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September 2003

Backstage In Locker Room Area:
WSWA stars are sitting back talking about the chances they're about to receive to be on ICW television. Harlem Doom, National Tag Champions Air Strike, Donovan Morgan, Kwee Wee, Shane Helms, Intermountain Champion Jason Jett, new signee Flash Flanagan, Ernest Miller, and Hugh Morrus are all busily talking.

Sting: All right guys, you all must realize one thing. We're here by the grace of ICW Owner Brandon Eversoll. He thinks you guys have the ability to make Clash an exciting show. You are not only representing the WSWA as a developmental league here tonight, but you are also representing yourself to the talent coordinators, the guys that will ultimately determine whether you make it to the ICW's main event, the prime time.

Vader: As your leaders, Steve and I are very happy to see you all here. Now, tonight's line-up is pretty straight forward. Harlem Doom against Air Strike for the tag titles. Donovan Morgan and Kwee Wee will battle. Jason Jett will defend his Intermountain gold against Shane Helms and of course Rhino will put the gold up against Ernest Miller, Hugh Morrus and Flash Flanagan tonight.

Sting: Now we do have a special guest here as well.

The doors open and in comes ICW Head of Talent Relationships, Maia Eversoll makes her way into the room.

Maia: Glad to see you all here. The new Clash format is going to give you all a chance to prove yourselves to the fans, and to front office whom I represent.

Just then, Josh Mathews and Maven along with Caryn Mower make their way into the locker room.

Caryn: Sorry we're late, someone gave us the wrong directions to the locker room.

Faarooq: You've got no respect, just like those punks Air Strike. We're the established stars, you think you can show up late and just see it slide around here? I don't think so. Ahmed, time to teach some respect.

Harlem Doom jumps on Team T.E. while the rest of the locker room pulls them apart.

Sting: That's it, tonight, Triple Threat Tag Team Title match, good luck Faarooq.

Harlem Doom leaves the locker room as Maven and Josh recover from the attacks they received.

Backstage Interview with Moy Lazzario:
Moy: Tonight, Mike Awesome, we wrestle, one on one. At Night Rage, we battle inside a cage. I will defeat you tonight, I will beat Vampiro as well and become the Raw Champion. That's a promise, from Moy, LAZZARIO!

WSWA Triple Threat Tag Team Title Match:
Air Strike (A.J. Styles/Air Paris) vs Team T.E. (Josh Mathews/Maven) w/Caryn Mower vs Harlem Doom (Faarooq/Ahmed Johnson)
A long match with Air Strike and Team T.E. working together against the members of Harlem Doom during the course of action. Mathews had control against Ahmed and went up top. Mathews soared hitting a 450 splash on Johnson but Faarooq was quick to break things up. Faarooq went to work on Mathews while Styles, Paris and Maven all broke into the ring. Mathews tossed Paris to the floor, while Styles and Ahmed squared off. Faarooq looked ready to strike Maven with the Dominator but Maven backed over Faarooq and sat down on the second rope. Faarooq turned around and Maven grabbed Faarooq with a choke hold and choke slammed Faarooq from the second rope to the canvas aka the Fatal Strike. Maven hooked the leg while the rest of the competitors were out on the floor and won the gold for Team T.E.

Triple Threat Match:
Team T.E. (Josh Mathews/Maven) w/Caryn Mower defeated Harlem Doom (Ahmed Johnson/Faarooq) and Air Strike (A.J. Styles/Air Paris) when Maven pinned Faarooq with the Fatal Strike in 0:08:32.
(Team T.E. won the WSWA National Tag Team Titles.)

Backstage By The Entrance Way:
Lita and Daffney arrived with smiles on their faces.

Lita: I'm taking care of Billy Kidman tonight and winning the American gold, no way he'll beat me.

Daffney: I agree with you, no one can show us up tonight.

Kwee Wee vs Donovan Morgan
Morgan worked Kwee Wee over early with several suplexes. Morgan went for his patented Superkick but missed completely. Morgan pulled out a set of brass knux and swung at Kwee Wee but missed. Kwee Wee hit a big back drop and picked up the knux. Kwee Wee drilled Morgan squared in the face and the referee immediately disqualified Kwee Wee.

Donovan Morgan defeated Kwee Wee by disqualification in 0:02:50.

Post Match:
Kwee Wee dropped the knux and chased the referee out of the ring. Morgan got to his feet and delivered the Superkick to the back of Kwee Wee's head, putting him out of the ring and to the floor.

Backstage Interview with Vampiro:
Vampiro: Rob Van Dam, you see, I hold onto the Raw Title, I have the advantage. Tonight, we'll wrestle one on one, Night Rage, if you even make it that far, I will destroy you and Moy Lazzario. Mike Awesome will be able to study my abilities and perhaps one day become the new master of hardcore, but as far as Night Rage inside the steel cage with the weapons goes, I will be the winner. And it's just too bad, because all you can do is TAKE IT!

WSWA Intermountain Title Match:
Shane Helms vs Jason Jett (c)
Helms and Jett put on an excellent high-flying encounter. Jett went for a moonsault but Helms was able to move out of the way and hit the Nightmare on Helm Street but couldn't keep the champion down for the pin. Jett came back with a quick lowblow and then hit a tornado DDT. Jett signaled things were over and went for the Crash Landing. Helms avoided the strike and then caught the champion up in the Vertebreaker. Helms immediately got the cover and the 3 count to become the new WSWA Intermountain Champion.

Shane Helms pinned Jason Jett with the Vertebreaker in 0:07:13.
(Shane Helms won the WSWA Intermountain Title.)

Backstage Interview with Rhino:
Rhino patted the WSWA National Title and looked at the camera.

Rhino: I'm on my way back, beware. I'm on the prowl, beware. Flash Flanagan, you may be good, you may be a talent, but you're not a Rhino, beware. Hugh Morrus, you might be just a little imbalanced, but no matter how crazy you are, when the Rhino comes stampeding, beware. Ernest Miller, a karate champion, the Cat. Well a Cat cannot stand up to a Rhino and especially not the Rhino Gore, beware.

Moy Lazzario vs Mike Awesome
Moy and Awesome spent most of the match exchanging heavy punches and kicks. Lazzario was able to hit the Moy Buster but was unable to get the cover as Awesome put his foot up on the rope. Awesome surprised Lazzario out of the ropes with a springboard clothesline. Awesome hit an Awesome Bomb and used the ropes for leverage to get the cheap win over Lazzario.

Mike Awesome pinned Moy Lazzario with the Awesome Bomb in 0:05:03.

Post Match:
Awesome spent too much time posing, Lazzario surprised him with another Moy Buster and left to the back with the fans chanted "Moy! Moy!"

Backstage By The Entrance Way:
Rob Van Dam entered the arena and looked ready to face Vampiro.

WSWA Four Corner National Title Match:
Rhino (c) vs Ernest Miller vs Hugh Morrus vs Flash Flanagan
Flanagan and Morrus worked over the Cat early and Morrus pounded Miller to the mat with a huge powerslam. Morrus came off the ropes and hit the No Laughing Matter to eliminate Ernest from the match early on. Rhino came in and drilled Flanagan and Morrus with the Rhino Gore but wasn't the legal man and couldn't make a cover on either man. Rhino watched as Flanagan worked over Morrus and put him down with the Flash Buster. Flanagan told Rhino to come and Rhino did, full force at Flanagan. Flanagan moved out of the way of the Gore and Rhino drilled the ropes. Flanagan quickly went for the cover but could only get a 2 count. Flanagan went up top for the Flash Buster but Rhino moved and Flanagan hit nothing but air and then the mat. Flanagan got to his feet and Rhino drilled Flanagan with the Rhino Gore. The champion made the pin and retained his title

Four Corners Match:
Rhino defeated Flash Flanagan, Ernest Miller and Hugh Morrus:
         x Morrus beat E. Miller via the No Laughing Matter in 0:03:32
         x F. Flanagan beat Morrus via the Flash Buster in 0:07:07
         x Rhino beat F. Flanagan via the Rhino Gore in 0:09:15
(Rhino retained the WSWA National Title.)

Post Match:
WSWA star and former partner of Rhino, Mike Sanders entered the ring and hit Rhino with the 3.0. Sanders was handed a chair from his valet Miss Delicious and Sanders attacked the WSWA champion. Sanders eventually left happy with the damage he had caused.

Backstage Interview with Billy Kidman:
Kidman: Lita, you used to manage me. You went out and brought me into the ICW fold, for that, I guess I can thank you. Tonight however, there will be no freebies. You or your little girlfriend get dirty, well I'll just prove to you why I am the American champion.

ICW American Title Match:
Billy Kidman vs Lita w/Daffney
Kidman and Lita put on another high style, aerial affair. Lita was able to hit Kidman off the ropes with a hurricanna but could barely get a 2 count on the champion. Lita went for the Feminine Twist but Kidman blocked it and sent Lita into the turnbuckle. Kidman followed it up with a springboard bulldog and then went up top for the Shooting Star Press. Daffney tried to jump in but Kidman blocked her and tossed her directly into Lita. Lita was down and Kidman came off the top hitting Lita with the Shooting Star Press. Kidman got the 3 count and retained the title.

Billy Kidman pinned Lita w/Daffney with the Shooting Star Press in 0:08:04.
(Billy Kidman retained the ICW American Title.)

Post Match:
Kidman was celebrating his victory at the top of the rampway when Chuck Palumbo attacked him from behind. Palumbo hit him quickly with the JUNGLE KICK!!! and Kidman went down. Palumbo posed with the American title and then left to the back leaving the belt next to Kidman's body.

Backstage Interview with Rob Van Dam:
RVD: Well Vampiro, we're just a little while away from Night Rage. Are you feeling it yet? That's right, you might be a hardcore icon, you might think you're the king of the extreme. Well there's one thing you're not, and that's ROB VAN DAM! And tonight, you'll find out what RVD is all about!

Backstage By The Entrance Way:
A limo pulled up with "ICW" on it. ICW Owner Brandon Eversoll stepped out from the limo.

Brandon: You ready for this? I didn't pay you what I'm paying you just to jack around. You'd better deliver tonight and better deliver when we take you to Mayhem and then to Night Rage. Got me? Good. Ah good, Clash is always my show, whenever I want it that way.

Rob Van Dam vs Vampiro
RVD was getting attacked early on by Vampiro. Vampiro tossed RVD to the floor and slammed him hard into the ring steps. RVD ducked a clothesline from Vampiro and hit a big spin kick putting the Raw champion down on the ground. Van Dam tossed Vampiro back into the ring and came off the ropes hitting a big dropkick. RVD posed as Vampiro grabbed his Signapore Cane and went after RVD. RVD ducked the shot and hit Vampiro with a big low blow. RVD tossed the cane to the floor and then hit Vampiro with a swinging DDT. RVD jumped to the ropes and soared hitting the 5 Star Frog Splash on Vampiro. RVD quickly hooked the leg and got the pinfall for the win over his nemesis.

Rob Van Dam pinned Vampiro with the Five Star Frog Splash in 0:09:17.

Post Match:
RVD posed on the ropes doing the "Rob Van Dam" finger points and was attacked from behind with the cane but not from Vampiro. From.... SHANE DOUGLAS!!! Douglas attacked RVD relentlessly with the cane and then planted him in the middle of the ring with the Pittsburgh Plunge. Vampiro got up and was put right back down by Douglas with another Pittsburgh Plunge. Mike Awesome rushed the ring to help Vampiro. Douglas attacked Awesome with the cane and hit another Pittsburgh Plunge. Moy Lazzario finally made his way into the ring and Douglas relentlessly attacked him with the cane. Douglas then planted Lazzario with the Pittsburgh Plunge making it 4 in a row.

"Don't Cross! Don't Cross The Boss!" ICW Owner Brandon Eversoll came out and looked down at Shane Douglas. Brandon walked down to the ring and tossed Douglas a microphone.

Douglas: It's about damned time that someone around this place got their asses Franchised!!!! The true Franchise in wrestling has made his return to the ICW, I'm back and everyone in this place is going to pay. And trust me, I know a lot of boys that are going to be looking for their shots and I guarantee you one thing, Shane Douglas is not going to stand down from anyone in this federation. Oh and I will be at Mayhem, I will be at Power, I will be at Night Rage and there's not a damned thing anyone in this federation cane do about it. I am the Franchise, and I am back.

"Batwidba- by Kid Rock" blares as Shane Douglas stands in the middle of the ring filled with decimated bodies and pure carnage at hand.

*ICW Clash Logo, Fade To Black*