Name: Magus
Nickname: Dark Prince Of Destruction
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 255 lbs
Home Town: Guardia circa 12000 BC
Finisher: Darkbreaker (crucifix powerbomb into a swingout neckbreaker)

Name: Bishop
Nickname: The Canadian Violence
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 220 lbs
Home Town: Winnipeg, Ontario, Canada
Finisher: X-Force (second rope face buster)

Name: Schala
Nickname: Princess Of Darkness
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: Not Provided
Home Town: Guardia circa 12000 BC


Magus, Bishop and Schala are quite an interesting pair. Magus, real name Michael Bound, was a professional on the independent scenes in North America and Mexico. Bound suffered a severe concussion and has ever since thought he was the character Magus from the Squaresoft RPG Chrono Trigger. His girlfriend, Michelle Earth, was extremely worried and plays the role of Schala, Magus' sister in Chrono Trigger. Bishop is a strong cruiserweight who has made several independent shows go crazy with his mix of technical skills, aerial assaults and much more. To sum up Bishop, take technical ability, high-flying, a holier then thou attitude, with a loud mouth and you've got your man.

The pair of Magus and Schala have toured quite successfully throughout the United States. Magus was one of the many members of the ICW and part of a group called the Dead Souls with ICW superstar Draven Corvin. Magus went on his own to tour Japan, Mexico, and Canada. Magus and Schala met with Bishop, an upcoming cruiserweight star that aspired to be the best gaijin worker in Japan. Bishop was quite successful with Magus guiding him. The two have joined forces recently as the tag team Dark Storm and have had several reigns as tag team champions. Magus has returned with his valet and protege Bishop to the ICW and they are looking for competition.