bringing you into the fold but no, you just loved that Ash guy way too much. As far as Crowbar is concerned, he might be a good wrestler, but he can't wrestle in between the sheets like Lita can!!!

Lita: Now, Amy, enjoy the beating you're about to receive.

Daffney and Lita started to stomp away at Amy as the fans continued to boo. The fans erupted as Beulah came rushing from the back with a steel chair. Daffney and Lita ducked out of the ring as Beulah swung the chair wildly at them. Beulah helped Amy to her feet and Amy gave Beulah a hug. The fans were still in shock at Lita and Daffney announcing their love in the middle of the ring!

Backstage By A Monitor:
Crowbar was in shock at what had just happened. HHH walked up and said he had heard it. HHH said the two women could have each other, it didn't matter. The Game was raising the stakes tonight and the ICW would never be the same, and neither would Kanyon inside the steel cage. HHH told Crowbar to shake and walked away.

Crowbar: Oh well. I wonder if I could have scored a threesome out of the deal though.

Crowbar walked down the hallway shaking his head.

Booker T had made his way down to the ring ready to face off with Edge for the Universal title in the first semi-final of the night. Booker looked ready. Edge and Chastity came out with Edge pointing to the Universal title and mocking Booker T. Chastity glared at Booker as she assumed her post in the corner.

"Perfect- ICW Remix" ICW Commissioner Curt Hennig came out to announce the special guest referee for the match.

Hennig: The referee for the first semi-final of the night. A former American champion, one of the greatest wrestlers in any federation, your friend and mine, AMY LIN-EVERSOLL!!!

Amy made her way back down to the ring as Edge was beside himself. Edge complained at Hennig but Amy called for the bell and the match began.

Universal Title Tournament Semi-Final Title Match With Special Referee Amy Lin-Eversoll
Booker T vs Edge (c) w/Chastity
Booker had to fight an uphill battle against Edge. Whenever Booker would get an advantage, Edge would quickly go for an eye rake or a low blow to regain the advantage. Edge worked Booker over in a corner with a series of punches, chops and kicks. Edge sent Booker off the ropes and drilled him with a spear. Edge went for the cover but Booker kicked out at 2. Chastity screamed at Amy from the outside of the ring but reiterated the 2 count. Edge hit an Edge-O-Matic and went up top. Edge dove for a cross body but Booker ducked the move and Edge hit the canvas. Booker hit a side kick and then a spinebuster on the Universal champion. Edge was reeling as Booker planted him down to the canvas with a big quick fallaway slam. Booker hit a jumping side kick and spun up from a spinaroonie as Chastity jumped up on the ropes yelling at Amy. As Amy sent Chastity into the ring pole and to the floor, Test jumped over the ring railing and entered the ring. Booker turned around and BIG BOOT FROM TEST!!!! Test rolled to the floor and headed up the rampway as Booker attempted to recover. Amy turned around unaware of Test's interference. Edge jumped to his feet and low blowed Booker. Edge quickly signaled to Chastity and she slipped the title belt in the ring. Edge dropped Booker to the mat with the Downward Spiral and sent Booker's head crashing into the title belt. Chastity quickly removed it as Edge distracted Amy. Edge hooked the leg and Amy laid down the count 1... 2.... and 3!!!

[Universal Title Tournament Semi-Final- Title Match]:
Match with Special Referee Amy Lin-Eversoll
Edge w/Chastity pinned Booker T with the Downward Spiral in 0:09:55.
(Edge retained the ICW Universal Title.)

Post Match:
Chastity jumped into the ring and stuck her tongue out at Amy. Amy left the ring and headed to the back. Chastity kissed Edge as he hoisted up the Universal title.

Backstage In Commissioner Curt Hennig's Office:
Shawn Michaels and Hennig were watching the replay of what happened in the ring.

Shawn: What does Test think he's doing coming into the ring and planting Booker like that? Man, Booker just got royally screwed.

Hennig: That's true but no one from NEO interfered and I can't over turn it.

Shawn: You're going to need one major referee for the main event tonight. I'm throwing my name in the hat just for consideration. 

Hennig: No problem, I'll consider it.

Shawn: Good, make sure you do.

Shawn left the office as Hennig shook his head at the replay.

DDP and Dave Williams had made their way down to ringside and were ready for the announcement of their referee.

"CAW CAW!" Raven made his way out to the ring. Raven looked serious and slide into the ring and signaled for the bell to began the match.

Universal Title Tournament Semi-Final with Special Referee Raven:
Diamond Dallas Page vs Dave Williams w/Stephanie Bellars
DDP fought tooth and nail Williams in what could only be described as a dog fight. Fists were flying as Williams and DDP exchanged control of match more often then porn stars change partners! Williams seemed to gain the advantage as the match went to the outside. Williams tossed DDP hard into the ring steps and then ran DDP's head up against the ring post. Raven let things goes as Williams proceeded to slam DDP into every object at ringside that he could. Stephanie screamed in delight as Williams dropped DDP over the railing to the arena floor. Williams slid back into the ring as DDP slowly made his way back over the railing. Williams dove with a baseball slide taking out DDP. DDP was sent back into the ring where Williams stomped on him. Williams posed over DDP mocking the Diamond Cutter sign. Williams grabbed DDP and went for the Insane Bomb... but NO! DDP slide out and down... DIAMOND CUTTER!!!! DDP hooked the leg and Raven laid down the 1... 2... and 3!!!

[Universal Title Tournament Semi-Final]:
Match with Special Referee Raven:
Diamond Dallas Page pinned Dave Williams w/Stephanie Bellars with the Diamond Cutter in 0:10:09.

Post Match:
Williams grabbed DDP and dropped him with an Insane Bomb. Williams was pissed and started tossing things into the ring. Williams left with Bellars to the back as Raven helped DDP to his feet.

Backstage In A Hallway:
Missy Hyatt, Jeff Jarrett's escort, was busy selecting candy from a vending machine. Missy bent down to pick up the candy and the camera got a good view of what color she was wearing underneath and it was red! Missy turned around right into Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Austin: You think you can just leave the Outlaws with Jarrett and not pay for it? What? I said you think you can leave and not pay for it! I think not!

Austin drilled Missy with a kick and then a Stunner! Austin did his double finger at Missy on the floor.

Austin: Tell Jarrett that his caracass is next!

ICW Universal Tag Team Title Match:
Midnight Excess (Val Venis/Godfather) vs United Force (Kurt Angle/Lance Storm) vs Oriental Explosion (Goku/Jinsei Shinzaki) w/Lenny Lane vs Dark Storm (Magus/Bishop) w/Schala
A battle with all 4 teams getting involved keeping the referee occupied during the entire course of the match. Goku attempted to hit Bishop with a fireball but Bishop moved and Kurt Angle took the fireball in the face. Angle rolled to the outside in agony as Bishop dropped Goku with the X-Force. Val Venis broke up the pin, but Shinzaki dragged Venis to the floor for a fight. Lance Storm worked over Goku as Magus and Bishop double-teamed the Godfather. Storm drilled Goku with a solid sidekick sending him to the floor, while Bishop tackled the Godfather over the ropes to the floor as well. Storm turned around and received a big boot to the gut from Magus. Magus hoisted Storm and delivered the Darkbreaker in the center of the ring. Magus went for the cover and Lenny Lane attempted to run in but was stopped by Schala with a low blow from her staff. The referee laid down the 3 and Dark Storm retained the tag team titles.

Four Corners Match:
Dark Storm (Magus/Bishop) w/Schala defeated United Force (Kurt Angle/Lance Storm), Oriental Explosion (Goku/Jinsei Shinzaki) w/Lenny Lane and Midnight Excess (Val Venis/Godfather) when Magus pinned L. Storm with the Darkbreaker in 0:08:10.
(Dark Storm retained the ICW Universal Tag Team Titles.)

Post Match:
Medical staff attended to Kurt Angle as Goku and Shinzaki took pride in his pain. Venis and Godfather were left unhappy with the results of the match.

Backstage In A Locker Room:
Missy Hyatt was being attended to as Jeff Jarrett came in with a guitar in hand.

JJ: Missy are you okay, what happened?

Missy seemed unresponsive and didn't appear that she could or wanted to talk. Ash Eversoll tapped Jarrett on the shoulder as he came from the back of the room.

JJ: What? What's up man?

Ash: Austin surprised her and stunnered her. Appears might have done some slight damage to the throat and she's under orders not to speak unless she absolutely needs to. Jeff, do me a favor and be careful if you're going to go for revenge tonight, lots of stuff's going on and I wouldn't trust anyone until after this night is over.

JJ: That's all fine and dandy, but I got one person that is going to come in the meaning of bad music if you know what I mean! *Jarrett patted his guitar*

Ash: Good luck.

Jarrett left the room as Ash headed down the hallway in a different direction.

Backstage Interview with The Rock:
The Rock said that he was heading back up the ladder of success and no jabroni carrying around a stuffed teddy bear was going to stop him from putting a title belt around his waist. Tonight was going to be the end for Rokuru's reign as Global Champion and if he had any say of it, the end of Teddy too, if you smell what the Rock is cookin!

Backstage In Amy Lin-Eversoll's Locker Room:
Crowbar entered the locker room and nodded at Amy.

Amy: Not doing so hot?

Crowbar: Well let's see the girl I was into turns out to like women more then she likes me so, things are not the brightest spot right now.

Amy: That is too bad. I can't believe Ash was right. Lita and Daffney together? That is really shocking. I wonder what he was talking about this other big shocker. I thought that was first thing was shocking enough.

Crowbar: All I know is this, from now on if Ash says something is up, something is definitely up!

Amy: I feel bad that I couldn't believe him, even worse that I slapped him.

Crowbar: I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure he still loves you. Anyways, I'm going to leave, I'll see you at the next show.

Amy: Sure thing, later Crowbar.

Crowbar left the locker room as Amy started to pack up her things. The door swung back open and slammed up against the wall.

Amy: Crowbar? What's up...

Amy was down before she even finished the sentence. Test stood over Amy's body and laid in boots as Stacey Keibler laughed in the background.

Test: Send a message to your husband, tell him not to mess with the big boys!

Stacey reached down and slapped Amy across the face and left out the door with Test. Amy rolled around on the ground in a lot of pain.

ICW Global Title Match:
Rokuru (c) w/Teddy vs Rocky Maivia
Rokuru had the fans support during the contest and it made a difference as he continued to power out of the submission holds that the Rock continued to lock in. The Rock went for a sharpshooter but Rokuru managed to send the Rock hard into the turnbuckle. Rokuru sprang to life and hit the Rock in the face with a huge flying forearm putting him down to the mat. Rokuru sprang off the ropes and hit a splash on the Rock. Rokuru wasn't done as he worked the Rock over with a series of judo chops and a big spin kick to the chin to put him back down on the canvas. Rokuru jumped to the top rope and dove off missing the Rock entirely and colliding with the referee. Rokuru hit the Roku Driver but the referee was out cold. Rokuru attempted to revive the referee as The Rock grabbed Teddy and the Global Title from the corner. The Rock tossed Teddy distracting Rokuru and allowing him to tatooed Rokuru from behind with the Global title. The Rock tossed the belt back in the corner and kicked at the refereee to revive him. The Rock grabbed Rokuru and lifted him up and put him back down hard with the Rock Bottom. The Rock wasn't done as he went off the ropes and MISSED the People's Elbow! Rokuru sprang back up to his feet and grabbed Teddy and delivered the Plush's Elbow! Rokuru celebrated with Teddy completely forgetting to pin the Rock. The Rock was back up and delivered a second Rock Bottom to Rokuru and quickly went for the pin and got the win!

Rocky Maivia pinned Rokuru w/Teddy with the Rock Bottom in 0:09:49.
(Rocky Maivia won the ICW Global Title.)

Post Match:
The Rock headed to the back with the Global Title as Rokuru admonished Teddy for celebrating too much. The "two" continued to argue back up the rampway.

Backstage Outside Of James Outlaw's Locker Room:
There was a knock at the door and out came James Outlaw. Outlaw walked right into a huge fist from Jarrett putting him down on the ground.

JJ: Send a message to Austin, he is going to pay! Ever play that game one potato, two potato, three potato, four potato James? I did!

Jarrett blasted Outlaw over the head with a guitar.

JJ: One guitar, two guitar! *Jarrett smashed a second guitar over Outlaw's head* Three guitar, four guitar! *Jarrett took a third guitar and smashed it over Outlaw's knee and then a fourth over his other knee* 5 guitar, 6 guitar *Jarrett slammed the fifth and sixth guitar over Outlaw's back* 7 guitar, more! *Jarrett blasted the seventh guitar over Outlaw's stomach and then the last one over his head again*

Outlaw was completely out cold and bleeding profusely from the head.

JJ: Choke on that slapnuts!

Jarrett walked off into the arena as Outlaw's body just slumped to the ground.

It was announced that the ban on NEO members at ringside and Lita being at ringside was still in effect for the cage match between Chris Kanyon and HHH.

Last Match Between HHH and Chris Kanyon Inside A Steel Cage:
Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Chris Kanyon
Kanyon and HHH battled back and forth using the cage to their advantage. HHH suplexed Kanyon into the cage and then proceeded to slingshot him over into a corner. HHH was on fire and drilled Kanyon in the back with a clothesline and then a big back body drop. HHH went for the Pedigree but Kanyon blocked the attempt and back dropped HHH into the cage. Kanyon slammed HHH's head into the cage and then raked his face against it. Kanyon then proceeded to hit HHH with a fireman's carry into an Ace Crusher but didn't go for the pin. Kanyon then put HHH down onto the canvas with a piledriver. Kanyon said it wasn't over and proceeded to drop HHH with the Pedigree in the center of the cage! Kanyon laid down on HHH cockily as the referee counted 1.... 2.... NO! KICKOUT BY HHH! Kanyon was pissed and immediately planted HHH to the mat with a fisherman buster. Kanyon was standing tall and then decided to finish things off with a Flatliner. As Kanyon prepared HHH, someone was breaking into the ring from underneath. Kanyon put HHH down with the Flatliner and stood back up. Kanyon was ready for the cover but NO!!!!! SPEAR BY EDGE INTO THE CAGE ON KANYON!!!! Edge has just speared his own partner into the cage. Edge grabbed Kanyon and planted him with the Edge-O-Matic and pulled him back up dropping him with the Downward Spiral. Edge left through the cage door as HHH got to his feet. Edge shot a smile at HHH and HHH nodded in his direction! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT!!! HHH grabbed Kanyon and then dropped him with the Pedigree. HHH waved for the referee to count which he did 1... 2... and 3 for HHH to win the match.

[Last Match Between HHH and Chris Kanyon]:
Cage Match:
Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Chris Kanyon with the Pedigree in 0:09:28.

Backstage In A Hallway Near The Entrance Way:
Shawn Michaels was walking around and bumped into Ash Eversoll.

Shawn: Ash what's up buddy?

Ash: Don't buddy me, jackass! I know what game you're playing, I knew it was coming but none of these other idiots around here would believe. I know who you've got supporting you, I know who you talk to on your cell phone in private, I know what your plans are tonight and I'm not going to let you do it either!

Ash immediately jumped up and kicked HBK in the face! Ash jumped on Michaels wildly throwing fists until security and ICW Commissioner Curt Hennig arrived on the scene. Security pulled Ash from HBK and held him back.

Hennig: That's it Ash, I can't have you doing this to anyone anymore. You're suspended from the ring until I decide otherwise and you're banned from the building for the rest of the evening. If you don't like that, the I suggest you can take it up with the police officers that will escort you to jail. Your option buddy.

Security let Ash go after he assured them he was calmed down.

Ash: Fine Hennig, have it you're way. Trust me, you can ban me from the ring, have security escort me from buildings but HBK I will get you one day, trust me. And as far as everyone else around here is concerned, they're getting what they deserve tonight. They can't believe me, I guy that has sarcificed to save this company from a tyrant like my father, shed my blood for belts, then that can all kiss my ass. You too Hennig!

Ash walked off and got into his car and drove away from the arena.

Hennig: Come on Shawn, let's go, we have business to take care of.

HBK and Hennig walked back into the arena.

Jeff Jarrett was announced and then Stone Cold was announced. Jarrett immediately left the ring and Austin rushed down the rampway and the two started to exchange blows. Jarrett tackled Austin to the ground and the two men rolled around throwing fists wildly. Security quickly rushed down to stop the fight and broke the men apart. The match had been called off but the feud between Jarrett and Austin was far from over. Security dragged the two men to the back through separate exits.

Backstage Interview with Diamond Dallas Page:
DDP stood looking ready for his match with Edge for the Universal title.

DDP: Tonight, DDP gets the chance to go one on one with that leader of NEO, if there's even a NEO left, Edge. Edge, do you remember the Bang? Do you remember Power just a few months ago. That's right Edge, you felt the bang. It wasn't a bad thing, it was a DAMNED GOOD THING! That's right Edge, tonight, one more bang is in store for you and then the fans will be saying, Diamond Dallas Page, ICW Universal Champion! GOOD GOD!!! Edge and anyone else that would stand in my way tonight, get ready to feel the BANG!!!

"SELF HIGH FIVE!" DDP made his way out to the ring as the fans chanted his name.

"You Think You Know Me! You Think You Know Me!" Edge made his way out with the Universal gold and had Chastity right there by his side. Edge looked back and awaited the announcement of the guest referee.

"OHHHHH OHHHHH SHAWWWWNNNNN!" Shawn Michaels made his way out in referee gear!!! The fans were on their feet chanting HBK and DDP got a big smile on his face. Edge looked very concerned and went over to Chastity as the bell rang.

ICW Universal Title Tournament Final with Special Referee Shawn Michaels:
Diamond Dallas Page vs Edge (c) w/Chastity
A long grueling contest with DDP and Edge exchanging punches and kicks early in the contest. DDP took the advantage off a spin around clothesline and then dropped Edge to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker. DDP went for the cover but barely got a 2 count on the Universal champion. DDP backed Edge into a corner and laced into him with a fury of punches and elbows and then dropped him to the canvas with a hip toss. DDP then followed things up with a big clothesline off the top rope. DDP signaled to HBK to count and he did delivering 1... 2... and not quite 3 as Edge got his shoulder off the canvas. Edge was quick to rake DDP's eyes and then spear DDP down the canvas. Edge went for the cover and got 1... 2... and no, DDP kicked out of the pinfall attempt. Edge spouted to HBK about a slow count by HBK ignored him and the match continued on. Edge worked DDP over with a series of suplexes and then hit the Edge-O-Matic. Edge hit a jumping DDT and stared at HBK. Edge climbed to the top rope and delivered an elbow drop reminsice of HBK's in the past. Edge ordered HBK to count and HBK did giving the 1... 2... and NO! Another kickout by DDP! Edge was growing frustrated as the match continued. Edge went for a spear and hit it sending DDP all the way to the floor. Edge was quickly out to the outside and tossed DDP into the ring steps. Edge immediately tossed DDP back in and tossed him into the corner. Edge went for another spear but DDP moved and Edge hit the corner hard. As Edge came out of the corner.... DIAMOND CUTTER FROM DDP!!!! DDP was out on the mat and was unable to get over to cover Edge quickly. DDP made his way over and the fans counted as HBK laid down the 1.... 2.... and NO! EDGE KICKED OUT OF THE DIAMOND CUTTER! DDP was frustrated and pounded the mat, knowing full well he could have won the title right then and there. DDP attempted another Diamond Cutter but Edge blocked it and sent DDP into a corner. Edge and DDP both were thinking alike and drilled each other with a clothesline. Chastity jumped up on the apron and yelled for Edge. HBK came over and ordered Chastity down. Chastity blew HBK a kiss, while HHH came to ringside with a sledgehammer. HHH dropped the hammer on the outside of the ring and entered the ring. HHH grabbed DDP and hit him with the Pedigree behind HBK's back! HHH rolled out as Chastity got off the apron. DDP seemed to out as Edge came over and hooked the leg for the pin. HBK hit the mat and laid down 1...... 2..... and thre NO!!!!! DDP KICKED OUT!!!! Edge was pissed. Edge sent DDP off the ropes and DDP fought back with a spin around DDT! Chastity again jumped on the apron and clawed at DDP. HBK jumped over the ropes and ripped her down from the ring. With HBK distracted HHH clocked DDP in the head with the sledgehammer and then once in the side as well. Edge got up and hit DDP with a huge spear sending DDP's head crashing to the canvas. HBK slide back in as Edge hooked the leg and got the 1.... 2...... 3!!! Edge had retained the title!

[Universal Title Tournament Final- Title Match]:
Match with Special Referee Shawn Michaels:
Edge w/Chastity pinned Diamond Dallas Page after a spear in 0:11:31.
(Edge retained the ICW Universal Title.)

Post Match:
Edge celebrated with Chastity and HHH as he entered the ring. Test came down to the ring with Stacey Keibler and they all embraced.

"Perfect- ICW Remix"- ICW Commissioner Curt Hennig made his way down to the ring. Hennig looked pissed.

Hennig: I think I've figured it out. Test and HHH and Edge all together, what could be better then that right? Well, Edge since both of your title defenses tonight were given to you by outside interference, let me be the first to congratulate you on retaining your title.

Edge: Not that should surprise anyone.

Hennig: Also let congratulate you on defending your title for a THIRD time tonight!!!

A referee appeared from the back and headed to the ring.

Edge: No way, not going to happen.


The bell rang and Edge tossed the title to the outside of the ring.

ICW Universal Title Match:
Shawn Michaels vs Edge (c) w/Chastity
Michaels and Edge tried locking up several times but it appeared that neither was ready to get the other one into the match. Edge was distracted by Chastity screaming and HBK took advantage hitting Edge square on the jaw with a punch. Edge hit the mat and HBK dove to the mat to make the cover. The referee laid down the count 1...... 2.... and 3!?!!!

Shawn Michaels pinned Edge w/Chastity after a punch in 0:00:39.
(Shawn Michaels won the ICW Universal Title.)

Post Match:
HBK helped Edge up from the mat and gave him a hug!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! Chastity came in and HBK hugged her as well. HHH, Test and Stacey all joined together in a group hug that was disgusting as the fans weren't sure what was going on.

Hennig: Wait, wait! What could be better then HHH, Edge and Test together? I know! HHH, Edge, Test, Stacey, Chastity, your ICW Commissioner and HBK together!!!!

Hennig jumped into the ring and shook HBK's hand.

Edge: You see you fans are idiots. You never saw it coming! The ICW never saw it coming as HHH likes to say. I used NEO to get myself the title so the true showstopper HBK could reign supreme like only he can in the ICW! NEO was a joke, Kanyon was used. Candido was trash, Tammy was a crack whore. And Vader and Awesome were merely pawns to get me my title! The title that now is around the proper owner's waist.

HHH: That is right and it doesn't stop there, because that's right, the Game helped eliminate Kanyon and made sure that Edge took out DDP!

Test: And I made sure that Edge took care of Booker T as well. It was easy as 1... 2... and 3!

Edge: But it doesn't stop there, Commissioner Hennig knew all about, plotted and with his power made sure it all went down.

Hennig: Always glad to help out my boys!

HBK: You see, the ICW is the future of wrestling and that future belongs to me! That future one day belong to Edge, HHH and Test as well, but as for right now, I am your Universal Champion whether you like it or you don't like it and there isn't anyone that can do anything about it. You see, like HHH says, you idiot fans and idiot ICW wrestlers didn't see it coming. Well I take that back, Ash Eversoll saw it coming. It only cost him what, his friends, his wife. That's right Ash, I did intentionally superkick Amy when she wrestled Edge for the title because that title belonged to me! I am the champion of champions! I am the ICON! I am the showstopper! And I am the main eventer! Something you will never, ever been in the ICW again. And as long as we rule the ICW, and trust me, we rule it all ready, you will never see the inside of this ring again. And the fans of the ICW can weep and cry and complain all they want but the fact of the matter is this, NEO DX IS HERE AND WE'RE HERE TO STAY!!!

"OHHHH OHHHH SHAWN!" plays over the speakers and HBK poses with the Universal title as Edge, Chastity, HHH, Hennig, Test and Stacey all show off as well. The fans are erupting in boos and garbage is being tossed at the ring like never before.

*ICW Rising Fire Logo, Fade To Black*