ICW Executive Management and Personnel
Committee/Office: Members/Office Holder:
ICW Owner  Brandon Eversoll (click on link for image)
ICW Chief Executive Officer Patricia Eversoll (click on link for image)
ICW Vice President Taylor Eversoll
ICW Jr. Vice President and Head of Talent Relations Maia Eversoll
ICW Director of Marketing Falvin Figaro
ICW Creative Team Christian Walker, Debbie Corvin, Falvin Figaro, James Outlaw
News and Internet Correspondent Lamar Larkin
Announce Team Mayhem- Eric Bellows and Nate Crow
Terror- Dane Nelson and Jeremy Mehrmann
Referees Greg Nichols (Sr.), Trey Martin, Tony Damnation, Christian Bono, Mike Vilean, Robert Blackstone

Name: Alignment: Finisher: Manager: Theme Song:
Alex Krueger (click for bio) Heel Germanic Superplex None Du Hast- Rammstein
Amy Lin-Eversoll Face Moonsault None Come On Feel The Noise- Quiet Riot
Ash Eversoll (click for bio) Face Attitude Adjuster Amy Lin-Eversoll It's My Life- Bon Jovi
Billy Kidman Face Shooting Star Press None Don't Fall Away- Fuel
Booker T. Face Bookend None Harlem Heat Theme
Chavo Guerrero Jr. Face Tornado DDT None LWO Theme
Chris Candido Heel Blonde Bombshell Tammy  Back In Black- ACDC
Chris Kanyon Heel Flatliner Victoria Who Better Then Kanyon?
Chuck Palumbo Face Jungle Kick None Welcome To The Jungle- Guns N Roses
Crowbar Face Asylum None Dragula- Rob Zombie
Dave Williams (click for bio) Heel Insane Bomb Stephanie Bellars F**K The World- ICP
Diamond Dallas Page Face Diamond Cutter None Self High Five
Draven Corvin (click for bio) Heel Claw Sweep Debbie Corvin Dead Souls- NIN
Jeff Jarrett Face Slapnuts Drop Missy Hyatt Chosen One
John Cena Face Prototype None Theme From Rambo
Lita Heel Feminine Twist Daffney It Just Feels Right
Michael Modest Heel Modest Maker None Too Much Of A Good Thing- Sons
Mike Awesome Heel Awesome Bomb None This Is Extreme- ECW Theme
Moy Lazzario (click for bio) Face Moy Buster None Moy LAZZ A RIO (check bio for theme)
Norman Smiley Face Screamin' Shooter None Scream- Michael Jackson
Raven Face Even-Flow DDT Beulah Caw Caw
Rob Van Dam Face Five Star Frog Splash None Walk- Pantera
Rocky Maivia Heel Rock Bottom None If You Smell...The Rocky Says
Rokuru (click for bio) Face Roku Driver Teddy If You Hear... The Plush Says
Test Heel Grade Stacey Keibler This Is Test
Shane Douglas Heel Pittsburgh Plunge None Batwidba- Kid Rock
Shawn Michaels Heel Sweet Chin Music None Sexy Boy
Simon Diamond Heel Simonizer Dawn Marie Nothing Else Matters- Metallica
Steve Austin Heel Stunner James Outlaw Stunner 3:16
Vampiro Heel Vampiro Spike None Take It- ICP

Tag Teams:
Team: Member 1: Finisher: Member 2: Finisher: Alignment: Manager: Theme Song:
Dark Storm (click for bio) Bishop X-Force Magus Dark Breaker Heel Schala Dark Mage- Chrono Trigger Soundtrack
The Hardys Jeff Hardy Swanton Bomb Matt Hardy Twist of Fate Face None 2 Xtreme
Midnight Excess Godfather Pimp Drop Val Venis Money Shot Face None Now You're A Man- DVDA
NEO DX Hunter Hearst Helmsley Pedigree Edge Downward Spiral Heel Chastity The Game
NY Extreme Big Vito Skull Crush Taz Tazmission Face None 13 (Taz Theme)
Oriental Explosion Goku Oriental Legdrop Jinsei Shinzaki Praying Power Bomb Heel Lenny Lane Mortal Kombat Theme Instrumental
Ready 2 Rumble Jimmy King Royal Crowning Bill Goldberg Jackhammer Face None Whose Next- Goldberg Theme
United Force Kurt Angle Olympic Slam Lance Storm Cradle Piledriver Face None Medal

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