December 2002

Backstage By The Entrance Way:
2 limos pulled up at the same time. Out of one came, Brandon, Patricia and Maia Eversoll along with Lance Storm, Ash Eversoll, Amy Lin and Beulah. Out of the other stepped Dave Williams and Taylor Eversoll. Draven Corvin arrived on the scene and said that he had some news on the mystery man. Draven had found out the man was here tonight, looking for revenge. He also confirmed that ironically enough, no one had links to the mystery man, everyone's whereabouts during the attacks had been confirmed by trusted staff members or by other loyal wrestlers. Williams told Corvin to shut the hell up for a second. Williams stared down Ash. Williams said that no matter what Ash had going on he wasn't the man behind the attacks. But Ash had better be fully aware, no matter what he suffered, in the TLC in a Cell, Williams would make him suffer pain and agony beyond belief. Williams and Taylor started to leave, but Taylor stopped and glared at Beulah. Taylor left calling Beulah and untrustworthy slut. Beulah and Amy simply left to their separate locker rooms, while Ash and Draven talked about the mystery man situation.

Backstage Interview with Ken Shamrock:
Shamrock said that tonight, he was as intense as he had been in all his previous wins during the UFC competitions. Tonight, Shamrock was going to snap someone's ankle with Ankle Lock. Test, D-Lo Brown, Chris Candido, and the Cat would all fall to the true man in the ring. Tonight, the Zone was arriving in the ICW.

Backstage In Amy Lin's Locker Room:
Ash arrived on the scene and said he was checking up on her. Amy said she was fine but it just irritated her that she let herself get hurt by this mystery man. Ash felt it was his fault that she got hurt, but Amy stopped him and told him not to apologize it was beyond his control. Amy started to kiss him but Ash stopped her. Ash said he couldn't do this and needed to stay in the middle for the match later. Ash started to leave but Amy stopped him. Amy told Ash to be weary of Beulah. She seemed to have been sincere with her concern after the mystery man attacked Amy, but no one could change that much, that quickly. Ash left wishing Amy luck in her match.

In-Ring Interview with Test:
Test said that tonight he was looking forward to the challenge that came with being the Raw champion. He told the fans tonight, he was going to be just as intense as everyone else and would retain his gold because it belonged around his waist. D-Lo Brown's music started up and D-Lo rushed the ring hitting Test with a jumping calf kick. The rest of the competitors joined them in the ring to kick things off.

6 Pack Match For The ICW Raw Title:
Test (c) vs Ken Shamrock vs Ernest Miller vs Chris Candido w/Tammy vs D-Lo Brown vs Kurt Angle
Test started off quickly getting the first elimination on D-Lo with a huge clothesline that nearly took off D-Lo's head. D-Lo left the ring in a hurry. The match continued but no one was close to getting an elimination. Miller and Test double teamed Candido until Shamrock came over to break things apart. Shamrock went to work on Test, while Miller ducked clothesline from Candido. The Cat was able to hit several karate chops and kicks working over Candido. Cat reeled back and went for his Feliner kick but Tammy grabbed his leg preventing the move from happening. Candido came from behind with a back brain kick ala Fighter Hayabusa. Candido then hit the Blond Bomshell putting Miller down for the count. The match continued as Candido and Shamrock fought against Test and Angle. Angle missed Shamrock with a top rope moonsault and Candido went to the attack. Candido turned around to celebrate but was nailed with a Big Boot from Test. Test was about to go for the cover but Shamrock tossed him from the ring. As Candido tried to get to his feet Shamrock jumped on him and locked in the Ankle Lock. Candido quickly tapped out, leaving Angle, Test and Shamrock in the ring. Angle attacked both Test and Shamrock with a dazzling array of suplexes and left Shamrock rolling to the outside of the ring. Test went for a Big Boot, but Angle side stepped the move and Angle drilled Test with a HUGE Olympic Slam. Angle made the cover and got the 3 count eliminating the Raw champion from the contest. There would be a new champion. Shamrock and Angle continued to battle as the referee was helping Test get out of the ring. Shamrock was tossed outside and grabbed a chair. As Angle returned his attention to Shamrock, WHACK! chair shot to the face. Shamrock tossed the chair from the ring and locked in the Ankle Lock. The referee returned and saw that Kurt wasn't tapping and wasn't moving. The referee dropped Angle's hand once, no response. Again, no response from Angle. The 3rd lift and... IT FELL! Ken Shamrock had just won the Raw championship.

6-Pack Match:
Ken Shamrock won a 6-Pack Match:
         x Test defeated D-Lo after a clothesline in 0:00:28
         x Candido defeated Miller after the Blond Bombshell in 0:07:17
         x Shamrock defeated Candido after the Ankle Lock Submission in 0:10:12
         x Angle defeated Test after the Olympic Slam in 0:11:03
         x Shamrock defeated Angle after the Ankle Lock Submission in 0:13:04
(Ken Shamrock won the ICW Raw Title.)

Post Match:
Shamrock's music played in the arena as Shamrock posed with the title. The fans booed him but Shamrock left them with a up yours gesture. Shamrock grabbed Angle from the mat and hit him with a belly to belly suplex. Shamrock slapped Angle's head around and laughed. Shamrock finally left satisifed he had taken out Kurt Angle.

Backstage In The Outlaws Locker Room:
James Outlaw began to fire his troops up for the night. Outlaw talked about how all the other wrestlers in the back were looking to hurt the Outlaws simply because they were good enough to have champions in their midsts. Outlaw came over and told Shane Helms and Lita that Billy Kidman had cost them both a lot. Billy Kidman cost them their proven reigns as Universal tag team champions. Kidman was a weak link trying hurt the strong chain that was the Outlaws. James moved on to Mike Sanders. James remained Sanders that he was the American champion for a reason, tonight when he was climbing the ladder to retain his title, he was to remember one thing, that no one was good enough to beat him one on one, and that a ladder wasn't going to be good enough to take out an Outlaw. Then the Extremists, despite the odds being against them due to the Commissioner, the belts were going to stay in the Outlaw family. There was a reason why the called Mike Awesome, Awesome and why Rhino was called a monster. No one could stand in their way tonight!

Video Package:
The package looked back at Billy Kidman and Shane Helms joining forces and winning the Universal tag team titles. The videos then moved to Lita backing them and their eventual break up.

Backstage Interview with Billy Kidman:
Kidman said he knew the odds were against him going into the match. He didn't care all he wanted was to put Shane Helms and Lita's egoes in check. Tonight, one way or another, they'd find out exactly who was the reason Aerial Assault used to be the Universal tag team champions.

Handicap Match:
Outlaws (Shane Helms and Lita) vs Billy Kidman
A typical handicap for the most part. Kidman started to gain the advantage on Shane Helms early on but Lita would interject herself. Lita came off hitting a hurricanna sending Kidman reeling and allowing Helms to hit the Nightmare on Helms Street. Helms went for the cover but wasn't able to keep Kidman down. Kidman fought back and hit the Kid Krusher on Helms but again, Lita came off the top hitting Kidman with a missile dropkick. Lita then went up top for a moonsault but missed Kidman completely and caught Helms in the head with her legs. Lita rolled from the ring in pain as Kidman went to the top rope. Kidman called for it and came soaring off the top with the Shooting Star Press and drilled Helms. Kidman made the cover for the 3 count and revenge on his former partner.

Billy Kidman defeated Outlaws (Shane Helms and Lita) when Kidman pinned Helms with the Shooting Star Press in 0:09:15.

Post Match:
Kidman was leaving but was attacked by Mike Sanders with the American title. Sanders grabbed a microphone and said that tonight, the Outlaws weren't going to accept failures like that. Sanders tossed Lita from the ring to the floor. Shane Helms arrived to his feet and WHAM! 3.0 from Sanders! Sanders said that tonight, Shane Helms was officially relieved of duty. Sanders went to put more punishment on Kidman but Matt Hardy rushed from the back. Sanders told Hardy that tonight, the American title was going to stay around his waist.

Backstage In Beulah's Locker Room:
Ash arrived and Beulah greeted him with a kiss and hug. Ash said that he had been checking on Amy's conditions. Beulah was horrified that someone could attack her like that. Beulah admitted that a very small part of her was happy that Amy was going to be banged up for their match but still, there was no reason for someone to go out of their way to hurt someone like that. Beulah said she really wanted everything to work out for all 3 of them and had a feeling it would tonight. Ash left and told Beulah she'd better be ready for Amy. Beulah said she was more then prepared.

Ernest Miller had accompanied Harlem Doom to ringside for the contest! The participants for the battle royal filed into the ring and there was a lot of prematch taking. The bell rang and all 10 men went wildly at their opponents.

5 Tag Team Battle Royal For A Shot At The Universal Tag Team Titles:
Patricipants: The Misfits (Hugh Morrus/Chavo Guerrero Jr.) w/Major Gunns, Harlem Doom (Ahmed Johnson/Faarooq) w/Ernest Miller, Hot Body Inc (Buff Bagwell/Val Venis) w/Francine, The Tigers (Chuck Palumbo/Sean O'Haire), Oriental Explosion (Goku/Jinsei Shinzaki) w/Kimona
Goku was the surprising participant during the contest. Goku was the first to get an elimination on the much larger Val Venis. Goku ducked a clothesline and sent Venis out to the floor with a heel kick. Sean O'Haire rushed Goku but received a gut shot and Goku SUPLEXED O'HAIRE OUT OF THE RING. Harlem Doom stayed together taking shots at all the different wrestlers in the ring. Johnson hit Palumbo with a huge powerslam. Johnson went after Buff Bagwell, while Faarooq put on some brass knux and punched Chuck Palumbo over the top rope. The Tigers were eliminated and were down to 4 teams remaining. Faarooq went for a huge clothesline on Bagwell but the ropes but Bagwell ducked and out went Faarooq. The match continued with Oriental Explosion and the Misfits making heading against Bagwell and Johnson. Goku would strike with another elimination sending Hugh Morrus out after a flying dropkick to Morrus' back. The match continued with random groups teaming up against the Misfits. Shinzaki went for a yakuza kick on Ahmed but Johnson moved and Shinzaki racked himself on the ropes. Ahmed simply pushed out Shinzaki to the ground. Goku attempted to go high against Buff Bagwell with cross body block but Bagwell caught him and sent him to the floor with a huge bodyslam. Oriental Explosion were gone and Kimona reassured them as they left. The match was down to 3 men, Chavo Jr., Bagwell and Ahmed. Ahmed and Bagwell began working over Chavo Jr. but Ahmed quickly turned on Bagwell. Bagwell fought off Ahmed but walked into a huge dragon screw by Chavo. Chavo then tossed Bagwell to the floor. Hot Body Inc. was gone as Francine helped Bagwell to the back. Chavo went strongly at Ahmed and was ready for a Tornado DDT but Ahmed hit Chavo with what looked like brass knux. Ahmed hit the Pearl River Plunge and taunted Chavo. Johnson then tossed Chavo to the floor to win the match for Harlem Doom.

5 Tag Team Battle Royal:
Harlem Doom (Ahmed Johnson/Faarooq) won a 5 Tag Team Battle Royal:
         x Goku threw out Venis in 0:02:17
         x Goku threw out O'Haire after a vertical suplex in 0:02:28
         x Faarooq threw out Palumbo after a punch in 0:06:44
         x Bagwell threw out Faarooq after a duck-down move in 0:06:56
         x Goku threw out Morrus after a flying dropkick in 0:08:49
         x A. Johnson threw out Shinzaki after a side step in 0:15:31
         x Bagwell threw out Goku after a bodyslam in 0:16:33
         x Chavo Jr. threw out Bagwell after a dragon screw in 0:19:56
         x A. Johnson threw out Chavo Jr. after the Pearl River Plunge in 0:20:39

Post Match:
Faarooq and Ernest Miller rejoined Ahmed in the ring as Major Gunns and Hugh Morrus helped Chavo leave the ringside area. Faarooq said that the ICW had been warned, no one could stand up against the toughest men to be in the ring. Johnson and Faarooq put every team on warning, with the Cat as their manager and with the power they had no one could stop them from being the most dominant tag team in the ICW's history!

Backstage Outside Of Ash Eversoll's Locker Room:
Ash was entering his locker room but was stopped by Rocky Maivia. The Rock said that he hadn't come to fight because he was ready to lay the smackdown on all 3 of his opponents candyasses in the main event. The Rock told Ash that he wasn't involved with this mystery man. He said that if the Rock wanted to take Ash out, the Rock would damn well do it himself. He told Ash to keep himself from getting beatdown because the Rock wanted to make sure that all the jabronis that actually believed that any other wrestler was better then the Rock, to know one thing. The Rock could take out any man at any time even when that wrestler was on their best game. The Rock left towards the arena as Ash walked into his locker room.

In-Ring Interview with Booker T:
Booker T said that tonight, there were going to be 4 men entering inside of the cell that was above the ring. All of them were capable of getting the job done tonight. Booker T said that he respected his opponents abilities and had a lot of respect for Ash. Tonight, all bets were off, and when it came down to it, everyone should know one thing: "Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game!" Booker began to leave but...

"IF YA SMELLLLL! WHAT THE ROCK, IS COOKIN!" The Rock came through the curtains and ran down the ramp at Booker T. The two started exchanging blows but security quickly intervened. The Rock and Booker broke through security and continued to attack each other until more security finally pulled them apart. The heat was rising and everyone seemed ready for the TLC in a Cell.

Backstage Interview with Matt Hardy:
Matt said that Mike Sanders was proving one thing about himself, he didn't care about anyone or anything. And that was fine by Matt because he knew that Sanders was going to be willing to do ANYTHING to keep the American title around his waist. However, tonight, their were in a ladder match and ladders were something Matt was far to familiar with. Tonight, Mike Sanders was going for a bad Twist of Fate!

Ladder Match For The ICW American Title:
Mike Sanders (c) vs Matt Hardy
A long match, filled with everything that fans wanted. Hardy was on fire using the ladder as weapon. Matt came off the top rope hitting a legdrop sending the ladder crashing into Mike Sanders' face. Matt went set the ladder back up and started to scale but was stopped. As Sanders climbed up the ladder and back dropped Matt off the ladder. Sanders regained his composure and climbed up to ladder and Sanders dove off the ladder for a big moonsault but Matt moved out of the way. Matt climbed up to the ladder and Sanders followed. Matt some how was able to hit a bulldog off the ladder. The two men struggled to get to their feet and Matt surprised Sanders with a Twist of Fate. Matt climbed up the ladder and tried hitting a legdrop but Sanders was able to roll out of the way. Sanders grabbed Hardy and climbed up the ladder a little ways. Out of nowhere, 3.0 OFF THE LADDER!!! Sanders gathered Hardy off the canvas and delivered yet another 3.0 from the ladder!!! Sanders started to climb all the way but Matt was able to recover and dropkick the ladder. Sanders attempted to grab the title but fell down. Out of nowhere, the title slipped from it's holding and fell onto the top of the ladder that was hanging on a far corner post. Hardy rushed for the ladder and started to climb up the rungs for the title but Sanders came from behind to attack Hardy. As the two fought on the ladder, Matt went for a Twist of Fate but Sanders sent Matt to the outside of the ring. Sanders continued to climb up the ladder but it started become unstable and started falling onto Sanders. Sanders grabbed the American title as the ladder came crashing down on him as hit the ring with the belt. The bell rang and Sanders had retained his gold.

Ladder Match:
Mike Sanders defeated Matt Hardy in 0:18:29.
(Mike Sanders retained the ICW American Title.)

Post Match:
Sanders was helped from the ring by The Extremists and James Outlaw. Sanders saw Matt Hardy getting back to his feet. Sanders ordered the Extremists to get Hardy. Hardy was taken out by a huge Gore from Rhino. The Extremists were stomping Matt as The DUDLEYS rushed from the back and took out Sanders. The Dudleys attacked the Extremists and they hit the ring. Lamar Larkin came down with the Mixed Maniacs and they hit the ring and the bell was rung for the Universal Tag team title table match!

Table Triangle Match:
The Extremists (Mike Awesome/Rhino) (c) w/James Outlaw vs Mixed Maniacs (Kwee Wee/Jeff Hardy) w/Lamar Larkin vs The Dudleys (Bubba Ray/D-Von Dudley)
The Maniacs and Dudleys went to quick double team tactics against the Extremists. The match continued as James Outlaw interjected himself against the Dudleys. D-Von came running off the ropes and Outlaw nailed him with a steel chair. Rhino then Gored D-Von and tossed him to the floor. Jeff Hardy dove at both Rhino and D-Von taking them out of the ring. Bubba Ray and Kwee Wee went to attacking Awesome in the corner. Kwee Wee continued to assault Awesome while Bubba Ray brought a table into the ring. Kwee Wee went for a Tornado DDT but Awesome blocked it and sent Kwee Wee to the floor. Bubba Ray went for a Bubba Cutter but Awesome was able to block that as well and hit a low kick. Awesome lifted Bubba Ray up and CRASH! Awesome Bomb through the table. The Dudleys were eliminated. Kwee Wee and Jeff Hardy came back in and attacked Awesome. Kwee Wee took Awesome to the floor. James Outlaw came in and was ready to hit Jeff Hardy with a steel chair but Lamar Larkin stopped him and nailed him with his own chair. Rhino hit the ring and drilled Larkin with a Gore! Jeff Hardy surprised Rhino from behind and hit him with a Twist of Fate. Jeff set up Rhino on a table. Jeff spotted the ladder  from the ladder match and started to climb up it. Jeff reached the top and dove off the ladder. SWANTON BOMB FROM THE LADDER TAKING RHINO THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Rhino was driven through the table. The referee called for the bell and the Maniacs had won the Universal Tag Team titles.

Table Triangle Match:
Mixed Maniacs (Kwee Wee/Jeff Hardy) w/Lamar Larkin defeated The Extremists (Mike Awesome/Rhino) w/James Outlaw and The Dudleys (Bubba Ray/D-Von Dudley):
         x Awesome beat Bubba Ray via putting him through a table in 0:12:47
         x J. Hardy beat Rhino via putting him through a table in 0:14:41
(Mixed Maniacs won the ICW Universal Tag Team Titles.)

Post Match:
Kwee Wee and Jeff Hardy left with the straps along with Lamar Larkin, while the Outlaws were left around the ring and ringside area.

Backstage Inside Crowbar's Locker Room:
Crowbar, Daffney and Taz were discussing their game plan for the Wargames match. Raven entered in and said that he was completely sorry for not being there for his team mates. Raven said that during the Wargames match, they would take care of Sting, Edge and Double J. Raven said that all they needed to do was make sure that they were ready to do anything to get the win. Daffney said she'd do anything to help. Taz said he looked for to locking in the Tazmission around Edge's scrawny neck. Crowbar said that the wargames was going to be their time to shine and no one could hold them back from it.

Backstage Outside of Lance Storm's Locker Room:
Chris Kanyon attacked Storm as he was leaving the locker room. Kanyon took several chair shots to Storm and shoved him up against a vending machine and whacked him in the head with a steel chair. Kanyon then tossed Storm through a group of barrels and drilled him with a Flatliner. Maia came out from the locker room and Kanyon told her to make sure Storm was able to walk down to the ring later on. Maia called for some medical attention as Kanyon ran off.

Ash Eversoll made his way to the ring as Amy Lin and Beulah were introduced.

Winner Will Escort Ash Eversoll To The Main Event:
Special Guest Referee Ash Eversoll
Amy Lin vs Beulah
Amy Lin and Beulah started off with a basic headlock offense. Beulah got in the first major strike coming off the top rope and hitting a hurricanna that nearly got her the win. Amy came back and hit Beulah with a facebuster and went up to for the Moonsault. Amy came off the top but nobody was home. The match continued as Beulah hit Amy with a clothesline and both ladies ended up on the outside of the ring. Amy and Beulah rushed at each other and COLLIDED with a huge double clothesline sending both ladies crashing hard to the canvas on the outside. Ash started to administer the 10 count. 1... 2... one seemed to be moving... 7... 8... no signs of either lady moved... 9... 10!!! Ash called for the bell and declared the match a draw.

[Winner Escorts Ash To The Main Event]:
Match with Special Referee Ash Eversoll:
Amy Lin and Beulah battled to a double countout in 0:06:11.

Post Match:
Ash was checking on the ladies conditions and was joined by Draven Corvin and Raven. Raven grabbed Beulah and helped her to the back as Draven said he'd take Amy. Ash followed behind unsure of who to check on and where to go.

Backstage By The Entrance Way:
Diamond Dallas Page arrived at the arena on a motorcycle. DDP headed into the arena saying that someone was going to feel the Bang!

Backstage In Lance Storm's Locker Room:
Storm was being checked out and Maia suggested that he not face Kanyon. Storm said he wasn't going to let this happen and stormed out of the locker room and Maia followed him.

In-Ring Interview with Chris Kanyon:
Kanyon told the crowd that they had seen exactly why he was the man of the ICW. He was a true Icon and no one could be stop him. Lance Storm had found that out, and if he was dumb enough to come down to face him tonight here at Estpolis, Kanyon would prove he was the man again. WHOSE BETTER THEN KANYON?? The crowd screamed EVERYBODY at Kanyon. Kanyon said no, that was right, it was nobody! Lance Storm's music started up and out came Storm followed by Maia. Storm rushed the ring and the match was on.

Chris Kanyon vs Lance Storm w/Maia Eversoll
Kanyon didn't hold back and went directly after Storm's head. Storm went for a super kick but Kanyon moved out of the way and Kanyon took him down with a clothesline. Kanyon quickly hit a series of piledrivers but wasn't able to keep Lance Storm down. Kanyon then attacked with a series of DDTs but Storm still was able to kick out. Storm came back reversing a DDT into a huge back drop. Storm tried to recover but Kanyon was back up with a huge kick. Kanyon started for a Flatliner but Storm blocked it and hit Kanyon with a huge Cradle Piledriver! Storm rolled over and made the cover 1... 2... 3!!! Storm scored the victory over Kanyon despite the attack!

Lance Storm w/Maia Eversoll pinned Chris Kanyon with the Cradle Piledriver in 0:04:45.

Post Match:
Kanyon got to his feet and attacked Storm and drilled him with the Flatliner. Kanyon stalked Maia around ringside and into the ring. Kanyon was ready to strike Maia but NO! Kanyon was spun around, KICK TO THE GUT, PEDIGREE!!! HHH had saved Maia and taken down Kanyon. HHH called for someone to take care of Kanyon. Kanyon was hushed out by security members as Maia received some help taking Lance Storm back to the locker room. HHH called out Simon Diamond. He told Diamond there was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Simon's music started and out came the Global Champion along with Dawn Marie ready for his match against HHH.

Global Title Match Where The Title Can Change Hands On A Disqualification Or A Countout
Simon Diamond (c) w/Dawn Marie vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley
HHH and Diamond put on a strong match. Diamond took control hitting several vertical suplexes and power slams to take the lead. HHH came back with a huge clothesline and a running knee drop but couldn't keep Diamond for the 3 count. HHH attacked Diamond with several fists and hit a big back drop off the ropes. HHH went for the cover but Dawn Marie entered the ring and distracted the referee. The referee ordered Dawn Marie out of the ring or he'd disqualify Diamond costing him the title. Diamond took the opening and low blowed HHH. HHH was down and Diamond went to the attack against his challenger. Diamond called for the Simonizer and nailed the move. Diamond made the cover and the referee counted 1... 2.... KICKOUT! HHH kicked out of the Simonizer! Diamond began frustrated and choking HHH but wisely pulled back before being disqualified. Simon went for another Simonizer but HHH was able to block the attack. Diamond went off the ropes and HHH ducked a clothesline. The two collided head on and HHH crashed to the canvas as Diamond hit the floor hard. Dawn Marie tried to interfere against HHH but the referee held her back. As Diamond recovered on the outside of the ring the crowd got on its feet. DDP JUMPED OVER THE RAILING and stared down Simon. Simon turned around DIAMOND CUTTER!! DIAMOND CUTTER!!! DDP rushed over and pulled Dawn Marie off the apron and chased her away from the ring. HHH recovered as the referee administered a ten count on Simon Diamond 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... Diamond was slowly started to get to his feet 6... 7... Diamond was nearly to his feet 8... Diamond completely collasped on the ground 9... 10! The referee called for the bell and HHH had won the title by countout!

Match where the title can change hands via DQ or countout:
Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Simon Diamond w/Dawn Marie by countout in 0:11:32.
(Hunter Hearst Helmsley won the ICW Global Title.)

Post Match:
HHH saw a replay of what happened as DDP returned to the ring. HHH and DDP starting mouth at each other. They each reered back for punches... HIGH FIVE??!!! HHH and DDP called for the microphone. DDP said that after Diamond had cost him his title shot a few months back, he decided he was going to call a friend and cost Diamond something. HHH just happened to be on his way in and was ready for it. Diamond thought he could escape when he was the champion, everyone had grown tired of it and they wanted to teach him the lesson he deserved. Tonight, DDP had gotten his revenge and the Global title was around the waist of someone that deserved it. HHH and DDP left both clocking Diamond as he got to his feet. The crowd cheered as HHH posed with the title at the top of the rampway.

Backstage By The Entrance Way:
A huge hummer arrived. A large man got out of it, VADER!!! Vader had arrived at the arena. But what was he doing at Estpolis!

Backstage In Ash Eversoll's Locker Room:
Ash was checking in on Beulah and Amy, both of whom were recovering. Raven said he had to get ready for the Wargames match and would check up on them later. Ash told Draven to watch Amy and Beulah as he had just spotted Vader arriving at the arena. Ash said he was going to find out what Vader was here for.

A coin was flipped and Sting, Edge and Double J won the toss. Taz hit the ring cage first and was followed by Jeff Jarrett.

Man That Gets The Submission Will Receive A Universal Title Shot:
Wargames Match:
Edge w/Chastity, Jeff Jarrett w/Stacey and Missy and Sting vs Crowbar w/Daffney, Taz, and Raven
Taz and Jarrett locked up and Taz was dominant during the opening moments. Taz hit Jarrett would several Tazplexes but Jarrett was able to avoid the Tazmission. The buzzer went off and Sting charged the ring. Sting and Double J spent the next few minutes double teaming Taz. Sting hit Taz with a Scorpion Death Drop and Jarrett tried for a Slapnuts Drop but Taz blocked it and locked in a Tazmission. It didn't last long as Sting broke it up and Jarrett and Sting continued to double team Taz. The buzzer went off again and this time CROWBAR came rushing down and joined the fight. Crowbar hit Double J with the Asylum and tore into Sting. Taz and Double J mixed it up and Crowbar was dominating Sting. Sting came back but soon Crowbar was back in control after a Michinoku Driver. As Taz and Crowbar got the advantage the buzzer went off again and down came Edge. Edge immediately went after Taz and drilled him with a spear. Edge quickly came over and hit Crowbar with a spear. Edge, Jarrett and Sting began triple-teaming Crowbar until Taz came striking back with Tazplexes. That was quickly stopped as Sting pulled out powder and tossed it into Taz's face. Edge, Jarrett and Sting all took turns attacking the downed Crowbar and Taz. The buzzer went off and Raven came down to the cage. Raven paused outside of the cage as different heels guarded the door keeping Raven out as the others attacked Crowbar and Taz. Raven went under the ring and came out with a chain. RAVEN LOCKED THE CAGE DOOR WITH THE CHAIN AND A LOCK! Raven left the ringside area to the backstage! Why? Jarrett hit the Slapnuts Drop on Crowbar and then on Taz. Sting hit Crowbar with multiple Stinger Splashes and then a Scorpion Death Drop. Edge brought Taz to his feet and then hit the Downward Spiral. Edge locked in a scorpion deathlock on Taz and somehow bridged back and locked in a cross face as well. Daffney had no choice on the outside and told the referee to ring the bell.

[Man That Gets The Submission Receives Universal Title Shot]:
War Games Match:
Sting, Edge w/Chastity and Jeff Jarrett w/Missy and Stacey defeated Crowbar w/Daffney, Taz and Raven when Edge made Taz submit to a cross face scorpion deathlock in 0:20:57.

Post Match:
Edge celebrated his victory by taunting the fallen Taz and Crowbar. Sting left with Jeff Jarrett and Stacey and Missy. Edge and Chastity left as Daffney was calling for medical attention for Crowbar and Taz.

Backstage In The Arena:
Vader was walking around inside the arena and Ash Eversoll stopped him in his tracks. Ash asked Vader what exactly he was doing here. Vader explained that he was here because he had finished signing a contract and wanted to be here for the ICW's big event. The big man at the big show, it made sense to Vader. Ash said that he understood that. Vader said he had heard about the mystery man and said that if someone like him arrived out of the blue he'd be worried too. Vader told Ash he wasn't a type of man to attack women or to play parlor games behind masks. If wanted to take someone out, he'd do it straight up in the ring. Vader told Ash to focus on his match because it was going to be a tough one. Ash left as Vader asked a crew member where Brandon Eversoll's office was. The crew member directed him and Vader was off.

Backstage Interview with Dave Williams and Taylor Eversoll:
Dave said that tonight, the insanity of the entire situation was going to be so tremendous that he was going to be completely on his game. Taylor interjected that tonight, despite all that had happened during the course of the evening, nothing could prepare Booker T, the Rock or Ash for their match. Williams was in his environment and it was in that environment that all of them would be taken down by the Insane One.

Backstage In Ash Eversoll's Locker Room:
Ash walked through the door and Draven Corvin was laid out and Beulah and Amy Lin were gone. Ash asked Draven what had happened and Draven said the masked man attacked and chased off Beulah. Amy had gone in search of Beulah. He told Ash to hit the ring and take care of the title match. Ash left towards the arena trusting that Amy would find Beulah.

Tables, Ladders, Chairs In A Cell Match For The Universal Title:
Dave Williams (c) w/Taylor Eversoll vs Ash Eversoll vs Booker T vs Rocky Maivia

Dave Williams started off strong against his opponents, using the chairs against Booker and the Rock. Ash went to the attack trying to put Williams through a table early but the Rock broke things up and drilled Williams with a Rock Bottom of his own. The referee went for the count but Booker T broke up the pinfall. Booker and The Rock mixed it up and Booker hit an axe kick. As Booker went for a cover, Ash broke things up and went to the attack on Booker. Booker went for a clothesline but Ash ducked the move and WHAM! ATTITUDE ADJUSTER! Ash went for the cover but was pulled off at 2 by Dave Williams. Williams climbed up a ladder and delivered a huge moonsault on Ash but again the pinfall attempt was broken up, this time by the Rock. The Rock grabbed Booker T and Rock Bottomed Booker T through a table. The Rock was ready to hit a People's Elbow but Ash broke up things with a spinning heel kick. Ash and Williams exchanged punches and Ash came out on top and hit a big tombstone piledriver. Ash went for the cover 1... 2... KICKOUT! Williams fought back with kicks. Williams went for a clothesline which Ash ducked and Williams drilled the Rock. Booker T hit Williams with a side kick but Ash put Booker T down with a bulldog. Ash climbed up the ladder and dove off hitting a 450 splash on Booker T but the Rock and Williams broke up the pinfall attempt there as well. The match continued with pin attempts being broken up. The Rock hit Booker with a Rock Bottom, Williams surprised the Rock with an Insane Bomb, Ash then drilled Williams with another Attitude Adjuster and went for a cover but Booker T was able to make the save. All 4 men were recovering as bizarre cult like music started up and out came a masked man dragging Beulah out to the stage.

Mystery Man: I told you Ash. I told you that you couldn't protect your women. Now you'll see me take this one out.

Ash got to his feet and tried to bust through the door. Vader came running through the fans and RIPPED the door off the cell. Ash got to the ramp way and stared the mystery man down. The mystery man tossed Beulah to the side and Ash rushed him. Ash laid into the masked man with kicks and punches. Ash was stopped all of the sudden. LOW BLOW! BEULAH HAD LOW BLOWED ASH!!! The masked man got to his feet and ripped of his mask... the crowd was shocked... tons of boos... it was.... RAVEN!!! Raven attacked Ash and while Beulah was laughing in the background. She grabbed a microphone.

Beulah: You thought I loved you, ha, I was just using you to get into your mind. Raven always wanted to destroy you.

Raven: You cost me everything. It was your idea that Ric Flair be my "mentor". He dragged me down and kept me from my destiny. It was you that STOLE Beulah from me all those years ago. And she never loved you the way she loved me. Tonight, I ruined you. You'll never see gold again, you'll never trust again, and you'll certainly never ever be able to show your teacher, your master, your trainer, RAVEN!!!! that you're better then me.

Raven and Beulah began to attack Ash again as the fans boos. Back in the ring, Vader had entered the fray and taken out Dave Williams. Vader saw what was going on and rushed out of the steel cage. Vader came up the rampway and chased Raven and Beulah away from Ash. Ash slowly to got to his feet. Ash looked ready to strike Raven, NO CLOTHESLINE FROM BEHIND! Vader attacked Ash. Raven and Beulah joined in.

Back in the ring, Dave Williams drilled both The Rock and Booker T with Insane Bombs and left the cage. Taylor saw a look in Williams' and he rushed up the rampway and attacked Vader and Raven. Amy Lin rushed through the curtains and attacked Beulah. Vader, Raven and Beulah were off to the parking lot, running away from Ash, Williams and Amy. Raven and Beulah jumped into the back of Vader's hummer. Vader got into the driver's seat as Ash dove onto the windshield. Vader drove off as Ash fell to the side. The hummer hit the highway and was gone.

Williams: Damn Vader! Damn Raven piece of trash!

Ash: Thanks for the help.

Williams: Yeah, Taylor and I knew Beulah wasn't to be trusted. At least your family, even as much as they might hate you at times, cares about you.

Amy grabbed Ash and delivered a huge kiss on his lips. Ash returned the kiss with passion. Taylor Eversoll appeared.

Taylor: Okay I hate to break this nice love fest up but Dave, Ash, THE TITLE MATCH!

Williams and Ash looked at each other and rushed back towards the arena as Amy and Taylor gave each other a smile. Taylor stopped Amy and gave her a huge hug.

Taylor: Welcome back to the family.

Meanwhile back in the ring, The Rock had Booker T battered and beaten. The Rock hit the People's Elbow 4 times in a row. The Rock picked up a table and position it in the center of the ring. The Rock readied Booker T for the Rock Bottom. The Rock trashed talked in Booker T's face. The Rock went for the Rock Bottom but NO!!! Booker T blocked it. Booker turned the Rock around... BOOKEND THROUGH THE TABLE!!! The Rock was sent crashing through a table! Booker made the cover as Ash and Dave rushed through the curtain. 1... Ash was by ringside, Williams far behind... 2.... Ash was through the door.... 3... Ash tripped up and was too late! BOOKER T HAD WON THE UNIVERSAL TITLE!!!

[TLC In A Cell Match]:
Booker T defeated Dave Williams w/Taylor Eversoll, Ash Eversoll and Rocky Maivia when Booker T pinned Maivia with the Bookend through a table in 0:28:21.
(Booker T won the ICW Universal Title.)

Post Match:
Booker T saw the look in Ash's eyes that he had just missed a shot at the gold. Booker helped Ash up as Williams entered the ring. The cell started to lift up, as Taylor Eversoll, Amy Lin, Brandon, Patricia and Maia Eversoll entered into the ring. Booker shook Ash's hand and then shook Williams hand. Ash and Amy again had a passionate kiss in the ring as Booker was congratulated by the rest of the Eversoll family. Booker posed with the title as fireworks went off to sound the new champion's reign.

Fade to the ICW logo as Estpolis came to a close.