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Date: September 2003

Backstage In A Hallway:
Victoria was slowly bending over to pick up some candy out of the vending machine when a small paw placed itself on her butt. Victoria jumped up to see Teddy staring her back in the face.

Victoria: Rokuru, what the hell are you doing!

Rokuru: Teddy, I told you she wouldn't like that but NO, do you listen? Sorry, Victoria, Teddy believes you'd like to do it Teddy Style with him.

Victoria: Oh really. I doubt that the little plush toy could satisfy me the way he's supposed to.

Rokuru: What's that Teddy? Oh Teddy says you know that you would be begging for more plush action, second by second screaming his name.

Victoria: You make me laugh, but let me tell you, I wouldn't let Chris see you talk to me like that.


Victoria: Oops, too late. Rokuru was just telling me that Teddy had a small crush on me is all.

Kanyon: I see. Listen here psycho. You think you can just walk up to my woman and use your little bear to hit on her? I don't think so. You see, I haven't properly gotten my aggressions out after what Edge did to me. And believe, he will truly pay for it, but as of now. Since you seem to think you're better then Kanyon, I'll see in the ring tonight, how about that?

Rokuru: What's that Teddy? WHO BETTER THEN TEDDY?!!! Hell nobody is. See you later Chris.

Rokuru walked off as Victoria snickered to herself. Kanyon continued his glare at Rokuru and turned around to see Victoria laughing.

Kanyon: What's so funny?

Victoria: Nothing, I just think it's kind of flattering that he'd use a bear to try and hit on me is all. Don't worry, not that I'd leave you for him or anything.

Kanyon: You know, I think maybe you should go see a shrink and take Rokuru with you. Obiviously he needs therapy and it seems like you could use some too.

Kanyon struts off into the depths of the arena while Victoria is stunned.

Backstage In Commissioner Curt Hennig's Office:
Shawn Michaels and Xtacy have joined Hennig in his office. Hennig drinks some coffee while HBK puts down his cell phone.

Michaels: Good, Test and Stacey should be here shortly. So what's the word on that tag title match then?

Hennig: Ah yes, I made sure HHH and Edge would have time to get prepared for their Night Rage match against Goldberg and King tonight.

Xtacy: Who did you put them up against Curt?

Hennig: Tonight, we'll be adding the Universal tag team titles to our trophy case.

Xtacy: Dark Storm? Sound be an very good match. They are tough but I don't think anyone is tougher then HHH and Edge, well excluding Shawn of course.

Michaels: Thanks. It's too bad that Dark Storm wouldn't want to join the NEO DX wagon, they have serious potential but if you stand in the way of NEO DX, you get knocked down.

Xtacy: Definitely would have made some great editions.

Hennig: Don't worry, I'm working on adding a member tonight as well.

Michaels: Definitely a good choice too. Time for the tag match.

ICW Universal Tag Team Title Match:
NEO DX (Hunter Hearst Helmsley/Edge) w/Chastity vs Dark Storm (Magus/Bishop) (c) w/Schala
The fans were definitely behind Dark Storm during the contest, though there seemed to be an equal amount of booing going on for both sides. Magus showed superior strength by one hand military pressing Edge up and dropping him down to the canvas. Magus went quick for the Darkbreaker but that was quickly broken up by HHH. HHH and Bishop hit the ring causing the referee to lose control. The match continued with Schala and Chastity attacking each other on the outside. Edge and Bishop were left alone and Edge whacked Bishop upside the head with the title belt. Edge posed on the ropes as the crowd erupted. Edge got down and WHACK!! SPEAR FROM GOLDBERG!!!! Goldberg dropped Edge down to the canvas with a Jackhammer and rolled to the outside and watched Jimmy King attack HHH. Bishop got up and hit Edge with the X-Force as the referee laid down the 1... 2.. and 3 for Dark Storm to retain the belts.

Dark Storm (Magus/Bishop) w/Schala defeated NEO DX (Hunter Hearst Helmsley/Edge) w/Chastity when Bishop pinned Edge with the X-Force in 0:08:21.
(Dark Storm retained the ICW Universal Tag Team Titles.)

Post Match:
Jimmy King brought HHH into the ring and delivered the Royal Crowning (jumping piledriver) to the Game. Ready 2 Rumble left to the back as HHH and Edge were left laying in the ring.

Backstage In Commissioner Hennig's Office:
Michaels: What the hell was that! Goldberg and King just think they can run around jumping into other people's business. Curt, we've got to get these guys taken care of.

Hennig: No problem, I'll make sure they get what the deserve at Clash.

Michaels: Good deal.

Just then a crash was heard as the door to the office swung open and fell off its hinges. Raven, Beulah and Amy Lin-Eversoll all made their way into the office and looked at the NEO DX members.

Hennig: What the hell are you doing in my office? Don't you see I run this company!!

Raven: Relax Hennig. If I wanted to break your neck, I would have done it by now. We're here on business. Pretty simple transaction you can understand.

Amy: As Raven said, we have business to discuss. Raven wants a rematch with HBK for the Universal Title and I want Test. We don't care when.

Hennig: That I can understand. However, Shawn has the night off and the same goes for Test.

Amy: But we're not quite finished. You see, we'd like to face Test and Shawn tonight in a tag match. If Raven and I win, at Night Rage, Raven gets a rematch for the Universal title in a Street Fight with Shawn, and I get Test one on one.

Michaels: You think you could actually beat Test? That's a joke if I've ever heard one. Curt, you know Test and I can take care of this little lady, and hell Xtacy could slap her around like nothing.

Xtacy: Yea!

Hennig: Well, good point, but I don't see what we have to gain from this.

Raven: If by some chance we don't win, we'll give up the right to fight NEO DX for the next year. 4 months of not having me in your back and same goes for Amy.

Hennig: I like that, except for one thing. I agree to your terms, however it'll be Raven and Amy against HBK, Test and me!

Michaels: Curt?

Hennig: I've wanted to get into the ring for awhile and I think we can take them. Will that work for you or are you two scared of me?

Amy: Terms accepted. Oh and Xtacy, maybe you should check with Daffney and Lita, I understand they're looking for a third member to their club.

Xtacy: You little slut!

Amy, Raven and Beulah leave the office as Hennig gets a smile on his face.

Hennig: Nothing to lose here. We win, they leave us alone. We lose, we'll just break them apart at Night Rage anyways.

Michaels: Slick as always, slick as always.

ICW Raw Title First Blood Match:
Mike Awesome vs Vampiro (c)
Awesome was strong in the early going taking care of Vampiro with a series of power bombs and slams from the ropes but none of this would draw the blood that Awesome was looking for. Awesome climbed to the top rope and missed a flying clothesline crashing hard into the canvas. Vampiro rolled to the outside and pulled out a bag of thumbtacks. Vampiro scattered them across the ringside area as Awesome came over the ropes connecting with a shoulder block on Vampiro. Awesome appeared ready for an Awesome Bomb but Vampiro caught him low with his singapore cane. Vampiro quickly hit a modified Vampiro Spike sending Awesome face first into the thumb tacks. Awesome reached his feet and was covered in blood. The referee called for the bell and Vampiro had managed to retain the title.

First Blood Match:
Vampiro defeated Mike Awesome in 0:07:29.
(Vampiro retained the ICW Raw Title.)

Post Match:
Moy Lazzario and Rob Van Dam immediately rushed to the ring and attacked Vampiro. Surprisingly, Mike Awesome came to Vampiro's aid and security had to pull the groups apart. Vampiro got a microphone and got RVD and Lazzario's attention.

Vampiro: You guys like to go do you? You think you can stop me? I am out of your league. My darkness would eat you all alive. I am the most hardcore man in this business and I have no problem proving it. Night Rage, inside of a steel cage filled with weapons. Mike Awesome and I will take on you Lazzario and you RVD. The man that gets the fall for his team walks out with the Raw Title. I have no problem losing the belt to someone that's in my league like Mike is. RVD and Lazzario, you won't stand a chance!

Backstage In The Arena:
A vendor was looking for someone. The vendor stopped and asked several people if they had seen his partner. The vendor then bumped into Billy Kidman.

Vendor: Sorry Billy. I've been looking for my friend Brock have you seen him?

Kidman: No, I haven't.

Vendor: That's okay. See, I haven't seen him all day and he sells the soda and I sell the popcorn. See we're a team and I haven't seen him all day.

Kidman: Look, I'd like to help but I have a shot at the American title in just a few minutes, I'm sorry. Gotta go, good luck.

Kidman runs off towards the ring to face Chuck Palumbo as the vendor shrugs.

Vendor: Good luck to you Billy. No where on earth could Brock be?

ICW American Title Match:
Billy Kidman vs Chuck Palumbo (c)
Palumbo spent the early moments of the contest, choking out Kidman in the corner and randomly throwing out a few boots, punches and elbows as well. Kidman ducked a clothesline and drilled Palumbo with a jumping tornado DDT out of nowhere. Kidman climbed to the ropes and hit a springboard clothesline keeping Palumbo dazed. Kidman hit the Kid Crusher and went up top for the Shooting Star Press. Palumbo was up before Kidman could hit the move and got drilled by a missile dropkick. Palumbo quickly rolled to the outside of the ring and left up the rampway as the referee counted him out.

Billy Kidman defeated Chuck Palumbo by countout in 0:07:15.
(Chuck Palumbo retained the ICW American Title.)

Post Match:
Palumbo patted his title and mouth the word "Mine" to Kidman as the fans booed.

"Perfect- ICW Remix" ICW Commissioner Curt Hennig made his way out to rampway and looked at Palumbo.

Hennig: You know, I've been the commissioner of the ICW for awhile. I've studied the history of course and found that that American title has quite a history. Lots of guys have done a lot of things to keep a hold of it. Well tonight, we're going to have a finish, Palumbo, get back in the ring or I will strip you of the title.

Palumbo shrugged at Curt and looked pissed off.

Hennig: I said now!

Palumbo returned to the ring as the bell rang to restart the match.

ICW American Title Match- Restart:
Billy Kidman vs Chuck Palumbo (c)
Kidman was quick and hit Palumbo with a DDT as soon as he came in. Kidman hit the Kid Crusher for the second time and went up top. Kidman dove and drilled Palumbo in the gut with the Shooting Star Press. The referee counted the 1... and 2.... and 3!!! KIDMAN HAD WON GOLD!

Billy Kidman pinned Chuck Palumbo with the Shooting Star Press in 0:01:25.
(Billy Kidman won the ICW American Title.)

Post Match:
The fans were chanting for Billy Kidman as Palumbo rolled out of the ring and walked past Hennig giving him the bird.

Hennig: Billy congratulations. Good job, you are now the ICW American Champion. You are also a friend of NEO DX right now. Billy, you just received a perk from being a friend of NEO DX. And I have another one for you.

Two very beautiful women (Nikita and Miss Delicious from WSWA, ICW's developmental league) came out and wrapped themselves around Kidman's arm.

Hennig: Now Kidman, we want you in NEO DX. We think you've got the right stuff to be a big part of the team. I know it's a big decision and it'll take some time so I'm giving you time. At Night Rage, you will defend the title against Chuck Palumbo again, because you want to make sure you can beat him yourself, I know it. After you win the match, we'll be waiting for our answer. Have a nice night and remember what NEO DX has done for you.

Hennig strolled off to the back as Kidman looked at the gold and the ladies.

Backstage In The Hallway:
Crowbar was getting a cup of coffee when the Rock attacked him from behind. The Rock slammed Crowbar against the walls and pulled over a table. The Rock slammed Crowbar through the table with a Rock Bottom and continued to attack him. Jeff Jarrett arrived at the scene and threatened the Rock with a guitar.

JJ: You want to start a fight with someone Rock, we can go tonight, that's not a problem by me at all. I'll see in the ring later so choke on that SLAPNUTS!

The Rock just stormed off as Jarrett helped Crowbar get to his feet.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Lita w/Daffney
Chavo managed to keep Lita down most of the contest with dropkicks and clotheslines. Daffney was screaming to the referee that he wasn't doing his job right. Chavo climbed up and went for a missile dropkick but Lita managed to get out of the way of the move. Lita quickly hit a hurricanna and then followed things up with a moonsault but couldn't get the win over Chavo. Lita went for a handspring elbow but missed Chavo. Chavo readied Lita for the Tornado DDT but Daffney jumped up on the apron and smacked Chavo across the eyes with a cat of 9 tails. Chavo fell to the canvas and Lita hit the Feminine Twist to get the win.

Lita w/Daffney pinned Chavo Guerrero Jr. with the Feminine Twist in 0:07:06.

Post Match:
Lita and Daffney were happily leaving the ring when Chavo grabbed a microphone and called for their attention.

Chavo: Wait a second! Now, you two may think you're just going to walk out of here and I'm not going do anything about you two screwing me out of a victory tonight. I'm not going to be anyone's door mat in this federation. I hear you guys like threesomes, so I got one for you right here. At Night Rage, you two on one side of the ring, I'll be on the other, handicap match, what do you say, switch-hitters?

Lita: You're on Chavo, and believe me, us kicking your ass at Night Rage is going to be the closest you ever get to true pleasure in this life!

Lita and Daffney exchanged a quick kiss and then headed up the rampway as the fans were chanting for Chavo.

Backstage In The Arena:
The same vendor was still looking for his friend. This time he bumped into Stone Cold Steve Austin and James Outlaw.

Vendor: Whoa! Sorry Mr. Austin, sorry Mr. Outlaw, I didn't mean to bump into you like that.

Austin: You didn't mean to bump into us? What? I said you didn't mean to bump into us? What the hell were you doing running around like a chicken with your head cut off like that for son?

Vendor: Sorry. I'm looking for friend Brock. He's the guy that takes care of the soda pop vending and I do the popcorn vending. He carries a much heavier tray then I do of course, but still I haven't seen him around.

Austin: You're looking for your partner. Stone Cold Steve Austin understands partnership. What? I said Stone Cold Steve Austin understands partership. I think I thought I saw some guys wearing your little outfit back the way we were comin'. Now I'll forgive you if you can answer me a question. What? I said I'll forgive if you can answer me a question.

Vendor: Sure Mr. Austin, anything you say.

Austin: Is Jeff Jarrett here tonight?

Vendor: Yes, yes he is. He's wrestling The Rock later on this evening and I think the Global title is on the line.

Austin: All right then, you can go now.

The vendor scurries off in the direction Austin pointed out and James Outlaw gives a look at Austin.

Outlaw: Well, what are we going to do then?

Austin: We're going to pay Jarrett back.

Austin and Outlaw continued on further into the arena.

Rokuru w/Teddy vs Chris Kanyon w/Victoria
Kanyon worked over the much smaller Rokuru with a series of power moves. Rokuru spent most of the match grounded with Kanyon hitting all of his patented moves. Kanyon said it was time for the Flatliner but Rokuru was able to block the move and low blow Kanyon. Rokuru quickly rushed off the ropes and hit Kanyon with a drop kick and then a spinning wheel kick as well. Rokuru was ready for the Roku Driver when Victoria jumped up on the apron and started to show a little more leg to Rokuru. Rokuru was entranced and walked over to Victoria. Kanyon got back to his feet and swung wildly at Rokuru but Rokuru moved and Kanyon and Victoria collided. Rokuru quickly rolled Kanyon up and got the pinfall.

Rokuru w/Teddy pinned Chris Kanyon w/Victoria after a roll up in 0:08:59.

Post Match:
Kanyon was livid that Rokuru had managed to defeat him. Kanyon grabbed the microphone as Rokuru and Teddy headed up the rampway.

Kanyon: Oh no you don't! You can't just cheat and run you little schitzo! I've had it with people catering to a psycho like you, so I've got a challenge for you! Night Rage, we're going to have a little Teddy challenge. If you win, then Victoria will spend the night with you and she will wear one of her great teddies while she is with you, and if I win, then you have to throw that childhood toy of yours into a wood chipper!

Rokuru: Teddy doesn't think that it's your decision to make.

Kanyon: I don't care what that little bear has t-

Victoria: That's fine, the stipulation is fine by me.

Rokuru: Fine by me, see you there and Teddy's favorite color is red by the way Victoria!

Rokuru and Teddy walked off as Kanyon smiled despite the fans chanting "Rokuru!"

Backstage In Raven's Locker Room:
Beulah had a look of concern on her face as Raven and Amy were busily getting ready for the handicap match later on.

Beulah: But I don't quite understand why you guys agreed to their terms. They've got more people, I'm just worried that without you 2 fighting them, we're going to lose way to them.

Raven: I wouldn't worry about it. Amy can take care of Test, I know I can take care of Michaels, proved that all ready. And Hennig, he's so rusty he wouldn't be able to beat either of us on our worst day.

Amy: You know I never understood what Ash saw in you, you're kind of a whiner.

Beulah: Hey! Don't forget I can kick ass just as good as you, if not better.

Amy: Oh really, you think so. I'd love to see you prove that.

Raven: Ladies! Stop, please. We have to focuse. We're going to take care of NEO DX tonight, get our matches at Night Rage and then, Universal title for me, revenge for you Amy.

Amy: That's right, Test will be getting taught a lesson he'll never forget.

Beulah: All right. Amy wait, I want to apologize. We've had some bad blood and I want us to put it past us. It's been nearly a year since what went down with Ash and I. I'm sorry.

Amy: That's fine, I guess we've held onto that too long anyways.

Amy and Beulah exchanged a hug and Raven looked off.

Raven: Are you guys ready?

Amy and Beulah: Yep.

Backstage In NEO DX's Locker Room:
Michaels: All right, here's the deal gentlemen. Tonight we are going to take out Amy Lin and Raven tonight. Xtacy and Stacey, you will make sure Beulah doesn't get involved. HHH and Edge, you guys are stand-by, got it?

HHH: No problem.

Edge: Absolutely behind you Shawn.

Michaels: Good, tonight, Amy will get the big boot and Raven will feel that sweet chin music!

Test: You think Ash will show up tonight? I mean he put Raven down, he put Curt down too.

Michaels: It's a possibility but Curt has had security check everyone out. Besides, there's got to be some bad blood still brewing with Ash and Raven, especially that whole Beulah dropping him like a bad habit situation. He wouldn't help Raven out if it was the last option he had left. Don't worry, tonight NEO DX thrives!

ICW Global Title:
Jeff Jarrett w/Missy vs Rocky Maivia (c)
Jarrett and The Rock exchanged control of the match. The Rock backed Jarrett into a corner and tatooed him repetitively with fists but Jarrett ducked one and was able to hit the Rock with the Slapnut Drops early. Jarrett immediately went for the cover but the Rock was able to get his foot on the rope. Jarrett continued to work over The Rock in the ring. The fans erupted in boos as Steve Austin and James Outlaw made their way down to the ringside area. Austin grabbed Jarrett's guitar as Outlaw stalked Missy. The referee saw Outlaw and told him to vacate ringside. Austin saw the opening and slide in and cracked the guitar over Jarrett's head. Austin drilled Jarrett with a Stunner and then rolled to the outside. Outlaw left and the referee returned to the ring. The Rock recovered and pulled Jarrett to his feet. Rocky hit the Rock Bottom to retain the gold.

Rocky Maivia pinned Jeff Jarrett w/Missy with the Rock Bottom in 0:09:13.
(Rocky Maivia retained the ICW Global Title.)

Post Match:
Crowbar entered the ring and dropped the Rock with the Asylum.

Crowbar: Rock, I'll see you at Night Rage for the Global Title, just bring it!

Backstage In The Arena:
The vendor had finally tracked down his friend. He was wearing a dark pair of sunglasses and looked less then thrilled to be there.

Vendor: Brock, I'm glad I finally tracked you down. I was looking all over the arena for you man, I'm surprised you got so lost. Are you ready to go?

Brock just nodded at him and hooked up his soda tray.

Vendor: You okay, you don't really seem like yourself?

Brock again nodded and then headed off into the arena.

Vendor: Okay.

A cell phone went off and the vendor pulled it out and answered it.

Vendor: Hello, this is Gary. Brock? What, you got lost all ready? Wait, what do you mean you called in sick? No, you couldn't have called in sick I just saw you grab your stuff in go into the arena. Why do I hear Misty yelling at you in the background? Wait you are at home! Wait, if you did call in sick, then who took your stuff?

Handicap Match:
**If Amy and Raven Win, Amy faces Test at Night Rage and Raven receives a Universal Title Match against Shawn Michaels in a Street Fight. If NEO DX Wins, Amy and Raven will not face NEO DX until 2004**
Raven w/Beulah and Amy Lin-Eversoll vs NEO DX (Shawn Michaels/Test/Curt Hennig) w/Xtacy and Stacey
Raven and Amy were working like a well-oiled machine against the NEO DX team. Test was being worked over by Raven and Amy in their corner. Hennig got on the microphone and made the match no disqualification as Amy drilled Test with a jumping side kick and then put him down on the canvas with a hurricanna. Amy went up top and hit the moonsault but HBK dove in and made the save. The fans booed as Edge and HHH made their way into NEO DX's corner. Test snuck in a huge boot to Amy and tagged in Hennig. Amy caught Hennig with a low blow and then tagged in Raven. Raven worked over the ICW Commissioner with a series of punches and kicks. Raven hit a strong kick to the gut and looked to hit the Evenflow DDT but Test hit the big boot. HHH and Edge grabbed Amy off the ropes and Xtacy and Stacey attacked Beulah. Michaels, Test and Hennig all worked over Raven in the ring. Test dropped Raven with the Grade, and then went out to taunt Amy as HHH and Edge held her down. Michaels slammed the Universal title belt in Raven's face and then went outside to gloat at Beulah as Xtacy and Stacey had her restrained. Hennig waved for NEO DX to leave with the girls and they proceeded to do so. Hennig hit Raven with a jumping neck snap and posed. As Hennig posed, a vendor with a soda tray jumped over the railing and entered the ring. The vendor dropped all the soda to the outside and held the metal tray. Hennig came off the ropes and WHACK, metal tray to the face of the ICW Commissioner. Raven got up and kicked Hennig in the gut and delivered the Evenflow DDT. Raven hooked the leg as the fans counted with the referee 1.... 2... and 3!!!

Amy Lin-Eversoll and Raven w/Beulah defeated NEO DX (Shawn Michaels/Test/Curt Hennig) w/Xtacy and Stacey Keibler when Raven pinned Curt Hennig with the Evenflow DDT in 0:09:26.

Post Match:
NEO DX came rushing towards the ring but the vendor and Raven had collected chairs. The vendor took off his hate and sunglasses.... IT WAS ASH EVERSOLL!!!! Ash and Raven exchanged a handshake and Ash tossed Hennig outside at the feet of NEO DX. Amy and Beulah escaped to the back as Ash pulled a microphone out from his apron.

Ash: You see, there's just a slight problem with Commissioner Hennig. Now, Curt can make matches and believe me, Curt can make stipulations and yes Curt can even go as far as to make sure I don't ever wrestle any member of NEO DX. But Curt, you can't ban me from this arena, you can't ban me from any arena. Did you forgot who you were talking to? The first name is Ash. The last name is EVERSOLL! As in I OWN 20 percent of this company EVERSOLL! I'll be here every night, stabbing you and NEO DX in the sides until you die the slow and painful death that you're meant to! And Shawn, HHH, this one might be memorable for you. If you ain't down with that, Ash Eversoll, Amy Lin-Eversoll, Beulah, Raven, and everyone in this arena got two words for ya.....

Ash and the entire arena: SUCK IT!!!

*ICW Power Logo, Fade To Black*