February 2003

Backstage By The Entrance Way:
Ash Eversoll and Amy Lin arrive through the arena doors arm and arm. Ash said that tonight, Raven and Beulah will get what they deserve. Amy lets Ash know she wants to get the pin on Beulah and Ash said he had no problem with that.

Backstage In ICW Commissioner Draven Corvin's Office:
Draven stares at several posters on the wall. One of previous persona of Crow holding onto the IWF championship. Rokuru walks in with Teddy and Draven casts a glance at them. Rokuru asks simply what Draven is doing. Draven said tonight, he was going to make sure about one thing, no screwjobs finishes and no one tonight was going to be winning because they were the Owner/President/Commissioner's special little friend. Tonight, all the competitors were going to have to get it done themselves. Draven quickly exited the office. Rokuru told Teddy that something big was going to happen tonight.

Backstage Interview with The Outlaws:
James Outlaw said tonight, the Tigers, Kidman and the faker John Cena were going to find out why the Outlaws were the toughest guys in the damned business. Tonight, every single ICW wrestler was going to out just how much pull James Outlaw had in the wrestling tonight! John Cena called his finisher the Prototype, well tonight, a new prototype would be formed. One that represented the greatest gathering of wrestlers in the industry.

The Tigers (Chuck Palumbo/Sean O'Haire), Billy Kidman and John Cena vs The Outlaws (Mike Awesome/Mike Sanders/Rhino) w/James Outlaw and Val Venis w/Francine
The Tigers started out double teaming Sanders using every tactic to keep the former American champion struggling to avoid a quick loss. Sanders was able to make a blind tag to Rhino, who came in and Gored an unsuspecting Billy Kidman. Rhino went for a cover but John Cena made the save. Rhino and Mike Awesome took turns working over Kidman and tagged in Val Venis. Venis quickly went for his Money Shot off the top rope but Kidman rolled out of the way and Venis hit nothing but ring. John Cena took the tag and entered hitting Venis with a standing side kick and a huge powerslam. Out of nowhere, the Outlaws jumped down from the apron and walked to the back with James Outlaw. Cena hit the Prototype on Val Venis and made the cover. 1... 2... 3!

The Tigers (Chuck Palumbo/Sean O'Haire), Billy Kidman and John Cena beat Outlaws (Mike Awesome, Mike Sanders and Rhino) w/James Outlaw and Val Venis w/Francine when J. Cena pinned Venis with the Prototype in 0:09:44.

Post Match:
Cena, Kidman, and The Tigers left. Francine was left venting about why the Outlaws had left ringside.

Backstage In The Outlaws Locker Room:
James Outlaw told his troops that they were better then an 8 man tag with Val Venis. They were all going to be wearing gold again if he had anything to say about it. Outlaw promised one thing tonight, the ICW would be shocked at who had decided to align with them tonight. The rest of the Outlaws said they were looking forward to it.

Backstage Interview with Raven and Beulah:
Raven said he had some footage to show Ash and Amy. The footage was loaded and it showed all the attacks on Ash before Estpolis and how Raven had been behind it. Beulah smiled and said that Ash had deserved every single attack. He had not only mistreated her, but he had ruined her plans to take over the ICW. So instead of doing it through owning the ICW, she and Raven were going to do it in the ring. Tonight, Beulah promised Amy would be in pain. Raven said that pain breed agony and agony would breed destruction. Raven would breed an Evenflow DDT for Ash and for Amy.

Backstage By The Entrance Way:
A limo arrived with the license plate simply of "ICW". The door opened and out came ICW Owner Brandon Eversoll. Brandon had some documents and what looked like a video tape in his hands. Brandon entered the arena with the items.

Hardcore Match:
Ash Eversoll and Amy Lin vs Raven and Beulah
Raven wheeled down a shopping cart and Beulah had a cane in her hand. Ash came out and was by himself. Ash attacked both Raven and Beulah. Amy came from behind through the crowd and speared Beulah to the concrete floor. Ash and Raven hooked up and Ash sent Raven crashing into the shopping cart sending all the hardcore elements out onto the floor. Amy tossed Beulah up against the security railing and went for a clothesline but Beulah back dropped Amy over the rail. Beulah followed things up with a double axehandle and slam onto the floor. Raven wisely hit a low blow on Ash and then nailed Ash over the back with a kendo stick, breaking the stick into pieces. Raven continued his torture sending Ash into a steel gurter and then hitting him with a legsweep. Amy surprised Beulah with a hurricanna and then rushed over to hit a low blow on Raven. Amy then hit Raven with another hurricanna and went for a cover. 1... 2... KICKOUT! Beulah came over and attacked Amy along with Raven. Raven held Amy for Beulah as Beulah came at her with a stop sign. Amy ducked out and Raven was drilled with the sign. Amy then grabbed the sign and cracked it over Raven's back and into Beulah's gut. Ash returned to his feet and then drilled Raven with a reverse DDT. Ash climbed up to the top of a set of stairs and put Raven through a table with a senton bomb! Amy hit Beulah with a big powerslam on the floor. Ash picked Raven up and then drilled him with an Attitude Adjuster busting the back of Raven's head open. Beulah got to her feet and attempted to low blow Ash but was stopped by Amy. Amy hit a quick jumping DDT sending Beulah to the concrete! Amy climbed up to the top of the stairs and prepared for something. Ash positioned Beulah and Amy CAME OFF THE TOP OF THE ARENA STAIRS RAILING WITH A MOONSAULT DRILLING BEULAH! Amy seemed a bit hurt but hooked the leg nonetheless. The referee came over and laid down the count 1... 2... Ash drills Raven with an Evenflow DDT!... 3!!!! Ash and Amy had gotten their revenge!

Hardcore Match:
Ash Eversoll and Amy Lin defeated Raven and Beulah when Amy Lin pinned Beulah with the Moonsault in 0:12:47.

Post Match:
Vader came out to attempt to attack Ash and Amy but was stopped by Dave Williams! Williams chased Vader to the backstage area with a kendo stick. Ash grabbed a microphone and Amy dragged Beulah over.

Ash: Beulah, you never were trustworthy and you simply aren't good enough for me, the fans or the bum down the corner!

Amy dropped Beulah and Ash dropped a ring on her. Ash and Amy left as the fans cheered their victory.

Backstage In Commissioner Corvin's Office:
Brandon Eversoll entered the office to find absolutely no one there. Brandon started to leave when Rokuru and Teddy came through the door. "Teddy asked how much money Brandon had" but Rokuru stopped him and said that was a rude thing to ask. Brandon said Rokuru was kind of an odd guy and maybe needed to seek some therapy. Rokuru said he was not in need of therapy it was Teddy that had problems idolizing the wrong kinds of people! Rokuru then told Teddy that he should learn to keep himself in line. Brandon stopped Rokuru and Teddy from bantering back and forth. Brandon said he simply needed to find out where Draven Corvin was. Rokuru said that Teddy had seen him down the hall and "Teddy" pointed which way Draven had gone. Brandon thanked Teddy by shaking his paw and then told Rokuru if he really wanted to impress people, he'd better make sure he was always on his game in the ring. Brandon left as Rokuru was stunned. Rokuru told Teddy that he was always on his game. Rokuru told Teddy that losing to the Rock wasn't his fault!

Backstage Interview with Ken Shamrock:
Shamrock said that he was the first ever double champion in ICW history and he wasn't about to let anyone else prove him to be anything but the best. Tonight, Matt Hardy and Kurt Angle were going in and receiving a LOT of pain from the Ankle Lock. They would tap, the always did. As far as Test went, with Test's new attitude and realization that the fans sucked, well Test would go places but no one could stop Shamrock in the Zone!

Backstage Inside the Mixed Maniacs Locker Room:
Lamar Larkin was watching footage from Terror when the Cat hit him with the Feliner and scored a pinfall. Larkin said he would make sure that didn't happen again. From outside rushed Faarooq and Ahmed Johnson. Faarooq and Ahmed pounded Larkin and then tossed him through a mirror! Faarooq and Ahmed left the locker room as soon as Jeff and Kwee Wee came from the other side. Kwee Wee chased Harlem Doom down the hallway while Hardy attended to Larkin.

Four Corner Match
Winner Picks His Title, Runner-Up Gets The Other
ICW American and Raw Titles On The Line:
Ken Shamrock (c) vs Kurt Angle vs Test vs Matt Hardy
The match was completely brutal from the beginning. Shamrock started off by taking out Angle with a huge shot from both belts. The shot made Angle bleed and he was looking bad. Test and Shamrock began to double team Hardy in the ring while Angle was still out on the floor. Test whipped Hardy to the ropes and Angle pulled Hardy out of the ring. Angle and Hardy regathered themselves and rushed Test and Shamrock. Angle chased Shamrock to the outside while Hardy hit a big clothesline from the ropes on Test. Hardy then dove over the ropes and took out Shamrock. The referee became distracted and went after Hardy and Shamrock. Angle put the boots to Test and hit the Olympic Slam but there was no referee. Angle called for the referee but was taken out from behind by Test with a shot from a set of brass knux. Test hit the Grade on Angle and the referee returned to the ring. 1... 2... 3!!! Angle had been eliminated! The match continued with Shamrock and Test working over Matt. Test pulled out the knux again and went for a shot but Hardy moved out of the way and Test sent Shamrock over the ropes to the floor. Test turned around and BANG! TWIST OF FATE! Hardy hooked the leg and got the 3 count eliminating Test. Shamrock re-entered and went after Hardy with a chair but the referee stopped him. Shamrock shoved the referee and then went back after Hardy. Matt drop kicked the chair back into Ken Shamrock's face busting him wide open. Matt quickly took the advantage and hit Shamrock with the Twist of Fate! Matt hooked the leg.. 1... 2.... 3!!! Matt had just won his choice of gold!

Four Corners Match:
Matt Hardy defeated Ken Shamrock, Test and Kurt Angle:
         x Test beat Angle via the Grade in 0:09:55
         x M. Hardy beat Test via the Twist of Fate in 0:13:05
         x M. Hardy beat Shamrock via the Twist of Fate in 0:14:58
(Matt Hardy won the ICW American Title or ICW Raw Title.)
(Ken Shamrock won the ICW Raw Title or ICW American Title.)

Post Match:
Matt called for the microphone. Matt told Shamrock that he had given serious thought to picking a belt here tonight. And while the thought was appealing of taking the Raw title home. However, the American title belonged to him. However, Shamrock all ready had a challenger for the Raw title. Shamrock turned around and WHACK! Angle hit Shamrock in the face with the Raw title! Matt grabbed the American title and he and Angle exchanged a high five and left the ring.

Backstage Interview with Simon Diamond and Dawn Marie:
Simon said that tonight, tonight, in a no DQ match DDP was going to find out why you didn't cross. Dawn Marie interjected that DDP had crossed the line. He deserved to be beaten, injured, hospitalized and more! Tonight, her man would give DDP the Simonizer and put an end to his silliness. Diamond said one thing was for sure tonight, DDP was going to get his ass kicked, because Simon Says So!

Backstage By The Entrance Way:
Lamar Larkin was being put up into a ambulance to be checked out at a hospital. Jeff Hardy and Kwee Wee said they'd get the win tonight and left for their title defense!

Universal Tag Team Title Cage Match:
Mixed Maniacs (Jeff Hardy/Kwee Wee) vs Harlem Doom (Faarooq/Ahmed Johnson) w/Ernest Miller
Kwee Wee and Jeff dominated things from the beginning completely on fire and looking for revenge for their manager. Hardy hit the Poetry in Motion off Kwee Wee and then took down Ahmed Johnson with a tornado DDT. Kwee Wee went after Faarooq but received a huge spinebuster for his efforts. Faarooq went for a cover but Hardy was able to break things up. Faarooq ducked a spinning heel kick from Jeff and then planted him with the Dominator! Faarooq went for the cover but the save was made by Kwee Wee. Ahmed came running with lariat missing both Kwee Wee and Jeff. He did connect with Faarooq who connected with the referee and the steel cage. Miller wasted no time and pulled out bolt cutters from underneath the ring. Miller unlocked the cage and came in. Miller went for a Feliner on Kwee Wee but missed and TOOK OUT FAAROOQ! Miller did manage to hit a standing side kick putting down Kwee Wee. Miller went for yet another Feliner this time against Jeff... AND MISSED AGAIN TAKING DOWN AHMED! Jeff quickly dropped Miller with a DDT. Kwee Wee dropped Miller with a K.W. Bomb as Jeff followed it up with the Swanton Bomb! Jeff wasted no time in attacking Ahmed and hitting the Swanton Bomb. Faarooq quickly broke up the pin attempt and hot shot Hardy face first into the cage and then caught him with the Dominator! Ahmed got to his feet and chop blocked Kwee Wee's leg. Faarooq hit the Dominator on Kwee Wee as the weakened referee came over to make the count. 1... 2.. Ahmed jumps on top of Faarooq to add to the pinning weight... 3!!! Harlem Doom won the gold!

Cage Match:
Harlem Doom (Faarooq/Ahmed Johnson) w/Ernest Miller defeated Mixed Maniacs (Jeff Hardy/Kwee Wee) when Faarooq pinned Kwee Wee with the Dominator in 0:11:42.
(Harlem Doom won the ICW Universal Tag Team Titles.)

Post Match:
Faarooq and Ahmed celebrated walking up the rampway with their tag team titles. They however missed something. The Cat was still in the ring. Kwee Wee and Jeff took their frustrations out on the Cat with a second K.W. Bomb and Swanton Bomb combo! Kwee Wee and Jeff made sure Harlem Doom things were far from over between them.

Backstage In The Hallway:
ICW Owner Brandon Eversoll had finally tracked a Corvin... Debbie Corvin! Brandon asked where Draven was because he had to give him some unfournate news. Debbie said Draven had stormed off and left on his motorbike not to long ago. He said something about thinking things out and that was all she knew. Brandon said he'd have to deal with Draven later. Brandon said he had to give a talk to Vader.

No DQ Match:
Diamond Dallas Page vs Simon Diamond w/Dawn Marie
DDP went quickly to work on Diamond using the no DQ rule to his full advantage. Page under loaded a chair shot on Diamond and then tossed Diamond hard into the ring steps. Dawn Marie quickly saw an opening and tossed powder into DDP's face. With DDP blinded, Simon quickly drilled DDP on the outside of the ring with a Simonizer! Simon went for the cover but the referee told him the falls had to be in the ring. Simon tossed DDP back into the ring and went for a cover. 1... 2... KICKOUT! DDP managed to get his shoulder back up. Dawn Marie entered into the ring with a chair and tossed it to Simon. DDP surged to his feet and drop kicked the chair into Diamond's face. Page went after Dawn Marie who exited the ring and rolled to the outside. Dawn grabbed a fire extinguisher and blasted Page full force in the face. Simon came from behind and turned DDP around for the Simonizer a second time. Simon hooked the leg and got the 3 count.

Simon Diamond w/Dawn Marie pinned Diamond Dallas Page with the Simonizer in 0:07:55.

Post Match:
Simon called for someone from the back and out came Chris Candido and Tammy. Candido grabbed DDP and dropped him with the Blonde Bombshell. Candido called for a microphone. Candido said that back in the days of a certain federation, Page's wife had so elegantly gotten his wife fired and shove out the door. Candido and Tammy were left with no option but to go to Japan where he met up with Simon. Candido had paid Simon QUITE a lot of money to take DDP out but DDP had returned again. However, this time, Candido was going to make sure DDP was put out for good. Candido grabbed DDP's arm and delivered a shoulderbreaker from the second turnbuckle. Candido and Diamond stomped DDP's arm until security members rushed the ring to stop the duo.

Backstage Interview with Lita:
Lita said she had made a decision on who she was going to manage and that person knew that she'd by there for them tonight. Tonight, Lita would finally back someone all the way to the top.

ICW Global Title Match:
Hunter Hearst Helmsley (c) vs Chris Kanyon
HHH started off taking it to Kanyon for all the abuse Kanyon had put him through during the past months. Kanyon came back through low blows and choke holds. Kanyon hit a fireman's carry neckbreaker but couldn't keep the Global champion down for the three count. Kanyon then managed to come off the top with a flying clothesline taking down the champion. Kanyon went for a cover but couldn't keep HHH down. HHH fought back and hit a running knee attack sending Kanyon strong into the referee sending him to the floor. HHH went for a Pedigree but Kanyon had it scouted and went for a backdrop. Kanyon then grabbed the Global title and took down the champion. Kanyon taunted HHH but meanwhile Lita came down to the ring. Lita shot Kanyon a smile and Kanyon dragged HHH over to a corner. Lita ascended the top rope and set herself for a Moonsault. Kanyon posed for the crowd but behind him Lita had turned around. Kanyon turned around, MISSILE DROPKICK FROM LITA ON KANYON! HHH returned to his feet as Lita revived the referee. Pedigree square in the center of the ring by HHH on Kanyon. 1... 2... 3!!!

Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Chris Kanyon with the Pedigree in 0:14:25.
(Hunter Hearst Helmsley retained the ICW Global Title.)

Post Match:
HHH and Lita celebrated his victory. HHH grabbed a microphone. HHH told Kanyon in answer to the question "Whose Better Then Kanyon?" Well that was the Game and Lita!

Backstage Interview with Taz:
Taz said that tonight he had to prove himself against the Rock. The Rock had truly overstepped his bounds. First he thought he could get away with attacking Taz, and that in of itself was a big no no. And furthermore, The Rock decided to attack Rokuru and Teddy. Taz agreed that Rokuru was out there but he was a fun guy and caused no harm. Tonight, Taz would cause harm on The Rock not only for himself but for Rokuru and Teddy as well.

Backstage In Raven's Locker Room:
Raven said that they should go out and ruin Ash and Amy's wedding. They should throttle them all. Vader reminded Raven that tonight, they had too many superstars around them. There was no way they were going to be able to stand against nearly 3/4 of the ICW roster that was likely to attend. Beulah spoke up and said to simply forget about Ash. They had really struck their own damage. Ash would have to be weary of everyone that surrounded him, he never could trust anyone after what Beulah had done to him. However, Dave Williams was another story, tonight, the focus would be to take care of him. Raven and Vader agreed and began formulating a plan to do it.

Ash Eversoll and Amy Lin

Ash Eversoll made his way out in a tuxedo accompanied by Dave Williams, Brandon Eversoll, Lance Storm, Rokuru, and several other ICW superstars. The rest of the Eversoll family joined him in the ring as a pastor readied for the ceremony.

Taylor Eversoll, Lita and Tylene Buck all made their way down to the ring in bridesmaid gowns.

"Here Comes The Bride" played and down came Amy Lin in a stunning dress. Amy entered and stared at Ash. The pastor came to the center and began to the vows.

Ash said that Amy had always been a part of his heart and had infected his soul with her love. He could never ever get that out of his system and would love her forever.

Amy told Ash that she had dreamed of being with him. No matter where she was, her heart always was with him. She wanted nothing more then to be together forever.

Ash: "I do."

Amy: "... I.. DO!"

Pastor: "I now pronouce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Amy and Ash locked into a kiss as the fans cheered and streamers came down from the rafters. Ash grabbed the microphone and was about to address the fans...


STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!!!!! Austin's music blarred over the intercom and he came barraging through the arena curtains.

SCSA: Wait! Hold on one second! I'm not here to break up the party. I have a gift for both the bride and the groom. I know yeah, Stone Cold Steve Austin isn't supposed to be here, but he signed on a dotted line and he's here now. So Ash, Amy, please come forward and I got something for you both.

Ash and Amy agreed and left the ring and walked up to the rampway. Amy arrived first and Austin shook her hand and gave her a hug. Ash was given a handshake and a hug as well.

SCSA: Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass but Ash and Amy 3:16 means, we're together, in love and completely... STUPID!!!

Austin drilled Amy with a kick and a Stunner! The Outlaws rushed from the fans and whacked Ash with a chair and beatdown the new husband! James Outlaw appeared on the scene with a microphone.

Outlaw: You see Brandon, you tried to ruin me, tonight, I ruined your son's little lovefest. And from now on, the Outlaws are going to rule the ICW from here on out. There's nothing we won't do to stomp down the competition!

Dave Williams, Jeff Hardy, Kwee Wee, Hugh Morrus, HHH, DDP and a few others came from the locker room and the ring but the Outlaws escaped through the crowd. Austin stood proudly flipping off Amy and Ash from the 2nd section seating!

Ash and Amy began to recover but the damage to the party had been done, violently!

Backstage Interview with The Rock:
The Rock said that he didn't care about Taz, Rokuru or anyone else, he was here to lay the Smackdown on whatever jabroni was in the way. Tonight, Taz had a problem, well it didn't matter because that man was going down to the Rock Bottom, 1, 2, 3! No one, tells the Rock anything different! As far as the special guest referee or whoever is considered, it doesn't matter who the special guest referee is! Tonight, Taz and anyone else were going to be beaten in front of the million and million of candyass fans in the stands.

Backstage In The Hallway:
Booker T was psyching himself up for the main event when Edge appeared and speared the champion through a set of boxes. Edge told him that he'd finish the job later on this evening!

Backstage In The Hallway:
ICW Owner Brandon Eversoll bumped into Vader. Brandon told Vader that as much as he respected his sheer power and skill in the ring, he wasn't going to tolerate any abuse of officials outside of the realms of a match. He would hate to have suspend Vader indefinitely... or lock him in a small cage with Draven Corvin with baseball bat in hand after he touched Debbie again. Brandon reminded Vader he would have no easy task against Dave Williams tonight and to remained focused on that.

Taz was introduced and the Rock followed down to the ring. They both awaited the announcement of the guest referee.



Special Guest Referee Teddy
Taz vs Rocky Maivia
The Rock wasted no time in attacking Taz and sending him around the ring with punches and kicks. The Rock hit a DDT and then several vertical suplexes. The Rock drilled Taz with a spinebuster and went for a People's Elbow but Taz was quickly up and hit a big clothesline on the Rock. Taz came back with a big belly to belly suplex and then went for a chair but "Teddy stopped him from using it". Taz was frustrated to say the least but "Teddy was calling it down the middle!" The Rock hit a low blow and then hit a huge Rock Bottom on Taz! The Rock went for the chair but Rokuru dropped Teddy and tried to pull it away. The Rock forced Rokuru over the ropes and then drilled Taz in the head with it. The Rock instantly went for the People's Elbow... one rope... second rope... SMASH! Rokuru had drilled The Rock in the back with a pipe from underneath the ring! The Rock staggered around and Taz jumped to his feet and drilled the Rock with a T-Bone Tazplex! "Teddy had recovered" and laid down the count on the Rock. 1... 2... 3!!!

Match with Special Referee Teddy:
Taz pinned Rocky Maivia after T-Bone Tazplex in 0:09:52.

Post Match:
An interviewer caught up with Rokuru and Teddy. Rokuru was asked why there was no disqualification for his action against the Rock. Rokuru said that they'd have to ask Teddy. "Teddy" said he was unaware of any illegal happenings as he was taken out when the Rock tossed Rokuru over the ropes. The Rock was pinned by Taz and the 3 count had proven Taz the victor. Rokuru left with Teddy as the Rock slowly recovered in the ring.

Backstage By The Entrance Way:
The Outlaws all piled into a hummer and drove off. Chuck Palumbo, Sean O'Haire, Billy Kidman and John Cena amongst others had just gotten there a few seconds late.

Backstage In Ash and Amy Eversoll's Locker Room:
Ash was checking on Amy and promising that he would indeed make Austin pay for crossing the line tonight. Dave Williams said that he had to take care of Vader and would get one for Ash and Amy tonight.

Backstage In Another Hallway:
Brandon Eversoll finally found Draven Corvin. Brandon said that Draven couldn't overstep his bounds as commissioner and get involved with Vader. Draven said he would do what he had to do if things got out of control. Draven also said he didn't care what news Brandon might have, he had things to take care. Brandon was left holding a video tape.

Finisher vs Finisher Match:
Dave Williams w/Taylor Eversoll vs Vader
Dave Williams started off very aggressively against Vader. Williams was ready for an Insane Bomb but Vader was able to recover and back drop Williams to the concrete floor. Williams seemed to have trouble with his back and Vader went to the attack. Vader brought the Insane One back into the ring and knocked him down with a huge body block. Vader then decided to soar high and went for a moonsault... which drilled Williams into the canvas. Vader then called for a Vader Bomb and went for it. Williams punched his way out of the attempt and then dropped Vader with an inverted DDT. Williams then sprung off the ropes and went for a clothesline and took Vader down. Williams went for an Insane Bomb but no, his back was still in pain. Williams quickly went back to the assault with a spin kick. Vader went crashing into the corner... where the referee was! The ref was out cold and here came the troops. Beulah and Raven made their way out to the ring. Taylor Eversoll quickly took down Beulah with a huge tackle and went at her. Raven came in but Williams sent him to the floor. Williams proceeded TO PLANT VADER WITH THE INSANE BOMB, but no referee. From over the guard rail came Draven Corvin! Corvin attacked Raven who was at ringside. Draven and Taylor held back Raven and Beulah as Williams tried to revive the ref. BANG! Ring bell to the back of the head by Vader! Vader tossed the bell as the referee came back to duty. Vader grabbed Williams and dropped him with a Vader Bomb! Vader hooked the leg and then used the ropes for leverage and got the 1... 2... 3!!!

Vader pinned Dave Williams w/Taylor Eversoll with the Vader Bomb in 0:11:04.

Post Match:
Draven Corvin went beserk and dropped Raven with a Claw Sweep on the outside of the ring. Draven then hit the ring and took down Vader with a Claw Sweep as well. Vader was about to become a victim of a second Claw Sweep but Raven pulled him out. As Vader and Raven headed up the rampway, music hit!


ICW Owner Brandon Eversoll made his way out and had some papers in his hand.

Raven: Eversoll! What are you going to do about it? Corvin has viciously attacked us again!

Brandon: Raven, I thoroughly agree with your statement. Commissioner Corvin has indeed overstepped his bounds as Commissioner. And that is why, I have no choice but to relief him of his duties as Commissioner.

Raven and Vader began to laugh as Draven seemed completely stunned as did Williams and Taylor. The fans started to boo the decision.

Vader: See Corvin, I told you were nothing, you have no career, you have no Commissioner role, you're done!

Brandon: Vader, again, I think you need to rethink things. Perhaps you should take a look at this piece of footage.

On the ICW Tron, footage from Draven Corvin heading up against Taz in a retirement match. Corvin drills Taz with a Claw Sweep and Sting tosses in the towel, ending Corvin's in-ring career.

Brandon: Now as far as I saw, Draven wasn't in any real position where his towel man shouldn't be tossing in the towel. So I thought I'd reconsider this footage and that decision. I mean after all, Draven did win a King of a Death match tournament and take down some good competition in the process. So I thought I'd get a second opinion, from your new ICW Commissioner.


CURT HENNIG!!! stepped through the curtains and came down.

Curt: So Draven won a death match tournament? Beat some guys from a few different federations as I recall. Got a trophy of some sort, title belt, sounds like a wrestler to me. Beats up on guys that cross the line, hit women, again sounds like a wrestler to me. So, Draven, I will indeed have to punish you. So for your punishment, there's only one thing I can do.

Raven: What's that Hennig? Make him listen to your singing on that old WWF album? Or perhaps Rap Is Crap again?

Curt: No Raven, I'm REINSTATING DRAVEN CORVIN! As for you Raven and you Vader, and you Beulah, the little traitor in the back, watch your toes, I'll be running a tight ship around here. See you later.

"DEAD SOULS by NIN" played as Hennig and Eversoll walked to the back as the fans chanted Draven's name. Raven and Vader went to the locker room but Vader pointed at Corvin and said he was marked!

Backstage Interview with Booker T:
Booker said that tonight, he was going to take all the anger, all the torment, and all the pain that Edge had put him through until now and show Edge all of it at once. Tonight, Edge was in for a big treat, he was going to receive something from the Bookerman. THE BOOKEND! And after it was all said and done, Edge and his little woman Chastity, could no one thing. DON'T HATE THE PLAYER, HATE THE GAME!

Universal Title Match:
Booker T (c) vs Edge w/Chastity
Edge started off by attacking Booker T with blows to the ribs where Booker had taken many spears over the past month. Edge worked Booker's rips over and then hit a huge gut buster, working over Booker's abdomen. Edge tossed Booker to the outside. Edge then SPEARED BOOKER INTO THE RING STEPS. Edge tossed Booker back into the ring and waited for the champion to get to his feet. Edge went for a spear again, but this time Booker jumped it and then hit Edge with a jumping side kick. Booker was hurting but came back with a missile dropkick. Booker went for a cover but didn't even get a 2 count. Booker then hit a huge powerslam but not enough for a 3 count. Booker went to the outside and up to the top. Chastity quickly tossed Booker to the canvas and Booker hit hard. Edge waited for Booker to hit his feet and then SPEAR! Edge hooked Booker's leg. 1... 2... KICKOUT! Edge was pissed and then attacked Booker's rips with vicious stomps. Edge dragged Booker to his feet and then Downward Spiral! Edge hooked the leg. 1... 2... LEG ON THE ROPE!!! Edge was frustrated and told Chastity to get in the ring. Chastity brought a chair with her and shoved down the referee. Chastity readied the chair for a shot on Booker T but the referee came from behind and stole it. Chastity slapped the referee. Edge dropped Booker with a second spear but it didn't keep him down. Edge was frustrated and grabbed the steel chair as Chastity and the referee exchanged words. Edge went for a chairshot but Booker T kicked the chair back into his face. Booker then hit a big flying elbow from the ropes and put Edge down. Booker missed an axe kick and Edge readied for a spear. Edge went for the spear and Booker moved. Edge did hit however, taking down Chastity who was right behidn Booker. Edge turned around... BOOKEND!!! Booker hit the Bookend in the middle of the ring. Booker hooked the leg 1... 2...... 3!!! Booker had retained the gold.

Booker T pinned Edge w/Chastity with the Bookend in 0:12:05.
(Booker T retained the ICW Universal Title.)

Post Match:
Chastity recovered and rolled to the outside and walked away. Edge went after her but she shrugged him off. Booker posed on all four corners with the Universal title as his music played.