Name: Moy Lazzario
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 227 lbs
Home Town: San Francisco, California
Finisher: Moy Buster (Slingshot Fisherman Buster)


Moy Lazzario has long black hair, which is usually worn in a topknot (the hairstyle worn by samurai). His clean-shaven face has vaguely Oriental features to it, and his skin is a light-coppery color; his ethnicity is a complicated mix of Korean, Italian, French, Mexican, and Cherokee ancestry. His build is approximately average size, though he's a bit on the lean side. He wears a singlet with an elaborate scene displaying a California beach party airbrushed on it as his ring attire. Moy Lazzario has a well-rounded arsenal of great technical wrestling and high-flying ability beyond his years, and substantial brawling ability as well. With less than two years of experience as an active pro under his belt, Moy Lazzario still wrestles a better match and seems to have more of a natural presence and awareness in the ring than many wrestlers who have been wrestling a lot longer.


Moy Lazzario spent a lot of his time wrestling the independents before reaching the big time of Japan. Moy spent several tours with a small company in Japan before reaching out and joining up with a strong professional North American company. After unsuccessful stint there, rumored to be problems with management stimming from Moy dating the owner's daughter, Moy has joined up with the ICW and is looking to make a solid name for himself. Not liked in the ring, Moy is a consumate heel in every sense of the word. He'll cheat to win, and blame the crowd for his losses.

Complete Theme Lyrics:

(To the tune of Joxer the Mighty from Xena):
Roams through the wrestling ring
He never needs a chair to bring
With kickass super sidekick
He ain't silly corporate prick
Doing broads and righting wrongs
Being the big Moy Toy all day long
He's Moy—Moy LAZZ A RIO!
He's very mighty
Every woman wants him
So cool he has his own pen
When you're in jeopardy
Don't call his celly
Busy getting a hard-on remedy
(Although she doesn't work for free)
He's the big measuring stick,
Every woman wants his... ,
Vacant title? He's the fix!
He's Moy—Moy LAZZ A RIO!

**The ICW credits PLC aka People's Literary Critic for creating Moy Lazzario. Bio provided by PLC. Note: Moy Creative editing (such as previous wrestling federation affiliations have been modified for profile**