Draven in Crow Gimmick                            Debbie Corvin

Name: Draven Corvin
Nickname: None
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 245 lbs
Home Town: San Antonio, Texas
Finisher: Claw Sweep (claw hold into a reverse faceslam)

Name: Debbie Corvin
Nickname: None
Height: 6'
Weight: 120 lbs
Home Town: Honolulu, Hawaii
Finisher: None


Draven is a long time student of the martial arts and it is evident in his matches. Corvin has at times been compared to Sting as far as his ability to have the fans on his side no matter what the circumstances. Corvin is a fan of Japanese history and spends time there with his wife Debbie. Corvin can be termed in a short phrase "laid back". Known as one of the friendliest guys in the business, Corvin is often looked at to mediate potential problems and has been known to pull apart a few fist fights between brewing egos.

Debbie is considered the sweetest lady of the ICW, almost the first lady of ICW (if there were to be a title assigned). Debbie has a mind for the business and spends her time backstage running as an agent and on the creative team. Debbie is responsible for several major ICW angles although she refuses to take complete credit for anything that many fans have enjoyed.


Corvin got his start in Japan but then came back to America starting his career in the IWF. Corvin formed the Dead Souls with friends Vulture and Lucifer, while he was known as Crow. He ascended the ranks, won a battle royal and then defeated Owen Hart for the IWF World Title. Not 6 days later, the IWF vacated all the titles and basically restarted the federation from scratch. Corvin lost to the Ultimate Warrior in what some consider a very tainted finals. As the story goes, Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage and Corvin went on to the next super show and battled over the title in which the Warrior prevailed pinning both Savage and Corvin were pinned simultaneously. Corvin fluctuated wrestling a match with Sting and then left the federation under bad terms. Then IWF Commissioner, Brandon Eversoll called the IWF Owner on what he called a "best friend relationship" with the Warrior, even stating it was worse then everyone's idea of the Hogan/Bischoff relationship. Corvin joined Eversoll and a few IWF stars to form the ICW. The ICW grew and grew and the past was left behind. Corvin dropped the name of Crow and went by his real name. Corvin would form various versions of the Dead Souls, throughout the ICW's history. Corvin will remain one of the toughest competitors in the business.

Debbie met Draven during a wrestling tour that hit the state of Hawaii. They instantly hit it off and Debbie joined the tour, training to take the bumps. Despite all her training, Debbie has yet to enter the ring as a competitor. Debbie has a keen sense for the business and this is one of the reason she is on the ICW Creative Team.