Name: Alex Krueger
Nickname: Germanic Hand Of Justice
Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 265 lbs
Home Town: Berlin, Germany
Finisher: Germanic Superplex (Top-Rope Fisherman Buster)


Alex Krueger grew up as at a young age watching his family learn the ways of professional wrestling. Alex comes from a long line of great international champions. His father briefly wrestled and taught Alex's the basics of wrestling. Alex was later trained by a German trainer by the name of Hans Krauser, a tough and internationally known German competitor. Alex has only one goal, to reclaim the Krueger family honor and re-establish the Germans as top competitors in the wrestling industry.


Alex wrestled very briefly in the circuits of Europe (Britain, Germany, France) where he gained quite a reputation as a young competitor. His grandfather was a great recongized star and was a top draw in Japan. His grand father had returned to a promotion in Japan for his retirement match. When it came time for the finish in which his grandfather would go over huge against a top billed Japanese star, the promoter had several of his undercard stars go out and shoot on Alex's grandfather. Alex's grandfather took care of those stars but was double over when the Japanese superstar literally stabbed him in the back and rolled him up for the finish. The Krueger name was immediately tarnished by the promoter. Alex's grand father said Alex would never wrestle and the Krueger name had been taken away from them. Alex's father immediately retired from his battles in the European circuits as well. Alex gained a measure of revenge upon the promoter by heading to the federation's school and laying waste to all the school's students, teachers and stars in attendance. The promoter showed up with the star that had taken out Alex's grandfather. After all was said and done, the promoter handed the promotion over to his underling and the promotion was immediately bought out by another reputable company in Japan. That company's owner fired anyone that had anything to do with the double cross on the Krueger family. The star that had stabbed Alex's grand father was shunned from Japan and has never been seen from or heard from since. Alex returned to the European circuit and conquered it and is now looking to make a big splash in the ICW.