June 2003

Backstage By The Entrance Way:
Rob Van Dam arrived at the arena. RVD was stopped by Commissioner Curt Hennig. Hennig asked what RVD was doing here since he wasn't scheduled to be on the card tonight. RVD simply said that he was there to scout things out and was going to have himself a good time. RVD continued on into the arena while Hennig sighed and said things were going to be rough tonight.

Backstage In Amy-Lin Eversoll's Locker Room:
Amy was psyching herself up for her match later on against the winner of the Fatal Fourway. Lita and Daffney entered the locker room. Lita said she was going to have some fierce competition against any of the four that might met her. Amy said she was ready for it no matter what. Daffney asked if she had heard anything from Ash since Power. Amy said that he hadn't called, he hadn't come home and hadn't contacted any of his family either. Daffney said that Crowbar and Sting hadn't been able to track him down and Lita added HHH had been doing some calling around but no one had seen him either. Amy said she was going to focus on the title defense first and then what was up with Ash later. Ash could take care of himself and she knew it.

In-Ring Interview with Vampiro:
Vampiro was in the ring which had barbwire on all 4 corners and some around through the ropes and on the floor. Vampiro held a kendo stick wrapped in barbwire and stared at it. He told Matt Hardy that just like barbwire, he was sharp and mean. He would rip through Matt Hardy tonight and take what rightfully belonged to him. The Raw title was coming home and it belonged around Vampiro's waist.

"2 Xtreme" Matt Hardy rushed to the ring and jumped the ropes hitting Vampiro with a kick as the bell sounded.

ICW Raw Title Barbwire Match:
Matt Hardy (c) vs Vampiro
Matt was careful when coming off the ropes and hitting Vampiro with clotheslines and dropkicks. Vampiro whipped Matt hard into a corner and Matt winced from the barbwire and walked into a big spin kick from Vampiro. Vampiro slammed Matt over the ropes and onto a barbwire stack on the outside. Vampiro suplexed Matt into the ring and posed over him. Matt hit Vampiro low and then back dropped his opponent onto another stack of barbwire. Vampiro was whipped hard into the corner and was hurting. Matt rushed in and hit a clothesline and called for a Twist of Fate. Vampiro blocked it and then sent Matt into the corner face first. Vampiro whacked Matt in the back of the head with the barbwire laced kendo stick and then sent him into the corner again. Matt came out completely bloody and Vampiro grabbed Hardy. Vampiro shocked the crowd thrusting Matt to the canvas through a stack of barbwire with the Vampiro Spike. Matt was bleeding from all over as Vampiro went for the pin. 1.... 2.... NO! HARDY KICKED OUT! Matt recovered and planted Vampiro with a DDT on the barbwire. Matt climbed to the top rope and dove off with a clothesline taking his opponent down. Matt called for the Twist of Fate but Vampiro dropped and low blowed Hardy. Vampiro hit a second Vampiro Spike crashing Matt's all ready bloody head to the canvas. Vampiro again covered as the referee counted 1.... 2.... 3!!!

Barbed Wire Match:
Vampiro pinned Matt Hardy with the Vampiro Spike in 0:09:11.
(Vampiro won the ICW Raw Title.)

Post Match:
Vampiro lifted the Raw title in the air as Matt Hardy was helped from the ring. Vampiro turned around and was dropped to the canvas from a flying kick from the top rope by ROB VAN DAM! RVD slammed Vampiro onto a stack of barbwire and jumped up to the top. RVD came off and hit the Five Star Frog Splash sending Vampiro hard into the barbwire beneath him. RVD stood over Vampiro and reminded him he was ROB VAN DAM before leaving to the crowd's delight.

Backstage In A Hallway:
Mike Sanders was seen talking to Rhino. Rhino said that things just weren't the same in the Outlaws for a long time. Sanders said things would be cool, Rhino and Double J just had to work out there differences tonight and Rhino would be welcome back if he chose to do so. Sanders said the Outlaws were going to go straight to the top of the ladder again, forget NEO, the Outlaws were still the way to go.

In-Ring Interview with Booker T, DDP and The Maniacs:
Booker T talked about how he wasn't going to be any man's slave for 2 months. He wasn't going to let NEO play that game with him. Tonight, after each and every member of NEO was left laying, Edge was going to put that title on the line and Booker would reign again as the ICW Universal champion. DDP felt like bringing the BANG to NEO tonight and there wasn't going to be anything they could do about. Jeff Hardy, Kwee Wee, and Lamar Larkin went on to say the Big Bombs were going to miss their target. Booker said it was all said and done, Edge needed to know one thing, NEO wasn't big enough, bad enough or tough enough to bring it!

Backstage In Oriental Explosion's Locker Room:
Lenny Lane was seen talking to Goku and Shinzaki. Lane said that he was going to be in their corner tonight and ready to guide them against Lights Out and Harlem Doom. Lane understood what it took to successfully manage people to their top games and was ready to do it tonight for Oriental Explosion.

Outlaw vs Former Outlaw
Jeff Jarrett w/Missy vs Rhino
Jarrett had control early on against Rhino but the big powerful man keep Jarrett down with stiff slams and suplexes. James Outlaw came out during the course of the contest and watched. Jarrett jumped a Gore from Rhino and Rhino went hard into the ropes. Jarrett hit the Slapnut Drops on Rhino and went for the cover. 1... 2.... Th.. No! Rhino's foot had managed to get on the ropes. James Outlaw argued with the referee about that call as he felt Jarrett had gotten the 3. The referee continued to argue with Outlaw as Double J took shots at Rhino. Mike Sanders came running from the back and entered the ring. Sanders looked at Jarrett and CLOCKED HIM! Sanders picked up Double J and blasted him with the 3.0. Rhino quickly hit a strong Gore on Double J. Sanders slide out and tossed Missy to the floor. The referee turned around and laid down the 3 count on Jarrett.

Rhino pinned Jeff Jarrett w/Missy with the Gore in 0:09:04.

Post Match:
James Outlaw entered as Steve Austin joined them in the ring. Rhino and Sanders worked over Double J, while Austin taunted him. James Outlaw said that he knew he wasn't going to be able to trust certain members of the group. Mike Awesome had left for NEO but he knew someone else wasn't really on the Outlaws side. When it came down to it, Double J just wasn't good enough to take on the Outlaw name. Accepting the fans cheers, siding with a piece of trash like Matt Hardy and John Cena in tag matches. RHINO was the true Outlaw and had proven it tonight. Austin grabbed Double J and dropped him with a Stunner. The Outlaws began to work over Double J when....

"COME ON FEEL THE NOISE- Quiet Riot" Ash Eversoll's music played up. The Outlaws turned around and waited for Ash to come from the rampway. Ash entered, from behind. Ash stood covered in the bloody shirt and messy clothes from Power a steel chair in hand. Ash dropped Sanders with the Attitude Adjuster and the rest of the Outlaws got a clue. Rhino went for a Gore but missed and ended up on the outside of the ring. Austin quickly bailed leaving James Outlaw in the ring. Ash grabbed the chair from the ground and whacked Rhino who had attempted to get back in. Outlaw jumped on Ash but Double J pulled him off. Ash chased Austin off with a chair through the crowd as Jarrett drilled Outlaw to the mat with the Slapnuts Drop! Jarrett rolled out and helped Missy to the back as the crowd was on their feet for Double J.

Backstage In NEO's Locker Room:
Edge said tonight was the night that belonged to NEO. Not only would that keep the Global title when Victoria and Kanyon laid out Lita and HHH, but also tonight, Booker T would become Edge's personal slave. It would be great. DDP was going to get what he deserved tonight as well inside that cage.

ICW Universal Tag Team Triangle Match:
Lights Out (Bryan Clarke/Marc Mero) vs Harlem Doom (Ahmed Johnson/Faarooq) w/The Cat vs Oriental Explosion (Goku/Jinsei Shinzaki) (c) w/Lenny Lane
Goku and Shinzaki were getting bounced around like ragdolls against Lights Out and Harlem Doom. Faarooq dominated Goku in the corner and planted him with a huge spinebuster. Faarooq went for a big Dominator but Shinzaki made the stop. All 6 men joined the fray and the battle was on. The referee let it go as Faarooq drilled Mero with a Dominator and went for a cover. Goku came off the ropes with the Oriental Legdrop to break up the cover by Faarooq. The Cat entered as Clarke and Mero were working over Ahmed in a corner. The Cat went for a Feliner but missed Clarke and Mero. Lights Out backed off as Ahmed followed up The Cat. The Cat turned around and cracked Ahmed's skull with the Feliner sending him to the floor where he collided with the ring steps head first. The Cat left after hitting Lenny Lane off the ropes with another Feliner. Clarke and Mero went for an assisted TKO on Goku and hit it. Mero went for the cover but the save was made by Faarooq. Faarooq and Clarke went the outside leaving the ring in disarray. Lane grabbed a title belt and drilled Mero in the face with it. Shinzaki came back in and dropped Mero with the Praying Power Bomb. Shinzaki hooked the leg and got the 1... 2... Faarooq stopped Clarke from making the save with a tackle... 3!!!

Triangle Match:
Oriental Explosion (Goku/Jinsei Shinzaki) w/Lenny Lane defeated Lights Out (Bryan Clarke/Marc Mero) and Harlem Doom (Ahmed Johnson/Faarooq) w/The Cat when Shinzaki pinned Mero with the Praying Power Bomb in 0:08:28.
(Oriental Explosion retained the ICW Universal Tag Team Titles.)

Backstage In The Hallway:
The Rock and Michael Modest were discussing their tag team match later with Angle and Rokuru. Modest said that Rokuru was in serious need of therapy, the Herald echoed this statement. The Rock said he would take care of Rokuru, Modest just better make sure Mr. Stars and Stripes Kurt Angle was taken out. Modest said it could be done and it would be done.

Winner Faces Amy Lin-Eversoll For The ICW American Title Immediately Following The Match:
John Cena vs Inferno vs Chris Candido w/Tammy vs Test w/Stacey
Cena and Inferno began working as a tandem early keeping Candido and Test down on the mat. Inferno missed a kick on Candido and walked into a huge boot from Test. Test worked over the much smaller Inferno as Candido and Cena exchanged fists in the ring. Cena hip tossed Candido to the outside of the ring. Inferno and Test battled outside of the ring as well and the referee slowly began to administer a countout as Candido was the only one left int the ring. Cena headed into the ring when a fan jumped the railing and attacked him. The man picked Cena up and WHAM... SIMONIZER??!!! It was Simon Diamond! Diamond tossed Cena into the ring to Candido and left to the back. Candido planted Cena with the Blond Bombshell as Test and Inferno fought out into the crowd. The referee saw Candido's pin and laid down the count 1.... 2.... 3!

[Winner Faces Amy Lin-Eversoll For American Title]:
Fatal Fourway:
Chris Candido w/Tammy defeated John Cena, Inferno and Test w/Stacey when Candido pinned J. Cena with the Blond Bombshell in 0:09:04.

Post Match:
Candido rested as Tammy was cheering his victory.

"COME ON FEEL THE NOISE- Quiet Riot" ICW American Champion Amy Lin-Eversoll made her way out with Lita and Daffney behind her. Amy entered the ring and Candido immediately went to the attack.

ICW American Title Match:
Amy Lin-Eversoll (c) vs Chris Candido
Amy was taken down quickly by Candido. Candido quickly worked over Amy's back with lots of kicks and slams. Candido hit a big gutwrench suplex and hooked the leg only getting a 2 count. Candido took Amy down with a huge clothesline. Candido climbed to the top and dove for a flying headbutt but Amy rolled out of the way. Amy took Candido down with a quick DDT and then hit him with an impressive backspin kick putting Candido in the ropes. Amy climbed up top and Tammy jumped on the ropes. Lita and Daffney took care of Tammy but Candido hit Amy and then superplexed her off the ropes. Candido called from the Blond Bombshell but Amy blocked it and hit a big jumping DDT. Amy climbed to the top rope and came off with a big moonsault. Amy hooked the leg and the referee laid down the 1... 2... and 3!

Amy Lin-Eversoll w/Lita and Daffney pinned Chris Candido w/Tammy with the Moonsault in 0:08:51.
(Amy Lin-Eversoll retained the ICW American Title.)

Post Match:
Amy left with Lita and Daffney. Candido was in the ring pissed about losing. Candido grabbed the referee and dropped him with the Blond Bombshell. Candido and Tammy left to boos from the crowd.

Backstage In The Outlaws' Locker Room:
Austin celebrated the fact that Rhino had returned to them. Austin said that Rhino knew what it took to get the job done. Sanders knew exactly what it took to get the job done. Tonight Austin was going to get the job done against Ash Eversoll. Austin was going to make him bleed for himself, bleed for the Outlaws and bleed because he just deserved to be beaten.

In-Ring Interview with The Herald:
The Herald began to talk about how great Michael Modest was, how great Modest was. The Herald was about to introduce Modest when Rokuru appeared from behind and dropped him with a huge Roku Driver. Modest rushed the ring and the 2 men battled. The Rock and Angle followed and the match was on.

Rokuru w/Teddy and Kurt Angle vs Rocky Maivia and Michael Modest w/The Herald
Modest and The Rock worked over Angle for a majority of the match in their corner. Modest taunted Rokuru and then went for the Modest Maker but Angle saw it coming and dropped him with a huge over head release suplex. Angle caught the incoming Rock with a belly to belly suplex and then tagged in Rokuru. Rokuru and the Rock exchanged blows as Angle took Modest to the floor. Modest ran away up the ramp way, while Rokuru gained control against the Rock. Rokuru went to the top rope unaware that The Rock had put a set of brass knux on his hands. Rokuru came off and the Rock nailed him square in the head. The Rock tossed the knux and drilled Rokuru with the Rock Bottom in the middle of the ring. The Rock hooked the leg and got the 1... 2... and 3!

Rocky Maivia and Michael Modest w/The Herald defeated Kurt Angle and Rokuru w/Teddy when Maivia pinned Rokuru with the Rock Bottom in 0:08:53.

Post Match:
Michael Modest had disappeared to the back and the Herald was hit by an Olympic Slam from Kurt Angle on the arena floor. Back in the ring, The Rock posed over Rokuru and grabbed Teddy. The Rock began slapping Teddy around and then planted him with a Rock Bottom right next to Rokuru. The Rock said Rokuru and his jabroni bear could kick the Rock's polynesian ass if they smelllllllleeeeddd what the Rock was cookin!

Backstage In The Hallway:
Edge was talking to Dave Williams and Stephanie Bellars. Edge said that they had the cards all right for them tonight. Williams said he was going to love taking out DDP and Booker T. Both of them deserved to be Insane Bombed straight to hell. Bellars reminded Edge about their deal and Edge said as long as the match went their way, there would be no problem for that. Edge left while Bellars coaxed Williams into a dark corner.

ICW Global Title Tag Team Match:
If Kanyon and Victoria Win The Match, Kanyon Retains The Title. If HHH And Lita Win The Match, HHH Will Become The ICW Global Champion:
Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Lita vs Chris Kanyon (c) and Victoria
Kanyon and Victoria had a pretty good team rhythm going on throughout the contest. HHH came in and took control against Kanyon but a well timed low blow by Victoria brought HHH down and gave the Global champion's team back control. Kanyon attacked HHH in the corner with punches and berated him telling him he'd never win the Global title. HHH went back and was attacked by Victoria. Victoria went for a dropkick and HHH side stepped it and tagged in Lita. Lita came off the ropes in a solid clothesline and then put Victoria down to the canvas with a powerslam. Lita called for the Feminine Twist and Kanyon rushed in taking down Lita. HHH attacked Kanyon and the 2 battled on the outside. Lita hit her Feminine Twist on Victoria and went up top. Kanyon slammed HHH into the ring and Lita fell backwards from the ropes. Kanyon entered the ring and dropped Lita with a Flatliner and got the pin.

[If Kanyon And Victoria Win, Kanyon Will Retain The Global Title, If HHH And Lita Win, HHH Will Win The Global Title]:
NEO (Chris Kanyon/Victoria) defeated Lita and Hunter Hearst Helmsley when Kanyon pinned Lita with the Flatliner in 0:09:55.
(Chris Kanyon retained the ICW Global Title.)

Post Match:
HHH came in attempting to help Lita up but Lita pushed him away. Lita rolled from the ring and started up the rampway as HHH followed her. Lita entered a locker room with Amy and Ash Eversoll written on the door. HHH tried to get in and it was locked. HHH said he wasn't going to deal with it and walked off down the hallway.

Backstage In Crowbar's Locker Room:
Crowbar, Daffney and Sting were ready for action. Crowbar said that now was the time that Draven Corvin would be paid back. The trio left towards the ring.

Backstage In A Hallway:
Amy Lin-Eversoll and Lita were outside a locker room talking about the situation with HHH. Lita said she battle with the guys but was majorly upset she couldn't get the job done tonight. Amy reassured her everything would be okay. Lita thought it would be and stared over Amy's shoulder. Lita said she saw Ash and Amy turned. Ash was walking around the hallway still in the bloody shirt. Amy rushed at him but stopped when he sent a glare in her direction. Ash continued into the bowels of the arena as Amy's shoulder sunk back. Lita said he probably just needed to focus on clearing out Austin. Amy said she hoped that was all that was.

Crowbar w/Daffney and Sting vs Draven Corvin w/Debbie
Crowbar and Corvin put on a brutal fight. Draven worked Crowbar over in the corner hard beating him down relentlessly. Draven sent Crowbar over the ropes and to the floor where Debbie put a vicious slap across his face. Daffney rushed over but Draven came over the ropes and drilled her into the announce table. Draven tossed her into the ring steps which brought Sting to her side. Draven went back to attacking Crowbar. The two hit the ring again and Crowbar got back into with a springboard DDT. Crowbar hit a kick off the ropes and took down Draven with a hurricanna. Crowbar went up top for a moonsault but missed. Draven jumped to his feet and took Crowbar down with a big jumping lariat. Corvin worked Crowbar over in another corner and hit a tornado DDT putting Crowbar on the canvas. Draven hooked the leg and got 1.... 2..... and a kickout by Crowbar. Crowbar came back and hit Draven with a big facebuster and followed it up with an Asai moonsault. Crowbar went for a cover but Draven was able to kick out at 2. Debbie jumped up on the ring apron and attacked Crowbar. Draven attacked Crowbar in the gut and went for a clothesline but missed and bumped Debbie off the ring apron. Crowbar saw the opening and drilled Corvin to the canvas with the Asylum. The referee laid down the count 1.... 2..... no Draven's foot was on the ropes. Crowbar was frustrated and got into the referee's face. Draven hit a low blow and hooked Crowbar up for the Claw Sweep. Draven pointed at Sting and Daffney at ringside and said this was for them and all the ICW idiots. Crowbar quickly reversed the move and then planted Draven with a second Asylum. Crowbar again hooked the leg and got the 1.... 2... and 3!

Crowbar w/Daffney and Sting pinned Draven Corvin w/Debbie with the Asylum in 0:11:03.

Post Match:
Crowbar was attending to Daffney as Draven was checking on Debbie. Draven grabbed a ring bell and took out Crowbar. Sting attempted to get involved and was drilled in the gut by the ring bell. Corvin put Sting through a table at ringside with a choke slam and then brought Crowbar to his feet. Debbie drilled him with a kick very low and Draven put him down with a Claw Sweep. Draven and Debbie left together, a new duo of evil power in the ICW.

Backstage In The Outlaws Locker Room:
Austin was heading out to face Ash Eversoll in the First Blood match. Austin told everyone to stay put and he would take care of Ash himself. No one was going to change that.

Backstage In A Hallway:
Big Bombs and The Maniacs were mixing it up when security rushed in. Dave Williams and Booker T entered the fray as more security personnel pulled the combatants apart.

It was noted that significant bleeding would need to occur for someone to win the match.

First Blood Match:
Ash Eversoll vs Steve Austin
Ash entered the ring ready for Austin. Austin attacked with his heavily taped fists and caught Ash early with a low blow. Austin worked over Ash's back and ribs for awhile. Austin went up top and dropped an elbow on the front of Ash's face. Ash got back to his feet and drilled Austin square on the chin with a kick. Ash followed things up with backspin DDT and laid several punches into Austin's skull. Austin quickly rolled to the outside and grabbed a ring bell and drilled Ash in the face with it but no blood was drawn. Austin grabbed Ash and slammed him into the ring post. Austin repeated the act a few more times until Ash blocked it and sent Austin into the post hard. Austin's lip was cut open but the referee said the match would continue. Ash tossed Austin back in the ring and brought in a table. Ash set Austin up on the table and climbed to the top rope. Ash came off the top rope with a flying elbow drop but missed as Austin rolled off the table. When Ash crashed through the table, part of it opened up a spot as on his elbow but again the referee was going to stop the match. The two got to their feet and dropped each other with a huge clothesline. Ash and Austin both got up to their feet and Austin was quicker and drilled Ash with the Stone Cold Stunner. Austin rolled out and grabbed a steel chair. Austin was busy collecting the chair as Jeff Jarrett jumped the ropes and placed a guitar heavily laced with barbwire next the ring steps. Jarrett dove under the ring as Austin pulled Ash outside. Austin set up Ash's face on the ring post and came swinging with the chair.... and MISSED! Ash moved and Austin hit only the ring post. The force of the blow sent Austin off balance and the chair falling at ringside. Jarrett reached from under the ring and pulled the chair under. Austin looked for the chair and had nothing as Ash noticed the barbwire guitar. Ash grabbed it and waited. Austin came over and Ash stood up and in one motion BLASTED the guitar over Austin's head. Austin fell the canvas as Ash dropped the remains fo the guitar on the ground. Austin rolled over and was covered in blood as the referee called for the bell.

First Blood Match:
Ash Eversoll defeated Steve Austin in 0:10:52.

Post Match:
Double J slide from underneath the ring and Ash noticed. Ash gave a nod in Double J's direction and headed back up the rampway. Double J had some words for Austin. Jarrett continued to yell at Austin until Rhino and Mike Sanders came from the back. Jarrett jumped the railing and left through the crowd as they chanted "DOUBLE J, DOUBLE J!"

Backstage Interview with Diamond Dallas Page and Booker T:
DDP said that there was nothing that was going to keep him and Booker T from taking home the match tonight and nothing that was going to stop Booker T from winning the Universal title following that. DDP reminded every NEO member and Dave Williams that he intended to make them feel the BANG! Booker T only said one thing, Edge, Williams, and NEO, were all about to experience the end, the BOOKEND!

The second ring had been added, the cages lowered and Booker T's team had won the toss. Kwee Wee was all ready in the ring for them and Vader had joined. It was also noted that this match would be submit or surrender rules.

If Booker T's Team Wins, Booker Will Receive An Immediate Universal Title Match With Edge, If Edge's Team Wins, Booker Will Be Edge's Slave Until After Rising Fire (The Next PPV)
Wargames Match:
Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page and Mixed Maniacs (Kwee Wee/Jeff Hardy) w/Lamar Larkin vs NEO (Edge/Mike Awesome/Vader) w/Chastity and Dave Williams w/Stephanie Bellars
Kwee Wee was backed into a major corner against Vader. Vader took control and laid solid shots into Kwee Wee druing the opening minutes of the first period. Kwee Wee wisely started to use his speed to his advantage and kept jumping from ring to ring hitting Vader with dropkicks and clotheslines. The timer sounded and out came Jeff Hardy. The Maniacs spent most of the next minutes double-teaming Vader. Kwee Wee hit a legdrop as Jeff hit a standing moonsault. The timer sounded again and here came Mike Awesome. Awesome immediately worked over Kwee Wee as Vader took ont he much smaller Jeff Hardy. Jeff was drilled with a Vader Bomb and that left Kwee Wee taking the blunt of the blows from the Big Bombs. The timer again expired and here came none other then Booker T! Booker T immediately regained control from his time and took down both NEO members with jumping side kicks. Booker muscled Vader up and hit a Bookend on Vader. Awesome walked into a Bookend as well. The timer sounded once again and the Insane One, Dave Williams, accompanied by Stephanie Bellars entered the ring. Williams took down Kwee Wee with one big shot and it appeared Williams had brought brass knux into the ring. Williams put gut shots in on Booker T and Jeff Hardy. Booker was the victim of an Awesome Bomb, a Vader Bomb and then an Insane Bomb as the timer sounded once again, this time, the last member of the Booker T's team, DDP made his way into the ring. DDP surprised Awesome with a swing around Diamond Cutter. Kwee Wee jumped on Williams and took several shots at DDP and Jeff Hardy worked over Vader. Booker T was spending a lot of time recovering and appeared to be in a lot of pain. The final bell tolled and Edge came out with Chastity bouncing around him. Edge entered the ring and the door was locked. Edge immediately took down Jeff Hardy with a spear into the cage. Mike Awesome and Vader went to the attack and dropped Hardy with both an Awesome Bomb and Vader Bomb. Booker got to his feet but was cut off by Dave Williams. Kwee Wee was completely out in a corner bleeding heavily from brass knux shots from Williams. DDP rushed after Edge and Edge tossed powder into his face. DDP was blinded and swinging at anything. Williams tossed Booker T in DDP's direction, no ... DIAMOND CUTTER FROM THE BLINDED DDP ON BOOKER T! Booker appeared to be completely out as Vader and Awesome took down DDP. Williams planted Booker with an Insane Bomb for good measure as Vader and Awesome hit DDP with an Awesome Bomb and a Vader Bomb. Edge speared Jeff Hardy hard into the cage and Jeff dropped to the canvas bleeding from the back of his head. Booker was out cold, Kwee Wee was bleeding and barely conscious, DDP was blinded and battered as the Big Bombs continued to work him over in a corner and Hardy was bleeding. Williams hit Kwee Wee with an Insane Bomb and went over to attack Kwee Wee. Edge locked in a scorpion death lock as Williams slammed Jeff into the cage. Williams came over and hooked Kwee Wee into a crossface. Kwee Wee out cold as Williams worked the cross face and Edge locked in the scorpion death lock. Lamar Larkin had no choice and signaled the team's surrender.

[If Booker's Team Wins, Booker Will Receive An Immediate Title Shot From Edge, If Edge's Team Wins, Booker Will Be Edge's Slave Through Rising Fire]:
War Games Match:
NEO (Edge/Mike Awesome/Vader) w/Chastity and Dave Williams w/Stephanie Bellars defeated Mixed Maniacs (Kwee Wee/Jeff Hardy) w/Lamar Larkin, Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page when Edge and Williams made Kwee Wee submit to a cross face scorpion deathlock in 0:22:09.

Post Match:
Edge looked at Booker T who was out cold and slapped him around calling him a punk. Edge promised his days with NEO would be very painful. Chastity and Stephanie entered the cage. Chastity gave Edge the Universal title and Edge posed with it in both Booker T and DDP's faces. Williams left with Bellars as the rest of NEO, Kanyon and Victoria, entered the cages. NEO celebrated as Edge lifted the Universal title high in the air.

*ICW Collision Logo, Fade To Black*