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Date: September 2003

Video Montage:
Scenes from Rising Fire are shown. Test takes out Booker T with a big boot allowing Edge to retain the Universal Title. HHH enters the ring and drops DDP with a Pedigree. Edge retains the Universal title over Booker T. Commissioner Curt Hennig orders Shawn Michaels vs Edge for the Universal title. Michaels punches Edge and wins the Universal title. Hennig, Test, HHH, Edge and HBK form NEO DX to end the pay per view.

Backstage By The Entrance Way:
Amy Lin-Eversoll arrives at the arena. Amy is met by Kurt Angle and Lance Storm, United Force.

Storm: Look Amy, we saw what happened at Rising Fire and we're not going to sit back and let it happen.

Angle: We're challenging NEO DX tonight, Edge, HHH and Test and we'd like you to team on our side.

Amy: Sounds good, I'll see you then.

Storm: Good, we need to present a united front against these guys.

United Force walks off as Amy continues into the arena.

Matt and Jeff Hardy are together in the ring as the fans wonder who their opponents will be.


BILL GOLDBERG walks out as the fans erupt for him. Jimmy King follows behind him and they both walk to the ring to take on the Hardys.

Ready 2 Rumble (Bill Goldberg/Jimmy King) vs The Hardys (Jeff/Matt Hardy)
King worked over Jeff in the corner with several punches and then came off the top with a flying axehandle to the head as fans chanted "KING! KING!" King went for a piledriver but that was quickly broken up by Matt Hardy. Matt and Jeff double teamed King and hit a double suplex. Matt went for a Twist of Fate but King blocked the move and sent Hardy hard into the turnbuckle. King tagged in Goldberg and then Goldberg hit Matt with a big savate kick. Goldberg hip-tossed Jeff to the floor and then drilled Matt with the spear. King attacked Jeff on the outside while Goldberg hoisted Matt up and hit the Jackhammer for the 1... 2.... and 3!!

Ready 2 Rumble (Bill Goldberg/Jimmy King) defeated The Hardys (Jeff/Matt Hardy) when Goldberg pinned M. Hardy with the Jackhammer in 0:06:30.

Backstage In NEO DX's Locker Room:
Test and Edge were watching the replay of Goldberg and King on the monitor.

Test: Goldberg, what a piece of trash.

Edge: He's a tough guy, but I've got the bigger and badder spear.

HHH walks in and is greeted by Stacey and Chastity. HHH stares at the monitor watching a playback of Goldberg spearing Matt Hardy.

HHH: What the hell is that piece of trash doing in my federation! Who the hell hired him?

Edge: Don't know, Curt said they were going to be here tonight.

HHH: That's it, change of plans. As far as United Force goes, we're going to slaughter them. Test, you do whatever you want to do with Amy, I could care less. Edge, you and I are going to make Goldberg's life a miserable one. If Jimmy King wants to help him, then fine, he's going to get taken down just the same!

Edge: Good by me, good by me.

Val Venis vs Magus w/Schala
Magus started off playing the power game with Val. Magus hit a huge power bomb and then followed it up with a scoop slam from the 2nd rope. Magus went for an early cover but couldn't keep Venis pinned down to the mat. Magus drilled Venis in the corner with kicks and posed to the crowd as Venis rested up. Venis emerged with a huge clothesline putting Magus down on the canvas. Schala jumped to the ropes and Venis planted a huge kiss on her. Magus was infuriated and went to strike Venis but missed and nearly hit Schala. Venis caught Magus with a low blow and then a fisherman's buster. Venis went up top and jumped over Schala's staff attack hitting Magus with the Money Shot. 3 seconds later, Venis had won the match.

Val Venis pinned Magus w/Schala with the Money Shot in 0:07:25.

Post Match:
Bishop rushed down and planted Venis with the X-Force making him pay for getting the win. Dark Storm worked over Venis until The Godfather came from the back to make the save. Godfather promised revenge on Dark Storm.

Video Footage:
Moy Lazzario interferes during the Raw Title match between Vampiro and Rob Van Dam. Vampiro and RVD both crash through flaming tables making the match a draw.

Backstage Interview with Chuck Palumbo:
Palumbo said he had promised and delivered on his American title victory. Tonight, Michael Modest, who sucked, Chavo Guerrero Jr, who should be deported, and Billy Kidman, who should be working 5 dollars in a pool hall, would all get a chance to become the number one contender to the American title. It didn't matter which one came out on top because simply put, no one could stand up to the JUNGLE KICK!

In-Ring Interview with ICW Commissioner Curt Hennig and Shawn Michaels:
The crowd was booing from the start and tossing things at the NEO DX members.

Hennig: Knock that crap off or you won't get to hear what I have to say tonight. Now, being the fighting champion that HBK is, he has authorized me to institute a battle royal here tonight. The winner of that battle royal will face off with the greatest wrestler of all time, Shawn Michaels, for the Universal title immediately following the battle royal.

Michaels: Not that it really matters. As the leader of NEO DX, the instigator, the ramble-rouser, the showstopper and the main event of ICW, no one will be able to stand up me while I hold the belt. But Curt, going ahead and list the hopeful losers.

Hennig: First off, a good talent, Draven Corvin. Number 2, a man that couldn't get the job done against Edge, Booker T. The third competitor, a psycho without a cause, Dave Williams. Number 4, someone that couldn't hack it in NEO, Chris Kanyon. Everyone better then him! Number 5, Jeff Jarrett, Mr. Double J. At 6, Stone Cold, the rattlesnake, Steve Austin. I can believe you even bothered putting him on here Shawn.

Michaels: What can I say, he makes me laugh.

Hennig: At number 7, Rokuru and that little bear of his. Since he wouldn't leave us alone if we didn't include him, Raven. And finally, the man that couldn't bang if he was given a cheap prostitute, Diamond Dallas Page.

Michaels: None of them are good enough.

Hennig: You're right. Now onto the 2nd part of our business. You all heard that I banned Ash Eversoll from wrestling in the ICW until further notice. Tonight, Ash will be here as a guest of mine, and I have an offer that I think he just can't refuse. That's all for now!

Backstage In A Hallway:
Crowbar came around the corner and ran right into the Rock. Crowbar looked on as the Rock stared at him.

Rock: Crowbar, you think you can just walk into the Rock and not apologize. You think that since you got dumped by your little lesbian bimbo, you're immune to getting your ass kicked by the Great One? I think not little shrimp on a platter. You see the Rock knew that Daffney was a slut, hell everyone in the locker room knew she was a little 2 dollar whore from down on the corner, but that didn't stop you from cousing up real close to her. But anyways, the Rock says this to you, Crowbar. You will face the Rock one on one tonight, Global title on the line and you will have the smack laid down upon you, you baffon with inadaquate sexual prowess! IF YOU SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN!

The Rock storms back into the arena while Crowbar just smiles.

Crowbar: Daffney could go to hell as far I was concerned, but hey, got me a free title shot! There's always an upside, always an upside!

Hardcore Hell Match:
Rob Van Dam vs Moy Lazzario
The fans were impressed by how easy Lazzario had adopted the hardcore style and Moy was gathering a relative amount of cheers from the crowd. Lazzario was able to counter a Van Daminator and plant RVD face first on the chair with a DDT. Lazzario hit a suplex slamming RVD's back onto the steel. Lazzario dragged in a trash can only to have RVD spring up and dropkick it into his face. RVD came back with a series of kicks and then hit the Rolling Thunder splash forcing Lazzario's back through the trash can. RVD climbed up to the top and called for the 5 Star Frog Splash. NO! Vampiro came from the crowd and whacked RVD in the back with a signapore cane. Vampiro planted RVD with the Vampiro Spike and rolled to the outside. Lazzario slowly worked his way up holding a chair. RVD got up and was put back down from a solid chair shot from Lazzario. Moy went for the cover and got the 3 count over RVD.

Hardcore Hell Match:
Moy Lazzario pinned Rob Van Dam after chair shot in 0:08:04.

Post Match:
Lazzario headed up the rampway as Vampiro rolled back into the ring and attacked RVD with the singapore cane. Lazzario saw it and came running back to the ring. Moy drilled Vampiro in the back with the chair and then delivered a chair shot spilling Vampiro the floor. Vampiro got up busted open and motioned that Moy was going to get some. Lazzario dropped the chair and posed as RVD slowly recovered in the ring.

Backstage Inside Rokuru's Locker Room:
Rokuru was staring at Teddy who was sitting in a corner, his face in the corner.

Rokuru: That's right, and you can stay there for the next little while. You should think about what you cost us at Rising Fire. The Global Title. However, tonight, I get a shot at the Universal Title when I got through everyone else. Rokuru, Universal Champion has a nice ring to it. Now stay there and think about what you did!

Rokuru left the locker room while Teddy was still in the same position.

American Title Top Contenders Match:
Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Billy Kidman vs Michael Modest
A hard fought match by all the competitors. Chavo was in control and put Modest down with a strong brainbuster but Kidman made the save. Kidman came off the ropes with a clothesline on both Modest and Chavo but couldn't quite get a pin on Modest. Modest quickly regained control after 2 quick low blows. Modest went for the Modest Maker on Kidman but Chavo broke things up. Chavo drilled Modest with the Tornado DDT and then was tossed over the ropes by Kidman. Kidman climbed to the top rope and hit Modest with the Shooting Star Press for the win as Chavo was dazed outside the ring.

[American Title Top Contenders Match]:
Triangle Match:
Billy Kidman defeated Michael Modest and Chavo Guerrero Jr. when Kidman pinned M. Modest with the Shooting Star Press in 0:09:05.

Post Match:
It was announced Kidman would face Chuck Palumbo at Power for the American Title.

Backstage By The Entrance Way:
Security met an arriving Ash Eversoll. Ash nodded and was escorted towards the arena.

Amy Lin-Eversoll and United Force (Kurt Angle/Lance Storm) vs NEO DX (Test/Edge/Hunter Hearst Helmsley) w/Stacey Keibler and Chastity
Amy was looking for revenge and worked over Test in a corner for several minutes with karate kicks and a fury of elbows and knees. HHH entered but was put down to the canvas by a strong jumping back kick by Lin. Amy slammed Test to the mat and hit a standing moonsault but only got a 2 count on NDX's big man. Amy tagged in Angle who hit Test with a big belly to belly suplex only to have Edge make a quick save. All 6 competitors quickly entered the ring and things were chaotic. Amy chased Test from ringside as Stacey quickly followed them up the rampway. Lance Storm seemed ready for a superkick but Chastity grabbed his leg as Edge quickly low blowed him. Edge wasted no time in planting Storm with the Downward Spiral and using the ropes to get the win.

NEO DX (Edge/Hunter Hearst Helmsley/Test) w/Chastity and Stacey Keibler defeated United Force (Kurt Angle/Lance Storm) and Amy Lin-Eversoll when Edge pinned L. Storm with the Downward Spiral in 0:08:38.

Post Match:
HHH and Edge worked over a helpless Kurt Angle as Storm was out cold on the outside of the ring. The fans erupted as Bill Goldberg and Jimmy King rushed into the ring and chased the NEO DX members from ringside.

Goldberg: HHH, Edge, NEO DX as you call yourselves. You don't like me and my partner so much that's fine. Because at the next PPV, Night Rage, YOU'RE NEXT!!!

HHH, Edge and Chastity all walked to the back as Goldberg and King posed on opposite turnbuckles.

Video Footage:
A room was lit with lots of candles and light soft music played in the background. The camera panned down to the floor to see Lita and Daffney snuggled up together underneath a black velvet sheet. It was quite obivious they weren't wearing much of anything.

Daffney: Ah, it's just too bad that we couldn't take care of business tonight at the arena.

Lita: I think this business is more important, I get all sweaty in action, and need to shower down afterwards, it's just not quite the same if the action isn't with you.

Daffney: I know, I totally agree. So when are we going to get back on our destined path?

Lita: We'll be there at Power, I guess I have a match with Chavo Guerrero Jr. Not that will be much of a challenge, he couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag with a pair of sharp scissors.

Daffney: I'll definitely have to shower after seeing you in action.

Lita: I aim to please.

Daffney: What's this poking me in my back?

Lita: What is it?

Daffney: Oh I wondered where that went to.

Daffney pulled out a large, round cylincal piece of metal that resembled something that many male fans would be happy to see in Daffney's hand. Daffney put it aside and smiled at Lita.

Lita: We'll use it later.

Daffney: Oh yes, yes we will.

Lita and Daffney exchanged a hug as the camera panned up and the candles went out.

In-Ring Interview with ICW Commissioner Curt Hennig:
Hennig stood in the ring as the fans chanted obscenities at him.

Hennig: That's fine, chant all you want. As promised, I give you, Ash Eversoll!

"It's My Life by Bon Jovi" played and out walked Ash Eversoll. Security stopped at the top of the rampway at Hennig's nod as Ash continued his way into the ring. Ash stepped through the ropes and glared at Hennig.

Hennig: Now I know you're not exactly sure why you're here. And I understand that you might not exactly trust me so much. Believe me, I understand that. Now I guarantee you what I have to say to you is straight forward and completely true.

Ash just walked back and forth from rope to rope as Hennig was talking.

Hennig: You see Ash. I know what kind of competitor you are. You have a heart and desire to win big in this business. You want to hold gold and earn prestige and be remembered beyond just a few years of popularity. That's right, I see it in your eyes. I know, I've been there myself. You see, I know that while your father owns the majority of the company, you're always going to be living in his shadow. And I know what that's like. My father was the same, I lived in his shadow during my AWA days. It's not easy. See, I busted out and I made a name for myself and fans will remember for a long time after I'm gone. And Ash you can do the same for yourself here tonight. Like I said, you're a fighter. You're a Global Champion, a Universal champion, a tag team champion, you've held every title I can think of here in the ICW that matters. You married a firey woman in Amy Lin and she has the same spirit and I respect that as much as you do. You see Ash, you have a future you can think about. One future, you go down in history as a guy that was there, much like Pedro Morales, much like Lex Luger will. Or you can go above that, we're talking a giant to this industry. Andre the Giant, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Bruno Sammartino, Ricky Steamboat. Guys who will always live on in the memories and hearts of others. I'm giving you that opportunity. I talked it over with the guys in NEO DX. They all respect you. Out of all the idiots in this organization, only you were smart enough to realize what was going on. Hell, even I couldn't have known about Daffney and Lita like you did. We respect your abilities. We respect your wife's abilities. We want the best, and Ash you can be one of the best. Ash, I'm offering you not just a promise, but a guarantee on your future. We want you to be the next member of NEO DX!

The fans erupted in boos at Hennig's statement as Ash stopped dead in his tracks. Ash looked at Hennig and there was almost a smile on his face. Ash extended his hand for a microphone as Hennig handed it over. Ash placed the microphone up and was ready to talk.


Raven made his way out from the curtains and the fans were on their feet. Raven walked directly for the ring and slide in. Raven had a microphone in hand and wasted no time in getting to the point.

Raven: Before you say anything to him Ash remember one thing. While the locker room may not have believed you, while the fans may have questioned your motives, while even your own family members weren't sure what you were doing, you stood for one thing. You stood for truth. You and I both know about that. I've always kept my word. If I wanted to destroy someone, I wasn't about hiding it. If I wanted to side with someone, I did. Tonight, Curt Hennig, a man filled with deceit and ego offers you a spot in NEO DX. Think about it. Can you really trust them? Edge used his NEO to get HBK the belt, what makes you think that won't be the same with you? So trust your instincts, and come back to ICW where you belong. I'm offering my hand of friendship and saying that we can take down NEO DX together. I'm not promising that after all is said and done, I won't challenge you if you come out of the deal as champion or that you won't challenge me. I can't guarantee you that I won't want your blood, but I do know you can trust me I say, I want to take these guys down more then anything. Said with me, we can do it Ash, what do you say?

Ash looked at Hennig and then looked at Raven. Ash looked back at Hennig and turned his back to Raven. Raven stepped a little closer and ASH DRILLED HIM WITH A BACK ELBOW!!! Ash wasted no time in planting Raven with an Attitude Adjuster and left him laying on the canvas. Hennig was jumping for joy as Ash grabbed the microphone.

Ash: I thought I could trust you Raven, but you see I remember. I remember that you ruined me last year. You took someone I trusted, someone I wanted as my bride and made her hate me. You ruined my chances at gold, you made me question my instincts and that will never happen again. Besides that, Raven, as talented as you are, you're just not going to be able to get the job done.

Hennig jumped and patted Ash on the back and laughed at Raven.

Hennig: See Ash, you did make the right choice! Welcome to NEO DX, my friend!

Ash looked at Hennig and Hennig extended his hand. Ash took and NEARLY RIPPED HENNIG'S HEAD OFF WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Ash picked up Hennig from the mat and delivered an Attitude Adjuster to the ICW Commissioner.

Ash: You're not my friend, you're not a legend. Edge, HHH, Shawn Michaels, Test, Edge's little tramp Chastity, the long but deceitful legs of Stacey Keibler, they might be good enough to keep the ICW at bay, but I'm not playing but the rules any more. I have loyalty to only one person in this world and they know exactly who they are. They are the only one I can trust and sooner or later, they will deal the first blow to your NEO DX. And it when it comes, it will be the beginning of the end for you all.

Ash tossed the microphone off of Hennig's head and jumped the security railing leaving through the fans.

Backstage In NEO DX's Locker Room:
Shawn Michaels and the rest of NEO DX was livid.

Shawn: What the hell! That moron thinks he can turn us down and thinks that he can stand against us. Doesn't he know that he's messing with the showstopper, the main event, the true ICON in wrestling?

HHH: Obiviously not. We'll get him, we'll get him soon enough.

Test: Don't worry about him, he's just pissed because I keep kicking his old lady around the ring like a ragdoll. Besides, you have a title match to worry about.

Edge: Test's got a point, and believe, as much I know you can defeat everyone in that battle royal, there's always those dumb luck moments.

Shawn: Good. This is why I keep you guys around. Now then, I'll just go with plan B.

HBK picks up his cell phone and dials a number.

Shawn: Hi. You all ready saw what happened? Good, I need you here now. Oh, okay, you're on your way. Good, that'll be fine. See you then. You know what to do. Right, bye.

Test: Everything in motion with that then?

Shawn: Yes, there is no way that I'm losing to anyone tonight, or ever!

ICW Global Title Match:
Crowbar vs Rocky Maivia (c)
The Rock and Crowbar started off quickly exchanging blows with Crowbar getting the quick advantage. Crowbar hit the Rock with a dropkick then a springboard shoulder block off the ropes that nearly got a 3 count. The Rock fought back and went for his clothesline but Crowbar ducked and The Rock ended up on the outside of the ring. Crowbar dove over the ropes and put down the Rock with a plancha. The two got to their feet and started to exchange blows. The referee began administering the ten count as Crowbar and The Rock headed up the rampway. As they exited through the curtain, the referee called for the bell and a double countout.

Crowbar and Rocky Maivia battled to a double countout in 0:04:46.
(Rocky Maivia retained the ICW Global Title.)

Backstage In Raven's Locker Room:
Beulah was looking over Raven who was looking very unhappy.

Beulah: I can't believe he'd just do that. Was it like some sort of revenge? I guess I can't really blame him. I told him I loved him and part of me did, but we did wound him with what we did.

Raven: That doesn't mean it was right for him to attack me. I can understand him saying no, I can understand him even throwing a punch but dropping me like, especially before the battle royal.

Beulah: He has always had a flare for the dramatic. Comes from his father's side I can guarantee you that.

Raven: No problem. This battle royal is mine and tonight, I'm walking out of here Universal champion of the ICW!

Battle Royal for A Universal Title Shot:
Participants: Rokuru w/Teddy, Diamond Dallas Page, Raven w/Beulah, Jeff Jarrett w/Missy, Booker T, Steve Austin w/James Outlaw, Chris Kanyon w/Victoria, Draven Corvin w/Debbie, Dave Williams w/Stephanie Bellars
The match started off with everyone going at it. Draven Corvin wasted no time and tossed Kanyon to the floor with just over a minute gone by in the match. Dave Williams worked over the match smaller Rokuru and then power bombed Rokuru out to the floor eliminating him from the contest. The match continued with Williams and Austin working as team. DDP surprised Jarrett and clotheslined him to the floor making for another elimination. Austin went after Page and called for a Stunner but DDP moved out of the way and Austin's force sent him over the ropes and out to the floor. Williams was the next to score an elimination after ducked a clothesline from Booker T and then sending him to the floor. The match continued as Draven squared off with Page and Raven worked over Williams. Page was able to score big off a second rope Diamond Cutter and then toss Draven to the floor. Raven wasted no time in attacked Page as well and then eliminating him bringing it down to just Raven and Williams. Williams went quickly to the low road. Williams prepared Raven for the Insane Bomb after a series of eye rakes and low blows. Williams went to power bomb Raven out of the ring but Raven dropped to his foot and then drop kicked Williams to the outside of the ring, giving him the win!

[Winner Faces Shawn Michaels For Universal Title]:
9-Man Battle Royal:
Raven won a 9-man Battle Royal:
         x D. Corvin threw out Kanyon in 0:01:01
         x D. Williams threw out Rokuru in 0:03:22
         x Page threw out Jarrett in 0:07:38
         x Page threw out S. Austin after a side step in 0:09:44
         x D. Williams threw out Booker T in 0:11:05
         x Page threw out D. Corvin in 0:13:19
         x Raven threw out Page in 0:15:43
         x Raven threw out D. Williams in 0:17:50

Post Match:
Raven recovered as Beulah was helping him up.

"Mr. Perfect- ICW Remix" ICW Commissioner Curt Hennig came out and stared at Raven.

Hennig: This match is going to be one on one Raven. And that means your little girlfriend has to go to the back. If she doesn't you forfeit your title shot.

Raven gave Beulah a nod and she headed back up the rampway. Hennig smiled as she left and followed her to the back. HBK's music started and he entered the ring from behind Raven and attacked starting the contest.

ICW Universal Title Match:
Raven vs Shawn Michaels (c)
Raven worked Michaels back over with a series of slams and stomps on the back. HBK was in pain and suffering but came back with a big elbow off the ropes. HBK went up top and dropped a flying elbow drop and went for the cover but Raven was able to get the kickout. Shawn drilled Raven with a big back suplex and then a moonsault bodyblock from the top rope. HBK again went for the cover but Raven was able to get out of the pin again. Shawn was getting frustrated and rolled to the outside and grabbed the Universal title. HBK entered the ring and the referee ordered him to drop the belt. HBK tossed it over the referee's shoulder and backed the referee into a corner. Commissioner Hennig came down and berated the referee. As they argued with the referee, Raven got to his feet. A lovely redish-brown haired girl with an incredible body made her way down the rampway into the ring. She had a big shirt on showing off her talent and the name of Xtacy written across the talent portion of the shirt. Raven stared at HBK and yelled at him to get in the ring. The girl kicked Raven extremely hard below the belt. She slide out of the ring as HBK entered and blasted Raven in the head with the belt, busting him open. The referee was tossed back in by Hennig as HBK went for the cover. 1.... 2.... and Thr- NO KICKOUT BY RAVEN!!! Raven managed to get to his feet and went for a clothesline on Raven but missed. HBK drilled Raven hard with the Superkick and went for the cover. 1..... 2..... and 3! HBK had managed to retain the title!

Shawn Michaels w/Xtacy pinned Raven with the Superkick in 0:09:28.
(Shawn Michaels retained the ICW Universal Title.)

Post Match:
Michaels posed and pointed to Xtacy who pointed to her big boots that had taken care of Raven. Hennig pointed at HBK who continued to pose with the Universal Title over Raven's fallen body.

*ICW Mayhem Logo, Fade To Black*