October 2003
ICW Universal Title Street Fight:
Raven w/Beulah vs Shawn Michaels (c) w/Xtacy

ICW Global Title Return Match:
Crowbar vs Rocky Maivia (c)

The Teddy Challenge:
**If Rokuru Wins, Victoria Will Spend The Night With Him In A Teddy. If Kanyon Wins, Rokuru Must Put Teddy Into A Wood Chipper**
Rokuru w/Teddy vs Chris Kanyon w/Victoria

Tag Team Bad Blood Match:
Ready 2 Rumble (Bill Goldberg/Jimmy King) vs NEO DX (Hunter Hearst Helmsley/Edge) w/Chastity

Revenge Match:
Amy Lin-Eversoll vs Test w/Stacey Keibler

ICW Universal Tag Team Titles Match:
Midnight Excess (Val Venis/Godfather) vs Dark Storm (Bishop/Magus) w/Schala

ICW Raw Title Steel Cage Weapons Tag Match:
**Man That Gets The Falls Wins The Raw Title**
Rob Van Dam and Moy Lazzario vs Vampiro (c) and Mike Awesome

ICW American Title Match:
Billy Kidman vs Chuck Palumbo (c)

Handicap Match:
Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Lita and Daffney