The Two Most Important Things In The World To Brandon

On The Left:
That's my daughter Aundrea. Cute thing isn't she? I know some are wondering, consider the ICW a time warp where she plays the Maia role somewhere down the road. Just ask the real Dave Williams, who'd be like 40 if this thing was real. Of course, I'm working on getting an Ash somewhere down the line but anyways. In the hypothetical situation that I actually do run a wrestling organization: SHE'S NEVER DATING TALENT! Yes, the overprotective father is as true in the ICW as it is in real life. But when someone's that important to you, you protect them from any harm, no matter how small.

On The Right:
That's your ICW Vice President, Patricia Eversoll. Actually a Canadian! She's probably one of the only people that can put up with some of the odd things I do, but we won't go into those right now. And yes, she can be a someone that stops my fun and games in real life just like the ICW but I love her and after all, how likely is it that I can find someone else that puts up with me?